One for UK consumers - giffgaff BlackBerry Q10 price and contract choices

giffgaff Q10
By James Richardson on 10 Dec 2013 03:41 am EST

We announced a short while back that UK MVNO giffgaff would be selling smartphones (including the BlackBerry Q10) and not just minutes, SMS and data as they have traditionally done. So for UK consumers looking to pick up the Q10 I thought it was worth diving a little deeper into the options that they offer as the're quite unique as far as I'm aware - and have a solution for folk with plenty of cash up front - and for those without so much to spend initially. 

In terms of purchasing the BlackBerry Q10 from giffgaff, customers will have four options for how much they pay for the handset in advance - and also four options for the length of the payments. These are as follows: 

Initial Payment:

  • £50.00
  • £100.00
  • £150.00
  • £200.00


  • 6
  • 12
  • 18
  • 24

Clearly, the more money you part with up front and the longer the payments are split will get you the cheapest price that you'll need to pay monthly. And of course, if you reverse this and pay the minimum over just six months you'll be shelling out a bigger sum each month which makes perfect sense. For folk that just want to buy the phone outright you can do so and giffgaff are charging £453.00 (SIM Free) at the time of publication. 

Then it's onto goodybags - which if you are not aware is what giffgaff call their bundle purchase options. They have five to choose from and are all great value for money: 

  • £7.50 - 200 mins, unlimited SMS & 250MB of data
  • £10.00 - 500 mins, unlimited SMS & 1GB of data
  • £12.00 - 250 mins, unlimited SMS & unlimited data
  • £15.00 - 500 mins, unlimited SMS & unlimited data
  • £20.00 - 2000 mins, unlimited SMS & unlimited data

So after you have decided how much to pay in advance for the Q10, how long to split the payments and which goodybag to buy you'll be presented with two amounts - one due now and the other being the monthly payment based on buying the same goodybag each month, although you can switch goodybags at any time if you need to. 

Decisions, decisions, but ones I like. It makes a nice change to have so many options. Nice work giffgaff! 

More information/Buy the BlackBerry Q10 from giffgaff

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One for UK consumers - giffgaff BlackBerry Q10 price and contract choices


Quicksilver!!Where are you?The "first" squad has been let loose again!!Go get em buddy!!!

Incurable Q10 Syndrome

Oh yea you can bet your BlackBerry I do!inspire me and and let's do business!
Nice talking to you......sir!

Incurable Q10 Syndrome

The question was why, not if you care. A harmless "first" post seems to have inspired you enough this morning. Maybe you should try decaf.

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I come like Galactus to destroy first post haters son!! Stop being a bully!

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Now what?QuickSilver you better hurry up!The farts are getting louder and smelly!!

Incurable Q10 Syndrome

So for 30$ can get comparable to what I'm paying 70$ for in Canada. Although we don't have unlimited data having 6 gigs works for me.

Posted via CB10

Unlimited Data is great. Carriers should not be charging extra for data, seeing how it does not cost them nothing.
Good Deals.

Wind has roughly the same deals with their tab system, only $30, $40 and $50 have unlimited data, text and calling (plans vary). They even have a $20/month with pay per use data. :) wish the government in Canada would regulate rogers, telus and bell (fido/chat-r, koodo, virgin are their smaller brands to fool customers of "competition") to drop the prices to a maximum of $100 for unlimited and $40 for the lowest tiered plans. Too much gouging!

Glad i'm with wind. They might not have LTE, but unlimited is great.

Posted via my BlackBerry Q10