Global Alert Network warns of traffic and weather alerts - Defenseless against backseat drivers

Global Alert Network
By Ryan Blundell on 29 Apr 2011 10:04 am EDT

I haaaaate traffic. There’s nothing like driving at a tenth of the speed limit to cause stress. It also causes my mind to wander; what’s the hold up? Accident? Construction? Flooding? No one knows until they’re either stuck in it, or hear from someone who is.

There’s an app that’s been out for a while called the Global Alert Network that promises to provide warning as you near problem areas. This is done by using GPS versus using cell tower location. The application can handle alerts on a national, state/provincial or local level. Separated into Weather and Traffic alerts, Global Alert Network has over 100 distinct alert types to keep you informed of. Being a parent, I can appreciate that this app also provides Amber Alerts to its users. This is the type of app that you don’t think about until an alert comes in. At this point, you hopefully have a few options, or alternative routes, at your disposal. Depending on the situation, it could also potentially save your life. Global Alert Network is available to residents of North America at this point. You’re probably thinking like I am – with a name that contains the word Global, they should expand their operation. The application is free, and you can add additional alert services (such as Local/National Sports alerts and News) on a (free) subscription basis. Global Alert Network is available from BlackBerry App World.

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Global Alert Network warns of traffic and weather alerts - Defenseless against backseat drivers


I wish I was waiting in traffic to get a playbook. Unfortunately, the rest of world just waits for an ETA...

App looks interesting but another app that'll be forgotten by me because I can't use it...

Would be alright if the world was called North America - to some people it is ;)