Girlicious Gives Thumbs Up to the BlackBerry Pearl Flip!

By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Nov 2008 10:55 pm EDT

Now this is what I call good CrackBerry content for the weekend! If you're looking for 3m19s of pure entertainment with a BlackBerry-twist, check out Girlicious' new video for their track Baby Doll above... the BlackBerry Pearl Flip (in RED!) makes a couple of appearances. When it comes to flips, whether you love 'em or leave 'em you can't argue that the 8220 looks good when caught on camera!

Big thanks to Kim for sending this in!!

Reader comments

Girlicious Gives Thumbs Up to the BlackBerry Pearl Flip!


Nice video....hey kevin, your the expert. do you use opera mini on your bold or just the blackberry browser.

That video sucked!!!! The best part was the pearl!!!! Someone needs to drop their record deal like a cadillac!!!! Total garbage!!!

Thank god you can skim through youtube videos so I didn't have to subject myself to that awful song. The phone looked good though

I didn't like the pearl flip from all the photos, but it does look nice in the video. I still wouldn't buy one though!

Talk about the worst video of all time. Looks like they edited it with Windows Movie Maker and recorded it in their living room. I guarantee that phone was rented, along with that car. Blah....I just lost 3 minutes of my life.

The phone looks great, the girls are kinda cute (except the blond chick who looks like a milli vanilli reject... yikes), but that song is poppy crap. WTF is girlicious anyway? Is that Puffy's new group? Bad Boy might need to release another Biggie's greatest hits CD after that.

Oh wait, but this is a BB site. Yeah, hot flip... when can I get my T-Mo 8900 tho?