Getting started with your BlackBerry Q10

Have a new BlackBerry Q10 but aren't sure just where to start? We're here to help!

By Adam Zeis on 1 May 2013 12:31 pm EDT

Your new BlackBerry Q10 is in hand. You've pulled it out of the box, put the battery in and powered it on -- now what? 

There are plenty of things you can do with your new device, but before you dive in you'll want to start slow with things like logging in with your BlackBerry ID, setting up some accounts, tweaking your notifications and choosing a wallpaper (for starters). 

We've got plenty of help and how-to posts to ease you through the process of getting started with your new Q10 and plenty more are on the way. 

Setting Up

When you first start up your Q10 you'll need to enter your BlackBerry ID (or register for a new one if you are new to BlackBerry). Beyond that, you'll want to add your personal and/or work email accounts as well Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Evernote if you use those services. 

How to setup accounts on your BlackBerry Q10

After that, you can do a bit of customizing for your notifications, wallpaper and things like screen brightness, password lock and Hub settings. 

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What Next?

Now that you have some basic setup out of the way you can jump into more advance options. On your BlackBerry Q10 you can use some amazing keyboard shortcuts to get around faster, use services like Box and Dropbox to keep your files in sync and even sideload Android applications. 

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Keep Going!

Now that you're up and running - keep going! There is so much you can do with your BlackBerry Q10. You'll want to make sure you've read through our extensive BlackBerry Q10 review and checked out some of our top help and how-to guides for BlackBerry 10

After that, be sure to grab some new accessories from ShopCrackBerry and hit up the forums for plenty more help and discussion on the BlackBerry Q10!

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Getting started with your BlackBerry Q10


Good on CB team for cleaning up the comment sections as of late!

The "First" posts are disappearing, and now useless people advertising their own websites.

Thank you!

P.s. My girlfriend just picked up a Q10 in stores only moments ago, and she is already in love. I can't wait to get home and play with it!

this might just be 'me,' but if I was coming home after a long day or my girlfriend were coming back from shopping, I'd wanna play with 'her' and not the stuff she bought; ... just sayin', is all.
<still, yes, plenty of time to manhandle the Q when she's asleep>

just having a little fun with ya ... LOL!

Although I might have missed it, I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere...does 10.1 (on the Q10 or leaked versions loaded on the Z10) fix the issue where, when you peek into the hub, it shows what you were last doing instead of the top level screen?

No, it's not a glitch, it's been like that since day 1. If you click on a Facebook notification from the hub for example, then for some reason go to another application by swiping up from the bottom, your hub will still show the Facebook notification since you haven't backed out from the notification via the hub. So the hub still thinks you are viewing the Facebook notification. Does that make sense? If you want your hub to always show everything, make sure you back out of whatever notification you're looking at via the hub so it knows you no longer want to view that notification.

I believe I called it an "issue", not a "glitch"...I'm not saying that it's unintended, just that it's sub-optimal. I'm certainly not the only one to comment on this.

Isn't the whole point of "peek" that you can check out your inbox to see who that most recent email/facebook/bbm was from, and what it might be about? I don't think it would be hard to have the "peek" function always look at the top-level hub, regardless of what you were last doing in the hub.

Is there any reason why looking at what you were last doing is better than looking at the top-level hub, when using peek?

I guess you don't really understand. Yes, there are ways to compensate for sub-optimal behaviour on behalf of the operating system, but the point is that you shouldn't have to do so in the first place.

If you can tell me why it makes sense for the hub to show anything other than the top view when you 'peek', then I might agree with you. If your comment is another version of "well, you can avoid this problem by doing X", when you shouldn't have to do X in the first place, then I'll assume that you have nothing useful to offer. I'm sorry if this seems mean, but I've already wasted time with two of your responses and I don't really want to waste any more.

It's not an "issue," it's a byproduct of having something like the Hub running in real-time, all the time. It never shuts down, it never times out. It's literally the epitome of multi-tasking for this OS, because it quite literally, always runs and will always be there when you leave it. This is why when you leave the Hub you go back right to where you left - while I see the inconvenience of this, it's also a big part of what makes the Hub so awesome. Having the Hub time out and go back to main screen would mean it would need to be able to shut down on its own, and that's not one of the functions. You can't time something out that is constantly running in the background.

I simply tab the Hub button at the top every time I leave the Hub.


Just because the hub is always running doesn't mean that the peek functionality can't always show you the top-level hub view...the hub wouldn't be "shutting down" or "timing out", it would simply be showing a different view of the information when you peek into it. From a coding standpoint it's hardly rocket science.

I started a forum thread on this and got views on both sides; many agreed that a top-level view would be best, while others suggested that the current functionality facilitated situations where (for example) you were clicking on links in an email, going to the associated web page, going back to the email, clicking on another link, etc. In such a case I can see why it would be more useful to be able to return to the email you were looking at previously.

The best suggestion I heard to fix this issue was to have the hub work on a timer basis; for 5 minutes (or whatever time - user configurable) the hub will stay on your last message, after which it will default to the top-level view. While this wouldn't work in absolutely every case, I think it would offer the best compromise.

TOTALLY crucial to have the fastest-possible SD card in there: class 10 or better.

Do NOT settle for Class 6 or even 4 because you'll want to jump off a tall bridge, waiting for files - especially photos! - to be written to the card.
After I did the rip-&-replace of the OEM SD card with a class 10 on my 9800, the "this Torch is slower than molasses in January" frustration went completely away in those instances. Amazing what a difference that makes; verified by identical experiences of my friends.

Cheers & Keep Moving!

Coming back to Canada in two weeks after a three month exchange and I'm picking up a new BB10 phone my first day back!
Now I just need to decide between the Q10 and Z10...

Cool, comprehensive in full CB fashion...nice...can't wait to follow these steps when I finally get my own Q10.
I think the Q10 will be the perfect workhorse.

Posted via CB10 on my Black Z.

How do you turn on the word suggestions? I have yet to see any or are they specific to certain applications.


Found the word suggestions in the keyboard/input settings.

Guys guys all fake... these blackberry people are playing with up... when this f***** skype will come to BlackBerry Z10... official release of OS10.1

Posted via CB10

Your grammar is horrible, almost incomprehensible, and the fact that you feel the need to swear lowers your credibility to the point where everyone is going to make fun of you or totally disregard you.


Good consolidation of reviews and tips into one precise post! Excellent, this should be the standard by all editors here at crackberry as a process!

Any update on carrier provisioned apps?

Posted via CB10

I got a Rogers Q10.. It seems completely unbranded! I dont see any signs of robbers logo anywhere. Even the splash screen doesnt have robbers logo like the Z10... could it be unlocked??? i wish.... For $700 this should be unlocked

There is one thing I find very iratating, I tried to re-send a failed bbm, however, I could not find a resend option, anyone on a Q10 have the same issue? Is there a resend option?

Posted via CB10

I just feel left out on the BB10 posts because I don't have a BB10 device yet.. I will have to look back and catch up when I finally do get a Q10!

I would like to get started with the Q10, but Telus won't sell them to us till this Friday at the earliest.

Posted via CB10

My Q10 was shipped out today by Rogers. Can't wait. I just got car charger and bluetooth car set + extra micro usb cable from the crackberry store. Thanks guys.

Hello friends help me out, phone battery drains very quickly and gets heated. Moreover even I'd my phone is charged all night long only orange led keeps blinking green led doesn't blinks as it blinks before the update

Posted via CB10

Ive bought 4 z10 .3 second hand under 200pounds will give to close friends so we can all laugh or cry when os 10.2 finally's been so underrated. But people who've been using it know how fantastic it is