Give The BlackBerry Tour A Helping Hand Against The iPhone 3GS!

By Bla1ze on 25 Mar 2010 05:42 pm EDT
Give The BlackBerry Tour A Helping Hand Against The iPhone 3GS!

Calling all CrackBerry nations hands. Laptop Magazine’s Smartphone Madness tournament is still ongoing and currently the BlackBerry Tour is pitted against the iPhone 3GS. It needs your vote. Head on over and cast it, as we cannot let our #1 frenemy win this one.

PS: Spare me the comments about the picture being of a Bold and just vote. :)

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Give The BlackBerry Tour A Helping Hand Against The iPhone 3GS!


I did vote for the Iphone and believe me it's not because I like it I just hate it less than my BlackBerry.

tink'in aboutz ditchin da torez n' frow'in down a fitty 4'z dat noob droidz..Its be phat yo..peace in da mid east bro

I own a Tour and would never consider the iPhone.

iPhone's going down. Down, down, down. iPhone's going down. Down, down, down.

Funny how the iphone is 1/3 of the vote right now on a BB website. I dont see this stupid comparison on the front of any of my iphone forums I go on. Post it on there and see what happens. I could see the 9700 against the iphone 3gs but the tour? give me a break.

That sir would be a bold on the picture. LOOOOOOOL. Casted my vote :D time to find another computer and cast another!!

I feel like iPhone will go up until the very end when its its iPhone vs BB Bold 9700.
just a thought
but then again
blackberry is more fan driven
Plus BB owners are more connected then them iphonys

Well there's something by the name of "BBM" ...
Thats what connects the BB world ... although its not possible for everyone to get hold of one another's pin, but the point is that, BB world is much better connected than the iPhone!

bbm means more connectivity? give me a break. iPhone has MANY instant message programs. I hit one app on my iphone and all computers, phones, ipods, and anything else with wifi can connect to the internet through my data plan in high speed wirelessly in about a 50 ft radius. Hows that for connectivity?

Dont think you can do that with your little tour. Blackberries are great phones for business and wanna bees.
If you actually learn what each phone can do there is no comparing them.

and convenient to chat with. Love the new 5.0 version. The BB works for me and love my phone. iPhone is nice too but doesn't suit my needs and besides it's on the worst possible seriously think you can connect all of those devices through the iPhone's WiFi at "near" high speeds?!?! ...if you consider borderline 2G or EDGE as high speed....

Trust me I can and Im not in the states. Im on Rogers in Canada and the data rates are amazing. Both my daughters (one on an iphone and the other on an ipod touch) can download and surf on their devices as fast as I do on my iphone. Its not cable internet fast but its a hell of alot faster than any edge device I've used. And websites on my quad core computer load faster than they do on my iphone through my iphone.

My experiences with the BlackBerry, while astonishing me with what all it can do, have, for the most part, not been good ones. Also, I don't like the OS. It is, most honestly, very much below-par. This has forced me to go with what some of you would call "the dark side." I am just so amazed with the quality of my iPod touch, which I am actually typing on right now, that I must vote for iPhone, as I know it is truly superior.

Its the Tour against the Bold. I have a Tour and could care less which one wins at the end. Just want to see both BB's in the championship. Got my Vote in for the Tour though.

I'd rather vote for 9700. Actually, now that I think about it, how would people vote if the 9700 and the Tour made it to the finals?

Keep voting!! Let's shows those ifans who's boss.

edit: don't know if it's saying anything, but there is a good possibility 3 of the final four smartphones will be from Verizon :O

I love my Tour, when it works... I am now on my fifth Verizon Tour and am considering just shelling out for a different phone.

My 8520 will stand alongside any BlackBerry in a smartphone fight!

Tour 62% (518)
iPhone 38 (323)


" Motorola Cliq beat the Samsung Moment by a scant eight votes, an even narrower margin of victory than the Motorola Tour over the Devour."

Motorola Tour? lol

The fact that I love my Tour and would vote for it anyway aside, let's get the iAmoverratedphone out in an early round. The TP2 couldn't get it in the first, but us crackheads have a much more dedicated following , we can do it.

If it gets down to Berry vs Berry then we can butt heads with each other, but until then we gotta fight for the greater good.

