Give Me Back That Filet-O-Fish ... and My BlackBerry Pearl

By Adam Zeis on 15 Mar 2010 09:54 am EDT

Apparently not everyone has given up on the good ol' Pearl. It looks like McDonalds thinks it is still suitable to hold its own in their latest commercial. It does get some decent airtime, and man is that jingle catchy (you can snag the ringtone here). Check out the video above for a quick laugh, and good luck getting that song out of your head by the end of the day :-)



Luved my 8100. Got it when it first came out. Phone still works. Son is using it now.


Sadly, the Alt button is missing from the lower left-corner....


I HATED this commercial when it first came out last year, or whenever it was, but im not going to lie, the jingle is my ringtone right now lol! I guess it hooked me..


Someone make this commercial stop...


The commercial is catchy but you would never catch me with that ringtone on my BBRY.


every time this commercial starts i think my phone is vibrating, lol


I'm not even gonna lie, it got me to look away from the screen to my phone, only to not see any activity. It got me. LOL.


They all use the "still rocking after all these years" pearl in the most recent season of burn notice,blackberry-mobile-phones-in-tv-s...


My very first Berry was the 8100 & I still have it close at hand in my desk drawer. It was & still is an awesome Berry. Love the form factor!


Funny stuff... but your right... song stuck in my head for sure!


Saw "Brooklyn's Finest" last night. 'Tango' (Don Cheadle) uses the Pearl and it plays an important plot twist. Can't say much for the way it bounces.


This should have been posted like a month ago when this commercial was being played all the time! I see it only once every couple of days now vs multiple times a day weeks ago. First this I noticed was the Pearl tho!


It's LEE from The D!!! "If you, and me, and LEE could be three"!!!