Giveaway: 10,000 Free Copies of iBeeFarting... Hurry!!!

10,000 Free Copies of iBee Farting!!!
By Kevin Michaluk on 26 Mar 2009 03:03 pm EDT

GIVEAWAY NOW OVER... 10,000 Copies have Been Given Away For Free!

* Update: THAT'S IT!! There's now 10,000 more BlackBerry users in the world with a fart app on their device. I guess it's a stinky world out there! BIG Thanks to iBee Mobile for hooking us up with $20,000 worth of free software. BE SURE to read the reminder below and activate your app with the activation code provided. *

* Reminder - Don't forget to activate your app! On the download page after you checkout (and on your emailed order confirmation) you'll find your activation code. Be sure to open up iBee Farting, hit the menu key and enter your code to Activate! *

OK CrackBerry Nation, let's try this again! Back during our CrackBerry Turns Two Birthday Week festivities we tried to give away 5,000 free copies of iBee Farting, but the traffic influx of everyone trying to get their copy at the same time was simply too much for the app store servers. Since then, our software partner has upgraded their servers and things are running snappy under normal loads, so it's time to try the free fart app stress test once again. And to make up for the inconvenience caused last time, our friends at iBee Mobile have upped the ante to 10,000 free copies!!

10,000 FREE Copies of iBee Farting: On your BlackBerry's web browser, head to and use coupon code CBFARTS to receive a 100% off discount on the app. HURRY. It's first come first serve. Once 10,000 coupon codes are used the deal is done!

* Please Note * iBee Farting is ONLY available for the Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm and the coupon will only work in our mobile app store visited from your device ( and not in our pc website store. For a quick walk through on using coupon codes in the mobile app store, you can check out this tutorial. Be sure to drop a note in the comments and let us know you got one. Enjoy your fart app!!


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Giveaway: 10,000 Free Copies of iBeeFarting... Hurry!!!


damn...once again us Curve 83XX berry owners are left out. Its not our fault our contracts aren't up yet in order to upgrade our phones without spending a car payment on a phone!!

O well...thanx for more and more giveaways and congrats to you lucky people that can afford the newer phones.

I was at the right place at the right time let me tell you! Thanks Crackberry! I am surely going to interrupt my classes with this app. I am going to have too much fun!

Once again those with the older devices are left out of the loop... sucks for us that have not upgraded their devices...

I'm pretty sure you have a lot more apps available to you on your 83xx than I do for my for some of us...even a fart app is a welcomed compatible freebie.

Okay, I haven't one yet and its now time for drastic measures.

I am going to hold my Bold hostage until I win. During this hostage situaitn it will be used and abused. Its buttons will be pushed til it cries for mercy.

The only way to rescue this Blackberry is for this comment to be a winner.

Hurry, the clock is ticking or the Bold gets it in the sreen.

Okay, I haven't one yet and its now time for drastic measures.

I am going to hold my Bold hostage until I win. During this hostage situaitn it will be used and abused. Its buttons will be pushed til it cries for mercy.

The only way to rescue this Blackberry is for this comment to be a winner.

Hurry, the clock is ticking or the Bold gets it in the sreen.

I feel like I should use the coupon, ONLY to help reduce the amount of these in the wild.

Seriously... a fart app? What's worse, it probably sells regardless of give-aways. I hate society...

On the positive note, I like free stuff and glad to hear you are working to improve your app store. Thanks (somewhat).

it may have been free, but does it work? running 4.6.237 on 9000 and it says im missing something. yea the farting app. oh well, not like i paid for it right?

You guys ROCK! I was all bummed out because I just picked up my taxes, but then I got iBee Farting, and it brightened my day. Thank you, CB.

Worked for me, put all the details in and applied the code...within a min it had went downloaded the app onto my Bold.

Great stuff CB!!

Yo for some reson I can never log into the mobile thing. It never knows my password or username. Yet I get e-mails from Crackberry tellling me to update my apps. It madd annoying.

i know this is off topic but I would like to know if anyone never received their free unlock code from about a month ago? I got the email with the registration number that should they got my free order but have never recieved anything since.

this is hilarious! Going on vacation and will def be using this in the car, I'm sure my friends will love it! :D hehe Thanks CB!

Why is the Bb Storm so SLOW ? Seems everytime I try to open an app or move from one to another it takes forever !!! Is there any way to speed this thing up ? If not I'm going back to my old curve...

Something about getting something for free. I just love the way it feels. Even if it's for something dumb, it just makes my day!

Thanks Crackberry!

Thanks for giving the preverbial finger to all of us curve owners. I own the 8350i which I love, but the lack of apps and support for this model suck.

it has to be said... this is the best page ever.... you rule!!!! thanks for the app, and for all the help you've give to the comunity this 2 years....

OK so I downloaded the Farting Application and I have to say I busted up on a some of them.

So I cant wait to pick up my 16 year old Son since boys think farting is the greatest thing. I am going to hide my storm and just let the gas go.

Thanks guys!

you can here a hummingbird fart louder than this. Its not that good. Maybe someone will make abetter one.