It's ridiculous to compare the two.
The Tour is absolutely a decent Blackberry. But the miniature trackball and lack of wifi keeps it in a class at least a couple notches below the iPhone.
iPhone wins.
iPhone & Blackberry Addict

Why bother trying to rig the vote by getting people to vote for a phone they've never used? I have no idea if the tour is any good, never used one but I know the iPhone is.

Anyone with a Bold 9000 - 9700 have used a tour in a sense. - 3G + Bolf keyboard - all 4.6+ BB's are the same so it doesn't matter. The only difference is the service your using it on. The Tous can get 3G on ATT but the iphone can't do that with VZW. The tour superior on the point and that's a serious consideration. Apps and a touch screen are too personal to consider reasonable comparisons.

The photo of the device going up against the iPhone looks identical to the Bold 9000. Is it just me who thinks that?

No, you're just the only one who didn't read the line under it that says, I know this is a picture of the bold, just vote...

Totally in love with RIM and BB!! Come on guys!! Lets vote!! This kind of thinks helps a lot to develop apps for the BB!! :-D... (not to metion that the Tour Rocks!!!)

I just voted and it's a land slide. The tour is pulling some Chuck Norris moves (killer round house action).

You're one of only a few 1000 people that complain about an official OS release when there are leaks all over the place

So the tour can't win on it's own merit, and needs to have it's votes boosted by CB....

This is almost as good as 4chan trolling Fox News rating Obama an A+ for his first year.

For your information, Tipb (The iPhone Blog) sent a twitter update urging its iFans to go to the site and cast their vote for the iPhone. Sorry, but this is as fair as it gets. And its not just CB fans voting.

Blackberry is business; iPhone is fun. My vote has to go to the iPhone for sure. I enjoy my iPod Touch more than my Tour and as soon as Verizon gets the iPhone I'll be switching. I love my Tour but it's just boring.

Look, I own the miserable thing known as the Tour 9630 right now. I've also had two previous BlackBerry smartphones (Curve 8320 & 8900 on T-Mobile) that were not quite the pain-in-the-a** that this unit is.

The Tour was rushed to market and is plagued by far too many issues for it to earn my vote.

My current unit is actually my second/third one. The first one had constant freeze ups, overheating and an uber-flaky trackball. That one was replaced under warranty.

The replacement arrived with similar problems and a COSMETIC defect to boot (thanks Sprint QC), so I sent it back. The current unit I had to fight to get it replaced for free as Sprint wanted me to use my insurance and pay $100 - something I was dead set against since that would negate my rebate for something that was clearly a defective device.

OS 5.0 seems to have helped somewhat, but this phone needs A LOT OF HELP.

Personally, I won't touch the iPhone because of AT&T, so I'm eyeballing the new HTC EVO 4G once it launches this summer. Sorry guys.

LOVE my Tour, had it for about a month now. Iphone stinks.... my sister's kept "butt calling" me when she first got it..... lol!

I know a few people that crossed over. Seems tempting at times. Need more apps. I can find apps for this that and the other for the IPhone. The Droid is going to have more apps in a few months.

just got my BB tour with sprint love it so far.My vote is for BB my buddy has a i-phone aka idiot phone couldn't pay me to own one .BB all the way down with the idiot phone

The crappy Ipone doesnt even haven expandable memory! My High Res. Screen plays many formats including wussssy MP4!!!
Tour Lives!!!

I love  very much but I hate the fact there are so few apps. All the use apps I see on commercials for the iphone would be nice on the storm. I think  is behind in the app category. But ile stick with it til it quits on me.

sure you can have tons of apps on the iphone but only use 1 at a time - i'd take the actually useful apps on the bb and run them all at the same time

oh and i suck at gaming maybe that's why lol

The IPhone is really feminine and lacks the aggressiveness of the natural wild steriods freaky Blackberry. Eco geeeks never seen a wild Iphone and pinheads IPhone owners need more POWER!! Blackberry Power!!!!!

have you ever wondered WHAT TOOK THE CHUNK OUT OF THAT APPLE

WTF... one's a touch screen and once is not... why do people compare apples to oranges. that's like comparing a ferrari to a bmw, yes they're both cars but one is clearly different from the other is so many ways.

Uhm I noticed that there are 2 Motorolas left, 2 HTC, 2 Blackberries , A iphone and A palm, and we know for sure iphone is down, and I believe that bold will kill palm pre, so it would be 2 BB, 2 moto and 2 HTC, so how u guys think it will be ? The 2 HTC win, Or the 2 Moto win, or 1 and 1 ?

