Gist for BlackBerry now available for additional devices

By Adam Zeis on 26 May 2011 11:04 am EDT

Gist for BlackBerryGist for BlackBerry

Gist for BlackBerry has been updated to support additional devices. Previously the app was only available for the BlackBerry Torch, but the new update brings support for the Bold 9700/9780, Bold 9900/9930, Style 9670 and Tour 9630. Gist was acquired by RIM a few weeks back and good things should be on the horizon beyond their BlackBerry app (think integration). Gist is a great contact management tool that lets you keep all of your contact info across all networks in one neat place. Use the BlackBerry app to access the info and login from the web to tweak to your hearts content. Gist is available free in BlackBerry App World.

More information/download of Gist for BlackBerry

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Gist for BlackBerry now available for additional devices


Yhhmmm......I don 't like it!
Perhaps the app is great! So what?

QUOTE: 'This application is not available on your device or for your carrier'

Using 9700

just clicked on the download link above via bridge browser. It opened app world on my phone to the gist download page. pretty neat feature... learning something new everyday


Could someone who have installed the application, please extract it's .cod files and upload it somewhere? I'm in Asia, and it has not been available for us, hopefully by installing the cod files will solved this issue.

I knew it could work because when blackberry travel has not been release world wide, i can install it using .cod file installation.


If someone could extract the cod files for a 9700 and post here for us non-Northern Americans to try as well?

Honestly, I'm a OS5 user so I wouldn't be able to use the app anyway, but WHY does RIM deploy apps limited to certain countries? its kind of ridiculous (specially apps not related to mobile operators) I can't see the point in that kind of action.

Blackberry is an awsome mobile plataform, but there are times when RIM's actions make you think about moving to other plataforms.

(please forgive any mispellings, my english is a bit rusty)

Totally agree with this. The attitude of RIM and complete disrespect they show to non North American customers with this and the podcast app (to name but 2) is a disgrace. If they don't correct this very soon, they will be losing me as a customer.