Gizmodo Reviews the AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8900!

AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8900 Review!
By Kevin Michaluk on 31 Oct 2008 02:49 am EDT

* Update: OK... So it's not just Gizmodo who has now gone hands-on with the BlackBerry Curve 8900... the Boy Genius has now followed up and posted his own review of the Curve 8900. Talk about a Halloween treat! *

Look what the BlackBerry Fairy left under Gizmodo's pillow last night... an AT&T branded BlackBerry Curve 8900! Formerly referred to by its codename the Javelin, I'm pretty sure these are the first shots (that I've seen anyway) of an AT&T branded 8900. The front of this next-generation Curve doesn't leave much room for a carrier logo, so they have stuck it on the backside of the device on the camera lens cover.

Matt's findings with the 8900 were very much on par with the ones I posted in our pre-release Javelin review... awesome device, better than the Curve 83xx in every respect, very much Bold-influenced and in some respects better than the Bold (comfy form factor, better camera), yet without 3G and some of the 9000's executive touches (leather back) doesn't quite trump the Bold as the flagship of the BlackBerry physical keyboard lineup...

RIM excels at many things, but keeping secrets ain't one of 'em, so we'd eyeballed the BlackBerry Curve 8900 (nee Javelin) quite a bit before this AT&T-branded one dropped in our laps. It's a Bolder version of the current Curve that improves it in basically every way: Lighter, tighter, but more powerful-and it feels like a phone that was produced in 2008, not when you were still keeping your 2006 resolutions. 

Click the image at the top of this post to check out this solid and concise review. The photo gallery has some sweet images in it you won't want to miss!

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Gizmodo Reviews the AT&T BlackBerry Curve 8900!


...this is what I've been waiting for. I might live in a 3G area, but right now the price of this is probably going to be much more delightful than the $660 dollar Bold that's coming on next Wednesday. Any thoughts on when this will hit the market in the U.S.? Maybe they'll keep it off longer to promote the growth of the BB Bold? What are everyone's thoughts...

- keepin' it real over in Wisco -

I was assuming that the "Javelin" would come out for TMO (USA) first. Is it gonna come out for ATT first then? PM me if you know which carrier it is coming out for. Thanks!

I see it a bit differently. This was an ATT review, obviously comparing the Jav 8900 to the BOLD. The reviewer was very careful to point out the positive about the Javelin, but he clearly pointed out the missing 3G, the faster processer, speedier browsing of the BOLD. My point? The 8900 is definitely coming to T Mobile, and this was just the obligatory review from ATT. Yeah, TMO "owns" this baby... here it comes!

when? when? when? when? when? when?when? when? when? when? when? when?when? when? when? when? when? when?when? when? when? when? when? when?when? when? when? when? when? when?when? when? when? when? when? when?when? when? when? when? when? when?when? when? when? when? when? when?when? when? when? when? when? when?when? when? when? when? when? when?when? when? when? when? when? when?when? when? when? when? when? when?when? when? when? when? when? when?when? when? when? when? when? when?

My sentiments exactly. I had mentioned before that apparently no matter how much love gets thrown it's way, the 8900 is like the red headed step child. No Love and No information whatsoever. No release date no carrier. Can you give a brother some love?

i am sad that it's not 3g! i like this one better than the bold, the bold is a bit too bulky for my taste. if only this was 3g, then it's a done deal!

When the Bold came out, I knew I made the right decision to wait for the BB 8900 (nee javelin) and now seeing the picture of the Jav is making me drool/sweat! When? when? when? when? when? Been waiting like for "years"! Can't wait to get this baby in my hands! Looks like it'll hit AT&T first, eh... I was hoping it'd hit Rogers but fair enough that Rogers got the Bold first, so another carrier is to get the Jav first. Nevertheless, once it comes out, I'm a-gunna get one unlocked!! Damn hawt Javelin!!



What's the point? I don't get why people even make devices without it anymore now. I was looking forward to this to upgrade my 8310 but it makes no sense!! Looks like I'm back to a Bold which by the end of Q1 next year, will be oldschool. :(

This makes baby Jesus cry...

Seeing how 3G isn't the most stable network in America, why would manufactures start pumping out 3G phones. AT&T is already having problems with the iPhone and Bold and you want to add another 3G phone to that network? By doing so, you get even more 3G users and I don't think their 3G network would be able to handle it.

Besides, 3G will probably be standard in the future, but right now EDGE is the main network while 3G could be seen as a "luxury".

No BlackBerry will ever be perfect, someone will always complain about one thing about each one when it is released. With the amount of handsets RIM is releasing, I don't think it will be hard to find one that is right for you.

Just because it's not the standard in the USA doesn't mean that us in Canada, the home of RIM should suffer. The Rogers 3G network is a thing of beauty and flies with the new OS on the Bold. My decision right now is a Curve with a 3G network. That's why I was excited to see the new Curve, I just don't get the reasoning behind EDGE network reliance. If you want to compete with Iphone and other new smartphones you need to be as cutting edge as possible.

It's really meaningless though, I won't be swapping my Curve until there is a Curve like model that has 3G. I'm not going to spend a couple hundred dollars on what I would consider a lateral move in technology. I should have rephrased my original post to "If it's not 3G, why would I upgrade?"

