GetItBack - Find You Lost or Stolen Blackberry

By Adam Zeis on 24 Jun 2008 10:49 am EDT


You may remember months ago we gave you a sneak peak of GetItBack from Convenience Software. Well the time has come and the full version is finally available.  I've been testing the application for what seems like forever, helping to work out all the kinks, and I must say this is one piece of software I'll be keeping for the length of my Curve. 

Get Your BlackBerry Back!

GetItBack App
Just follow the instructions

The process is simple;  Install the OTA download to your device, choose a password and ringtone, save the settings and you're done.  If your phone is lost, you can login to your control panel on the website - and thats it.  You simply click the "Stolen" button, and you will see the web interface with all of your device information such as last known location, battery status, backlight status, SIM information and your controller.


A simple web interface lets you activate your phone's alarm, ringer, send a custom message, callback a specified number and even play a custom WAV. 


 GetItBack General
The control panel displays the status of your device.

From the web interface you can activate any of the features in any combination (I personally find the alarm to be the best as its screams "This Blackberry is stolen!" over and over until deactivated.  When you do discover your lost device, you can click the "Found" button and you device will receive a "Phone Found With GetItBack" email, and everything will go back to normal.  This is great for those times you lose your Berry in the couch cushions or under the car seat.  While it can't quite guarantee the return of a stolen device, it will definitely give you a hand in finding it and convincing a thief they want nothing to do with it.

Overall this is an invaluable application to have.  At $9.99, you simply shouldn't pass it up as it will save you twenty times that in the long run.  I'm sure you keep your precious Blackberry closely guarded and by your side at all times (mush like I do), but should anything every happen to it, you don't want to be left empty handed.  

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GetItBack - Find You Lost or Stolen Blackberry


I have Berry Locator.

Isn't this a similar application?

I have really liked the Berry Locator program.

Would you recommend this one over the Berry Locator program?

I lost my Berry a few weeks ago and called AT&T...they could not use the GPS to locate the phone. So, no, it's not really of any use unless the person I was talking to was mistaken. I wish I had bought this program before I lost it. You can bet I'm buying it now.

Just tested this app and its amazing....i have Verizon so no GPS but damn the features are incredible!!!!

If you lose your phone easily....get this now!!!!

Good job Convenience Software : )

This program is awesome. Just found the reviews and I downloaded it for my BB. I don't have GPS but thought it sounded like a worthwhile investment anyways. I am so happy with it, obviously I haven't lost it yet, but if I did the lock feature as well as the message and callback features will definitely help me get it back. Really easy to use too, and I'm no longer afraid of my personal information being stolen if I lose my phone. Can't wait until I get the Bold and can use the GPS function!

Imagine if you were to get the KickStart for your kids and then install this program. Not only would it deter thieves, but when your teen goes nuts you can just lock the phone.

Followed the PDF documentation, including setting up the account online, etc.

update setting on Curve 8320 (T-Mobile) and I get "Testing settings and connections, updating server info, please wait".

Sutuck in this mode for over 2 hours. Tried calling the phone number and get a lady who speaks no english.

Any ideas or a chargeback will be requested.


so far questioable if all the functions work as described. message to phone was not as entered. waiting for alarm, so far 5 minutes.

Good to hear you got the program worked out... kind of. I don't know what happened to you with customer support, I selected the wrong installation method and called and got instantaneous support... in English! Don't know why your message isn't working, I have had no trouble with any of the functions thus far, I would suggest emailing their support, they got back to me pretty quickly.

I downloaded it and it looks good, but when you "lock" the phone, can't you just hit the " * send " to bypass the lock? Once you do that, deleteing the program is pretty simple so I'm not sure what security it provides.

When I tested the lock function on my phone it was different than the normal keypad lock. You have to enter the password that you created when you originally installed the program to get access to the phone, not just the normal * Send like you would to unlock the keys. If you enter it correctly, then it unlocks, if not, you have no access, its pretty cool

As far as "user data" that you're supposed to give the software access to (under permissions), does it state anywhere exactly what data it's collecting or accessing? I didn't see any privacy agreement stating what you're giving access too.

EDIT: never mind, I located the clearly visible privacy policy :)

I sure hope the software is better then their order entry process. I didn't want to try and wade through Pay Pal with the tiny browser on my BB so went to their site via my desktop machine and clicked the OTA button. With other vendors, once you complete the ordering process, and you've specified OTA, an email is sent to your BB with a link to click that performs an OTA download and install. With these guys I got a jad file sent to my desktop machine that I now get to futz with. And did I mention how much I hate Pay Pal!

