Getting started with your Verizon BlackBerry Z10

Just picked up a new BlackBerry Z10 from Verizon? Start here!

By Adam Zeis on 28 Mar 2013 11:02 am EDT

So you have a new Verizon BlackBerry Z10 but aren't sure where to start? You've come to the right place. We can help get you up and running so you can use your new BlackBerry Z10 to the fullest. From the basics of changing up your wallpaper or choosing a ringtone, all the way up to sideloading Android apps. 

There is plenty to know about the Z10 and we can break it all down for you. If you've used a BlackBerry before you'll have some idea of how things work, but even if you're a new user we can get you informed so you can be a BlackBerry master in no time at all. 

Keep reading for our short list of tips to getting started with your new BlackBerry Z10 from Verizon.

First things first

To start out, you want to take it easy and make a few tweaks. For that we have some quick help guides for things like changing your wallpaper, setting up notifications, using the Hub and more. Take a quick read through these guides to get started with setting up and customizing your new Z10.

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Top 10 tips for the BlackBerry 10 Hub

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Up and running

Now that you've added your accounts and tweaked a few things to get your Z10 how you want it you can dive in even further. As you go along, you may want to master the various apps on your Z10, find out what the best ones to install are or even sideload some Android apps that aren't available in BlackBerry World. For that we have more in-depth tutorials to help you on your way.

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Don't stop there!

From there you're off to a great start. As we said earlier, there is always more to learn and as you use your new Verizon Z10 you'll have plenty of questions. You can always check out our growing list of BlackBerry 10 help guides or hit up the CrackBerry forums for answers to more specific questions. 

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Reader comments

Getting started with your Verizon BlackBerry Z10


My White Zee10 JUST ARRIVED from Verizon 4 hours early via FedEx! Opening the box as we speak. After that, shop for accessories! Good bye Sprint. Hello Verizon. Team BlackBerry!

Update* Just opened the box. NO Earbuds and Verizon gives you black accessories (USB charger) with the White Z10 instead of white. First T-Mobile, now Verizon. Smh. Greedy US carriers.

Kevin's first white Z10 unboxing (from Rogers) comes with white earbuds and a white usb wall charger. Check it out.

I love Verizon Wireless promotional video. They put out all the most important of BB Z10. BlackBerry should uses this video for their TV advertising.

I just downloaded Flashlight LED (same app as the one in the CrackBerry photo). Great app. I recommend others to get it!! Team BlackBerry!!

P.S - I am loving my Z10 with T-Mobile =D

I'm like the happiest guy alive right now. Not only did I get the Z10 this morning, but my wife played with it, loved it and bought one as well!

I had to get rid of Sprint. They don't have enough money to support BlackBerry's future and vision. I'm a BlackBerry shareholder, so I have to go where my money is wanted. Sprint just keeps sticking it to their customers. I like the Q10, but I want the Z10 in white.

This is so true. I've been on it for days now and the battery life sucks, and that's without whatsapp which we can't install yet.

Does BB10 have BlackBerry Protect? That would make transferring contacts a snap. Otherwise, how are people transferring contacts?

I'm not entirely sure whether Protect works in the same way it did on legacy devices, but the instructions direct you to the desktop BlackBerry Link program to help you transfer your info from devices on BBOS 6 and below. for BB7 devices you can apparently use a SD Card.

In that same vein, does anybody know whether our contacts and other vital info is backed up automatically through Protect on BB10, or do we have to connect to Link to do so?

questions: do you think this phone makes sense as an option for someone who is not connecting to a BB server at work? I would like to connect a Gmail (google apps) account and an Office 365 email account / calendar.

Also has BBSAK been udpated to work with BB10?

Got my white one today and love it I was chatting with a guy looking at the phone and told him I was getting it and how awesome it was he had an iPhone 5 and bought the z10 at full retail.... compared to AT&T Verizon sales res were trained on the phone and did have a display model and a sign on the wall for blackberry 10. Verizon is the way to go if you want to go with bb10

It could be just me, but I'm seeing a lot less comment replies than before. Just want to make sure people are aware that the "Reply" link appears in the lower right of the comment when you hover over it.

I can't believe how no one knows this considering its my favorite feature and possibly biggest selling point on the OS as it was for the Playbook. And i really can't believe, or maybe i can, that the folks at BBRY aren't including these instructions in the box because it would help sell the phone. The easiest way to transfer mp3's, docs, pics, files whatever to the device is over wifi. NO NEED FOR ANY SOFTWARE AT ALL, other than Windows. I will make a guide with screen shots but from the phone, go to SETTINGS, then scroll down to STORAGE AND ACCESS, turn on 'Access using Wi-Fi', it will prompt you to create a password and you can change the name of the phone if you want. Then go back to the previous page and scroll to the top and click on ABOUT. Assuming you are connected to Wi-Fi and on a computer on that same network, click the top where it says CATEGORY and choose NETWORK. Make note of your IP address. eg 192.168.1.x. Now open up any windows explorer window on your PC. It could be my documents, computer, or any folder. In the address bar of that folder, click it and erase everything and type \\ with your phones IP address or phones name, eg. \\ or \\tomsphone . Your phone's entire folder structure will open. From any computer, wirelessly drag and drop songs in the music folder, pictures into the photos or camera folder, videos etc etc. BOOM, BB10 FTW

My z10 has froze and restarted 5 times in the last 2 days only had it for 2 days anyone else dealing with this?

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