Thank You for the app. Everytime I get hungry I turn on my storm and click on ur app. Its a done deal, hunger pains gone. THANK YOU for not sending the smells :)

I just bought iBee farting two days ago. now 10,000 are being giving out for free. That sucks (for me). Lucky 10k people. But on a brighter note. i was in a training yesterday and had a hella good time "letting it rip" during the quiet moments.

I'm having the same problems.. I believe my apn settings are right, it's

I'm wondering if they blocked the bold from tmobile?? doesn't make sense.. but so far you're the only other person that I've heard from I made a post earlier today in the bold.. and so far I haven't heard from anymore tmobile bold users..

Ok, so I tried AGAIN! Won't accept my billing info and says I'm not a recognized customer even though I just made a purchase last week...WTF?

Were always joking around at work, this would definitley add flare to my pranks. I can see it now, sitting in a training sesion and just letting it rip, oh how great it will be.

a few days back i saw an app about something like this am not sure if this is the same one but it sounds like something interested that i would like to have in my storm. Thanx so much.

Why am I not surprised that a another freebie is only being given away for the higher end BB's... Can you say favoritism?

No wonder there won't be any overload on the server since all of us 83xx Curve owners got.......farted on.

aw poo i only got a pearl 8130 not a storm or a curve or a "BOLD" but i would get this app just seems like it would be fun to do

why when i install it does not work, when i click the app a blue screen comes up and says "need to purchase/activate to use."

please help.

did you read the directions on the first page? Use the code CBFARTS I got my activation code sent to my e-mail address :)

you have to do it from your blackberry. Go through the full "buy" process

Thanks!!! Seems like the download was nice and quick, and no delays at all with the transaction, the server upgrade seems to be working well. No waiting between page loads and no login errors. Coupon code worked the first time.

Hope this info helps, and funny app too... I can see some office pranks coming up with the countdown feature....

Had to create a new account cause I cannot log in with my normal account. Still cant log in with the new account. Awesome. Great. Cant login to get. FUCK ME.

when i tryto use it nothing hjappens. no noise, tried the vibration, none of that, i think I got a free broken app, kinda sucks!!!

This app is way to quiet to be any fun. Is there any way to adjust the volume it is so quiet I can barely hear it!!! PLEASE HELP!!

None US-Citizens cant buy it. Shop wants credit card infos (for a free doenload??)

better you put the jad-file on a different server to link it dirctly and cout down the 10.000 ..

I give up

After 4 weeks of waiting, I tried to use the code
Would have paid for the program even
All I ever got was " transaction declined" !!!
My credit card is Valid no probs there .......its the system of payment that screwed
Damned if i know whats wrong here but am not going to waste more time on this I will simply go somewhere where neither my time or money is wasted

Having read the previous comments, its obvious that the US has forgotten that they comprise less than 5% of the world and that there is a lot of other countries out there, I think I will have to simply use sites that recognise that there is a world out there that isnt American and that at least lets non US citizens buy from them

I know this isn't right but it would be the funniest if I had my phone farting during church service!!! LOL!!

Hey folks, just want to thank you for the app. And i was pondering, if i would be able to reinstall after an OS upgrade?

I downloaded the application last night and everything was working fine. I went to use it again this morning and now it is asking me to activate or purchase the item again as the password is not working now. Can anyone suggest anything?

I got this free download yesterday through the app store using the coupon code. Today it won't work telling me I need an activation code. What's the dealio?

Really funny app and the delay setting makes for interesting meeting situation. Sat my storm down in my chair and left the room came back and everyone was talking about how someone cut one and didnt own up...

I got the same problem with the transaction being declined and I know I got 1.99 even if I wanted to buy the dang app..

i picked this up on the bus ride home last night from work. made the mistake of trying it as well and had a few people look my way with the "WTF are you thinking!" look on their face.
got home last night and the wife was rather annoyed that my new 8900 now has a gas problem!
although the kids were getting a kick out of daddy playing around, mommy just didnt understand the funny part.

to all of us who grabbed a copy - be warned, the wife may not enjoy this as much. keep an eye on your phone at all times as my wife has already threatened to deletet he app if i leave my phone unlocked and on the table!

I was actually able to get it this time!! Thanks for my fun new toy. Already lots of laughs in the office. Who new it came with "burps" as well. WHAT A DEAL!!!

Thanks Crackberry!!!! Can't wait to try this on my girls tonight... The delay feature is going to come in REAL handy!

Yes, I am one of those. Downloaded the app but didn't catch the note about the activation code until I already deleted the email.

Just stinks. Ugg.

No farting for me!

I have tried multiple times using the promotion code but I get a message back say the code is not valid. What am I doing wrong or has the give away expired.

I tried several times and I also get a message that code is not valid. Did CB go thru 10000 copies already?

I'm embarrassed that i'm humoured by this app.. i couldn't stop laughing at work.... go figure

I have tried all of the promotion codes that you have here even the code for the 50% off at check out and none of these codes work you need to update your codes and give new codes so
i can get what this says!