Just voted for my precious Tour! i would never consider an iphone even though i'm an Apple fan. BlackBerry Tour is just way better and built to last and if i drop it it doesn't break whereas if you drop an iphone the possibility of the screen cracking and screwing you over is quite high. Now all i need is for that damn 5.0 OS to come out for Verizon so i can enjoy my tour even more. Any word on the new webkit browser that's supposed to be better than the iphone's that RIM has been working on?

the iphone is way better it just sucks its on a network with horrible service. i have the tour and its my first blackberry and i hate it. its so SLOW!!! if verizon ever got an iphone i'd buy it in a heartbeat

Why would anyone compare an iPhone to a Tour? They're on a different network. They should compare the iPhone with the Bold. The Bold has a faster processor, Wi-Fi, and a trackpad. In this comparison, the iPhone wins. (I have a Tour.)

I just don't like apple products... they all seem like great technology that is dumbed down too much for mainstream society. Let the new technology govern the way we use devices, let us learn and grow with it, don't create user interfaces that mask and hide the true workings of the machine.

I have yet to own either one of the socalled phones
In this post but I'm more for blackberry any day of
The week so I guess my vote is tour all day.

But I have a bold 9700 and used to have iphone 3g unlocked and is not that great specially battery life sucks if you'r on the road all the time like me.

I am not a fan boy, I voted iphone, the tour is an ok if it was a Bold 9700, then i would've voted BB(I guess I am a fan boy after all,lol)

I'm current a BlackBerry Tour user for the past three months now, and everyday I grow more and more fond of this device. Especially its ability to create and edit documents just as on a desktop (using Docs-To-Go Premium Edition, which come pre installed on the Tour). Everything from highlighting, font color change, under lining, using bullets etc, etc, etc. The full qwerty keyboard has always worked better for me than any touch screen. A friend of mines whose extremely well rehearsed with a desktop keyboard now has a touch screen but she could not keep up with me when we're texting to save her life. I use my phone for business first and entertainment second. Maybe that's where the iPhone has sucker punched the my Tour. This is why I was eagerly waiting for the Tour 2 with the Track Pad and WI-FI, but then I heard that the highly anticipated Tour 2 is now going to be named among the Bold family. This is not good for me seeing that I'm a proud Sprint member which only accept BlackBerry CDMA phones, and Bold is a SIM CARD phone. Still my 9630 is well worth the fight.

If I am not mistaken, the Tour 2/Bold 9650 will be a CDMA device. If this is the case we may very well see this device come to Sprint! On topic: Tour all the way!!

Tour/BB wins for the simplest reason for me... the notification light. I seriously cannot believe iPhone doesn't provide any type of visual indication (without looking at the screen itself) that you've received a text, call, email, etc.

Wow I wouldn't have thought the iphone would be down so far! Way to go bb!
I agree with the above post about wanting a cdma bold though...

The only reason I went with a BlackBerry (Bold 9700) over an iPhone (or Android) was the monthly charges. If I could have gotten a data-only plan for $40 for the iPhone (or Android) that would have been my choice over a BlackBerry. So my vote is for the iPhone.

As much as I like BBM and a couple of the apps I have, the Tour is a frustrating phone for me. It's always had crappy battery life, the trackball gums up all the time, I get the occasional freeze, the internet browser sucks and is too slow, and the Youtube picture quality is f-ing ridiculously bad. F this phone.

To me the blackberrys are like apples of the 1990's. Very limited apps and you pay out the nose for the few you can get. The iphone and android phones are like pc's of the 90's. apps out the waazoo! I use to think that bb's were the "all", but it was just some strange fantasy world i was living in.

The iphone does everything the tour does and more sure there's no notification (seriously wtf is up with that) but I must admit its not just hype anymore with the iphone. I carry both devices the tour and an iphone and I can't stand browsing the internet on my blackberry I really only have it cause of bbm. I would love to see an overhaul on the whole UI, then maybe people will stop jumping ship as far as my vote I'm gonna have to go with the IPHONE on this one.

