Give Your Berry An X-Box Make Over With xBerry Theme

Xberry From Elecite!
By Bla1ze on 25 Apr 2009 11:14 am EDT

Let the battle begin! Hot on the heels of their PS3 inspired theme PSB, Elecite has finally launched their X-Box inspired theme xBerry to go head to head with PSB. With an awesome true to X-Box color scheme and customized icons, X-Box fans can show their pride for their consoles, red ring of death and all. Sorry had to toss that in there, the description will explain why, I promise ;)

xBerry features a customizable sliding bottom dock with 10 icons for the Bold and 8900 and 7 icons for the Storm (8800 & 8300 versions do not support sliding icons), 2 today icons and 2 additional side icons for viewing Profiles and Connections. The battery is nicely implemented around the clock with four bars, each turning red as its life decreases.

xBerry and PSB are both available through Elecite for only $6.99 be sure to check device compatability before purchasing though as xBerry is available for BlackBerry Storm, 8900 Curve, 9000 Bold, 8300 & 8800 devices but each version may be different.



Like the theme, but for $6.99????
That's a little too steep for my liking.


elecit it loos like you put way more thought into this xbox theme then your PS theme. Even used lots of green no blue for PS3 w/ it blueray power. I hope you guys do an update to the PSB.


Definitely getting this theme for my 8330 and my Bold... I've been waiting on something like this for a while... would have preferred a NXE based theme but this will do... Awesome work Elecite!!!


I put it on my storm and now I have the red ring of death. Maybe Microsoft will cover it.


i would buy it if you could see if your friends are online


That would make the cost more than worth it. I for one prefer a bit less green and more black since I have an elite. Besides the black would look better on a black device.


yeah XBox iz way better anyway. PS3 is plain. but i dont know for $7, i still might


WTF? $6.99 and the theme doesn't have a NTWK indicator?


This says "4.5 version themes will NOT work on 8350i model or any device running an older operating system." The 8350i is running, so with that will this theme work with the 8350i Blackberry?


The xberry theme is poo!!! No home screen signal meter! The rings are the battery meter so its 100% 75% ect. And the side bars to match the xbox look take up to much space and make the secree look little. I'm going to give it till monday then if I feel the same way I'm going to email them and ask for a refund. Plus its only avail in a today style.


But :P old dashboard ! heh ;) great job



BB Bold

It looks very good. I'm tempted to get it.
However this is the old Xbox 360 dashboard (blades). Developers could have used New Xbox Experience NXE for the theme. It will be nice if you could upload your avatar in one of the screens.


yes! yes! finally!!!!!


The Messages and the Calendar space are too small... The entries shown there (from my calendar & inbox) are displayed way beyond the right border, up to the very edge of the right screen! I already e-mailed them about this. I guess I'll just have to wait for their reply (sigh...!).

yllwboy sr

will this theme work on 8350i?


Once again ELICITE GIVES THE 83050i NO LOVE!!!!!!

This is really getting OLD!!!!!


bought it loved it, so much nicer than the ps version.


looks pretty cool im going to check this out


I like his theme very much. Please send me the link from where I can download this theme.

Thanks in advance