GetGlue now available for BlackBerry 7 devices

By ObiGeorge on 13 Sep 2011 10:24 am EDT
GetGlue Beta

GetGlue has finally updated their app in BlackBerry App World to show support for BlackBerry 7 devices. While it did not actually "update" the app itself (as they have no intention of continuing development for BlackBerry) at least those who use the service can actually download it for their BlackBerry 7 device. Maybe if we complain enough they will bring all the new features and the new look (like in the updated Android and iOS version) to BlackBerry someday. Until then, I guess we will all have to make the best of it ;-)

Download GetGlue from BlackBerry App World

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GetGlue now available for BlackBerry 7 devices


I didn't knew they had no intention to continue developing for the BlackBerry... what a shame really.

Wow, I would love to see some numbers on what percentage of owners for each OS type there is. I have heard from co-workers and other people the reason they chose Android and/or iOS was for the number of apps available, they can keep their games, apps, and kiddie phones, I am a true BB through and through. from the BB browser is much more functional than this old app. the web version has sports checkins as well as other great features. I've been using it since I got my 9900 while others have complained about not having a dedicated app. Why rely on an app when it's just as easy to pin a bookmark to the homepage? Especially when it's more functional.

Thanks for the tip about m.getglue. Superb mobile site. The app is almost useless on the 9900 unreadable. It would be nice to compile the best mobile sites to curb app envy. For example, gives the identical experience as the iOS app aside from the spinning thingie. The full mobile google+ looks almost exactly the same as the iOS version. I'm sure there are lots of other good examples and some horrible ones- yelp's and paypal's mobile sites for the latter.

No intention to further develop for Blackberry? Then why would I want to bother with them, mobile website, old out dated app, whatever. No love for us....then I've got no love for them.

Although I agree with the comments that it is a shame that they will not share the love with the BB users, maybe if we push hard enough they will continue supporting it, but definitely there is a point here, if they don't appreciate us, why we should care about them? U_U the mean time I am glad that now the app supports my 9930 and yeah, the site is pretty good, but I rather prefer an app on my phone, don't know, maybe I am old school :-P

Adam, what are you doing? If they've abandonned the BlackBerry platform, why give them free publicity? It is time for the RIMPIRE to stand proud and say f-them.

For the record, Obi wrote the article. lol

 And like others said, if they see a want/need, ie the RIMPIRE expressing their desire for the app to be updated, maybe they will rethink the decision. :)

Since i start get glue, y get 3 times to get my stickers, but at the end, i never get it, i send them an email, but nothing happens, no sticker

Ok, I love my blackberry, and yes it does break my heart that Getglue (among many other platforms) does not plan on further developing for it. However app development requires resources such as time and money, and given the current circumstances, it seems Blackberry is just not selling itself as a viable device. In other words Getglue no longer believe that their target user is also a blackberry user.

I am not sure RIM is doing much about this. This is test time for RIM... either they go into Getglue and prove blackberry is still worth developing for, or RIM needs to use some of their own resources and start developing for some of the more popular platforms (which they might even be able to do better than third party devs). Getglue is not the only platform that seems to have left blackberry behind. I can list a few that gave up on us, and some which never even bothered.
Tumblr, Flickr, OKC, Myspace (but who cares lol), cineplex (Scene), Google+, just to name a few. Even the professionally used LinkedIn is still MIA. I am sure the list is much longer.

On a brighter note some of the blackberry specific apps (BBM Music) that are on the way seem amazing. It is just unfortunate that the social media world is slowly forgetting us.

the mobile site is way better than the app. That being said... I use @GetGlue alot! On my device, so how would they feel if BlackBerry users quit using their site? That would be a lot less traffic, @GetGlue. Just BS! I think I have heard of anther media type site. I'm going to investigate that option.

I hope they keep Developing for BB OS(7). Their Web App just isn't that intuitive like the iPad App is and there is so much more potential than the Current App which has some hickups (like for example in the You area).

Please GetGlue, get new interessting Updates for our BlackBerry users coming. Or Push SocialScope to Implement your API, that would be Awesome.

Renew the Interface or at least make your Web App a bit more Landscape Candybar size friendly and give the Ajax Calls some more Visual Feedback when Clicking.

Edit: Two Joyfull moments Considering GetGlue yesterday! I've received my first batch of stickers, and GetGlue is OS7 compatible =).

Doesn't work with BIS, this is not acceptable today.
And RIM should block WAP access when there is already a access allowed.
using the mobile site is better