I vote for Tour,just cuz I dont like touch screens as phones not because its the iphone.You can't really compair the two devices that way they both work good in each respect.
I would have voted for the Tour against any touch screen phone though(storm2,droid,etc.) :)

amazes me how many idiots are here. the iphone spanks the tour any day. dont even make me tell you how. google it. (im even a tour owner)

you sir are the idiot, or possibly just ignorant

as a multi device wielder, I can not stand typing on the touch interface that apple has, I also do not like the way in which I must sync data to the device, Doc2Go on Both RIM, and Apple devices should work the same, and yet on the tour, searching, copying, pasting, and scrolling are all done faster on the RIM device than on the Apple device, though I must give credit to apple for opening speed, though if you have to scroll anywhere on the page, RIM catches up in speed.

IF my phone was purely a toy, I am afraid the iPhone might actually beat out my Tour, but seeing as I use it for business as well as pleasure, my Tour wins hands down.
Though there are MANY improvements I would add to the tour.

I cannot understand how the majority have voted honestly by going for a Tour. Come on...I love my Blackberry Bold, but I am not biased that a Tour is better....geez...

OOOOO, the iCrap has millions of apps so it must be better, ooooo. The BlackBerry has way less apps. OOOOOO. Who freaking cares? How many of those millions of iCrap apps are actually useful? How many are basically copies of other apps? How many can you actually put on your phone? How many do you actually use? Why do people use the number of 3rd party apps as a reason in these fights? It's really pointless. Compare the actual phones, not the 3rd party stuff.





Guyssss when this round ends ????? For how long they last for, or they end, when 1 of them reach a certain amount of post ?, Who knows ????

Edit: Says its already closed, when is the next round ?

It looks like that was just the first of that round of votes, its now htc hd2 vs moto cliq with 9700 vs pre and droid vs hero still to come.

The 2 phones are not in the same catagory. I have had the Iphone,Droid, Storm and Tour.
The I phone is a phone for people who want access to business type of things and the Iphone is for someone who wants mult-media.
Both are very good in their respective corners it just depends on what you want out of a phone.

Crackberry has really become pathetic these days. Your products can't even win on their own merits so you have to cheat. I have began to notice over the last year how much more savage and pathetic most BB freaks are versus so-called iPhone fan boys. Keep up the good(lol) work because when corporate users leave RIM the company will take its deserved place in the grave.

You do realize this is just for fun, right? Don't take it so personal. Keep you're chin up fella, there will be better day for you, I'm sure. =)

Crackberry has really become pathetic these days. Your products can't even win on their own merits so you have to cheat. I have began to notice over the last year how much more savage and pathetic most BB freaks are versus so-called iPhone fan boys. Keep up the good(lol) work because when corporate users leave RIM the company will take its deserved place in the grave.

Explain to all of us how we skewed the votes when TiPb was doing the exact same thing....while being more smug about it?

but the tour has to face the winner of droid v. hero. if hero can pull an upset the tour has a chance. but if the tour faces the droid, it woint because i've heard good things about the droid key board, which is the strongest feature on the tour. i still <3 BB keyboards anyday tho

I just went out to vote for the Tour, and found that voting was closed. At least the Tour was way ahead when they shut the voting down.

HOW about a poll with android and we'll see who wins that or how close Android would come to win. Iphone is a thing of the past. I wanted an Iphone so bad but now i say the hell with it.

If it weren't for my damn trackball, I'd be tempted to say Tour, but no WiFi and crappy trackball = iPhone

voted for my tour over the idiot phone (my Buddy owns one)
Women look at the idiot phone users as little gamer boys and
men with blackberries as mature and serious lol

Blackberry Rules down with the idiot phone

I am a BB Tour owner on the Sprint network. Which by the way have the better phone plans. But Tour all day over the IPhone. I had to replace my Tour because of the trackball but, I rather know that can be done without coming out of my pocket to keep paying for an IPhone. Insurance is not honor by the IPhone. So as far as I am concern the Tour is a better phone not just for business but personal. At least I know my phone is covered. IPhone owners are naked, so if you loose it, or it gets stolen or your screen cracks then you made at&t happy cause more money, more money, more money for another IPhone. The Tour Rocks 24/7. And that is not a Bold.

u have a poll for blackberry and a iphone on a blackberry website! of course the blackberry is gonna smoke the iphone

These dumb polls are so stupid! Put the poll on a Blackberry website, yeah, that's pretty neutral ground. Then compare apples to oranges. These phones are totally different, completely different feature sets and way different apps...Get a clue!!!!!!!!

This was an interesting turnout for the Tour beating the iPhone, but how did the Palm Pre Plus beat the 9700? I was so shocked about that result!