Okay - I stand corrected - sort of. I finally got an email to my BB with a link for OTA download. Still baffled as to why they downloaded a jad file to my desktop machine. Still dislike Pay Pal but that's another story.

I bought this and put my default email as my normal email that does get sent to my bb eventually but wanted to change the default email to my blackberry email which gets sent there a little faster, I changed the options on my phone and the website but it still won't change my default email. I sent an email to the company yesterday and called them today but got a far no word from them...any ideas?

Kevcro - I installed OTA and can't get the software to work. I've sent two emails and left a voice mail and like you I've not heard back.

If any of you are thinking of purchasing this software you might want to wait until they get their customer service act together. I feel like I just flushed a $10 bill down the toilet. Anybody know where I can get a ringtone that sounds like a "flush".

I've made a handful of calls AND sent just as many e-mails to try and get a simple matter resolved, to no avail.

IRONIC that their company name is "Convenience Software"


Days later and many phone calls later, still getting a voicemail and nobody has called this a 1 man operation there? How hard is it to follow up on a voicemail or an email?

To all those experiencing customer service problems,

My name is Dan and I am the creator of Convenience Software. Let me first say I am extremely sorry that so many have been experiencing problems with our customer service. From this point on my business partner and I are personally taking charge of all customer service issues and plan on addressing all issues completely and in a timely
manner. At this point I believe I have responded to all those who have voiced concerns via phone or email and hope their issues have been resolved. It is a personal embarrassment to me that Convenience Software has been anything but "convenient" over these past few days but rest assured steps have been taken to rectify this problem. Rest assured that the issue people have been having with the install applies only to very specific phones in certain situations and the vast majority of our customers have had no problems with the installation or use of the program. Additionally, we are currently fixing the problem and should have it solved in the next couple of days.

We truly want the best for you, your family, your business and anyone else who uses our software. It is supposed to make life easier, not more difficult.

Let me remind all customers that there is a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on all of our software. If you purchase any of our programs and we cannot satisfy you in any way, we will happily refund the full purchase price.

Again, I sincerely apologize to anyone who has ANY issues with our company and hope to regain any goodwill we may have lost in the past few days. Thank you and if you have further questions feel free to email me at

Thanks again,

Like Dan said above they have come through as promised and through emails and calls to myself, my issues have been resolved. I wouldn't hestitate to recommend this product to anyone.

I downloaded the program, could not get it up and running and wrote them for help....I'm still waiting to hear back. Until I do, thumbs down on the program.

No luck for me on this application too. After googling, I found another one at handango phonebak bb that at least works!

Have you noticed that any trial you download to give it a test before buying don't come with any manual on how to use the program, best install practices, or anything that comes from a real company. Even Handango said, tough, that's how we sell it. Maybe don't do business with them until they have a modicum of business sense going on. These are expensive Blackberry's, I use mine for business, will not be a science experiment till they get the simplest of business basics down.....instructions.

This software doesn't work. Customer support is null and void. Promises but no action. I have a Bold 9000. Don't waste your money like I did!

That's what I am trying to do as far as my money (9.99). I paid for the software, it will not download. Ok, so I figure I can get someone to walk me through it..IMPOSSIBLE! several e-mails, no phone number, but he can be seen blogging and talking to everyone except his customers! I am still trying to get the 9.99, but have filled a complaing with the BBB and Tallahasse.

Advice: DONT spend the $

I've been forgetting my phone everywhere. In my car, in the coffee shop, at my friend's place and I always recover it because I'm using BerrySnooper.

BerrySnooper not only allows me to find my lost phone, but if somebody steals your phone and changes the sim, it'll alert me of it's location by sending me text messages and you can actually go catch the thief. Pretty impressive!

You can get this app at

ummmmm am i able to use this after my phine got got stolen last night and i forgot to put a tracking app on it. if i were to buy or at least attempt what will be my outcome... i need an app that i dont have to set up on the phone, please anyone get back to me with info its uch appreciated! <3

The company isn't around anymore. Imagine if you had bought this app and now lost your phone and tried to use the app and found the company has tanked.

Shame. They must have made a lot of money off of this.