I'm a Sales Manager for a small company. I use the Edge network constantly on the road to load potential customer web pages and resource information. I just wish I could set the browser to make a beeping noise once the page loads so it can wake me up after my nap... :P

I know that this 8900 will be coming to VZW in may as the 8930, so are we stating that the 8930 will be the only 3G version of this new curve? We all know that verizon has all EVDO phones so why would anyone buy an edge version??

I'm on Tmo now and stuck for another year. Getting an unlocked Bold but waiting for pricing to come down as I'm too cheap to be cool and have the Bold now.

If this Javelin does come out on Tmo as seems to be the case, then the wife will get that.

Looking forward to seeing it.

I've been waiting for this ever since I saw it, being a Curve owner it totally trumps the Bold for me, on form factor alone,.but maybe I'm missing out. Is 3G THAT good? I live in NYC so the infrastructure is all there, but I feel like i've been fine browsing on ATT's EDGE all this time, do I just not know how good 3G is? Is it like dialup/cable modem difference?

Is it safe to assume that since this is an AT&T Branded Device, while it be hitting AT&T first?

I haven't really seen a Tmo Branded 8900-

But I don't care- if it's unleashed on Tmo Ill Just Unlock it.

What about T-mobile? All videos have been taken down about the curve 8900. AT&T make you choice...either the bold 9000 or curve 8900. Leave something for T-mobile

I have been saying this for a couple of days now. Everyone is talking about the Bold Or Storm, but the 8900 gets no love as well as Tmobile. What is up with that.

THe Bold has the 6xx mhz and the Storm has the 5xx, meanwhile you're giving TMO users the old school same processor as the 2 year old pearl, with more ram, and an old school curve screen and you call that even? Take the flip, TMO needs an updated Berry.

Anyone notice that they decided to go with the same keyboard that the current curve uses? This was definitely a result of RIM trying to cut down manufacturing costs and increase their profit margin a bit.

yes I noticed that too...definitely what they did for sure. I actually enjoy typing on my curve so now I won't have to get use to a new keyboard.

The keyboard is not exactly the same since the shift keys on both sides have been narrowed in comparison to the curve.

Listen, I've been following this phone for I don't know how many months, to see AT&T on the phone makes me want to cut my hair and rebel against the world, I mean I could of sworn t mobile was going to get it first, or even announce it. T mobile is slacking - I don't want to hear anything about a G1, all I want is my 8900 that's all I ask for, please t mobile, I didn't know it was possible to be obsessed with a phone, but I've realized, that everyday when I wake up I check this site and various times throughout the day, this is not the type of info i was looking for, but its better than nothing, the phone (without the logo of course) is looking beautiful as always. can't wait to have one in my beautiful hands..beautiful beautiful :(

You people need to get off the 3G bandwagon. It is overrrated and useless here in the states. I live in NYC and have had a n95-4, E71, and the crappy at&T phones with 3G and it's nothing to go crazy over. do you really notice a difference in voice quality? Doubt it. Oh and you must be getting super fast data speeds, yea I know all about it. 3G is overrated and useless. Yea I love having a 3G phone that switches from 3G to Egde allllllll day long too, that's awesome. I rather have a Edge phone like this that will be reliable.

I hope it does go CDMA! It was love @ first site!! This is a amazing phone!! But Sprint always gets stuff last!! How knows when the will have it!!

I know we've been talking about how this device doesn't have 3G for a while...and it's truly a shame..after looking at the reviews and hands on photos...this would be my perfect device as I'm a 8310 user now.

But, I'll be picking up the Bold next week...3G is the deal breaker for me...Nov 4 is soo close!

Nonetheless, great post Kevin, and I hope everyone enjoys their 8900 Curve when it comes out!

I've decided that I will probrably jump the TMO ship. Every new (great) phone coming out seems to be on either VZW or AT&T. All TMO gets is the Pearl Flip or the G1 Android (ugly). Why can't they get a new BB like the Storm, Bold or Javelin? I suspect when/if the Magnum comes out it will be on Sprint or Virgin Mobile rather then TMO.

There's another part of me that says be patient and these devices will come to TMO, but patientce has never been the American way!

I would 100% buy this device if it included 3G. It sucks that i have to pass it up, cause this is my fav bb so far.

NOO!! AT&T can't get this one too! That isn't fair! LOL I want this for T-Mobile! I was sooo ready to get this when it came out to replace my 8320! Verizon has the Storm and AT&T has the Bold, so T-Mobile should get the new Curve! (I don't count the Pearl Flip. F-that I say)

I'll be getting a Bold regardless, but this phone looks sick. I'll wait until I get the Bold to reserve judgment on how good 3G is. If it isn't anything special, I'll sell it for this. Smaller form factor, better camera, more memory. If it had 3G as well, the Bold would be a flop.

Is there any info about the 8900 coming out for bell or telus here in canada? This is the phone I've been waiting to trade the pearl in for and I really don't want to get a touch screen Storm and not like it....WHEN IS THE RELEASE DATE?

I love the look of the Javelin, was going to make the Bold my first Blackberry but I just love how small the Javelin is, its only the lack of 3G that is really making me think about it.
In the UK the 3G network is very good so I think I would be missing out greatly by having only EDGE and not just 3G, but it does look excellent!

so assuming Im the only amature who has put a ATT sim in my T-Mo 8320 and seen the att apps pop up...ummm oh i missed the branded spot on the um...where was it branded.. oh because u cant put a simcard and a backround on a phone to get that att look and network dang....tottaly missed the BRANDED spot...someone show me im soooo the Nube crackberry addict!! (oh its halloween right? hidded brand!!! costume?)