Gist - Now available for the BlackBerry Torch

Gist For BlackBerry
By Bla1ze on 2 May 2011 03:14 pm EDT

It wasn't all that long ago now that RIM acquired the social CRM, online contact management service -- Gist. Now, here we are only a few months later and Gist has just announced the release of their BlackBerry application. While limited to just the BlackBerry Torch for now, Gist is available in BlackBerry App World for download. So, what can you do with Gist for BlackBerry?

Use Gist for BlackBerry smartphones to:

  • Search and view complete business profiles for contacts across email, mobile, and social network accounts; and add contacts from your BlackBerry smartphone automatically.
  • See your important contacts first, including easy access to contact info, photo, and social updates; share a link through email; or take a note to remember later.
  • Use the “Get the Gist” context menu instantly to build a profile or get a quick update for any email recipient or person in a calendar invite. 

If you're already a Gist user, then downloading it is a no brainer. If you're new to Gist, then you can jump on past the break for a video explaining the services and to see the app in action. You can also hit the source link for further details or just head on over to App World for the download.

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Reader comments

Gist - Now available for the BlackBerry Torch


Not available in Ireland yet . Really want this but not as the Bold touch . Let me win CB and I give up my torch to second place.

Countries supported: Canada and USA!
Yet again, RIM sticks two fingers up to the rest of it's customer base. Along with so many of its recent apps, it has totally ignored and discriminated against its non North American users. And they wonder why people are switching to Android and iPhone. Well enough is enough. This is an app I would love to use and yet the continued disrespect from RIM is forcing me away from the platform. Do they know how this makes the rest of their consumer base feel to be treated like this.
Shameful and an utter disgrace, and as always, I bet no explanation why.
Bye bye RIM.

Why is this US and Canada only? Makes no sense, obviously the address book on my UK is structured differently or something...

It's obviously the same policy as with the podcast app, the news feed app, the traffic app etc where RIM only support their North American users. Just as bad is the utter failure of RIM to explain this stance. I have emailed, rang them on the phone, messaged them on Facebook and Twitter about the podcast app and they don't even have the courtesy to reply. Great customer service.