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Ghost Commander file manager for BlackBerry 10 gets some love with a new UI update

By Bla1ze on 3 Mar 2014 11:13 pm EST

There's a wide array of file managers available for BlackBerry 10 but one of my personal favorites is Ghost Commander due to the fact it allows you to dig a bit deeper into the BlackBerry 10 OS then most other file managers available. 

Although it'll never win any awards for being the best looking app out there, it has just been updated with a better looking UI than what it was running before. It now supports API 17 which to normal folks means it looks more like a Jelly Bean app when ran through the Android Player.

On top of that addition, the developer also added a Dropbox client to the mix and the ability for processes to be ran in the background. Overall, a nice little update for anyone looking for a better file manager than what BlackBerry 10 offers out of the box.

Download Ghost Commander for BlackBerry 10



First thing ill do when back on wifi is download this update

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Well played.

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You need better standards then if THAT was well played. Another firster showing the Phineas & Ferb effect on their brains.

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Dude chill

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RP Singh

Well said.

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Android port?

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Its Spade


I'm qualified to say so because I own a BlackBerry10 device


It is an Android port, but the developer explains that some of the visual changes he made to the Android app are made to look better on BB10.

I first installed this app to manage Android apps on my Z10 (either installed through BlackBerry World or through Snap), especially those app notifications.

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Doh, it's still older than the current Android version but I'll stick with it. Version in Play Store is 1.51.4 while BlackBerry World version now sits at

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The important bug fixes made in 1.51.4 were migrated to the BB version. But most of the changes in 1.51.4 is about to let the user install new plugins without needs to update the application each time a new plugin is out.
It's not relevant on the BB platform, because plugins functionality is embedded to the app.


This update was released Jun 10, 2013? It's version Through Snap you can get 1.51.4

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Edit: is in BlackBerry World.

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Refresh BlackBerry World to see her new version..

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Prem WatsApp

She's been dressing up nicely, mmmhhhh....

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)


Even after the update the UI is still slow as molasses. Scrolling is brutally slow as well.

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This is one of those apps that I don't mind staying as Android ports. Haha somehow a native version just doesn't seem to work. Nice update!


Doesnot show any update on my z10


Why doesn't the port in BB World have the same icon as the Android version? The Android icon is much nicer.

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It's a BlackBerry policy - an application must not have any reference to Android, neither textual nor graphical.


Every time I've installed this app, something has gone terribly wrong with my Android runtime that have only been fixable with a wipe and an OS reinstall :(

Would love to have its features, but not willing to risk it this time...

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Daniel Irving

I prefer ES File Explorer 3 when it comes to Android ports.

The native file manager stock on my z10 works just fine.

24BEB0EF Let's BBM!


I deleted this app off my Q10 as I don't have an urgent need for this and I'm not fond of ports although I have a few.

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 


@Bla1ze, just noticed that "ran" in the last paragraph, should be "run".

Thanks for the update though, I keep this around for some tampering...it is nice to look at what is in the OS, though you never get full access to the entire thing - though that's what dumping an autoloader is for.


Editing is overrated.

(That one bugged me too. )

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Why does it need location services though?

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In fact the app does not need the location services and does not request it. But somehow BB10 app manager thinks that the location has been requested. No clue why.


I'll give it a try. Nice to see it only requires two permissions.

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Been using this for awhile to watch ans/or copy shows and movies from our external drives to our devices. Works good.

...we are all connected...


I use it exclusively to shut off notifications in other android apps.

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Why does it need location acess.


I keep location services turned off anyway and only turn on when I need it.

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Apparently, it's a bug in BB10. The app does not require a location service and even does not even compile in any location related libraries. But still BB10 (not PlayBook) shows the location service is required. Weird.


After I updated I went and looked at my applications folder. I didn't realize I was going to see as many little green robot icons as I do. I knew of a couple I had installed but there appears to be more tie ins to the little green guy than I thought.

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I installed the update, but I don't see any UI changes.


If you install it on a PlayBook, you will notice no change. The new UI "holo" theme is applied on BB10 in dialogs and preferences.


The update is also available for the PlayBook version as well. It's a handy tool to have for transferring files to and from my network drives, especially since it works with the higher SMB security settings on our servers.