GetFugu, Inc. Launches “See It, Say It, Get It” Application For BlackBerry Smartphones

By Bla1ze on 8 Dec 2009 02:57 pm EST
GetFugu, Inc. Launches “See It, Say It, Get It” Application For BlackBerry Smartphones

GetFugu has put out their BlackBerry smartphone application for everyone. The application it's self is a rather hefty download rolling in at over 3MB in size but it allows you to search with images, your voice and even your current location. Using the GetFugu you can search for things in the following ways:

See it.

  • Simply take a picture of a sign or logo of the brand you are looking for. Getfugu searches for the brand associated withthe picture and then gets information and exclusive content. Find specials, locations or buy online!
Say it.
  • Speak a brand name, company name, product or other keyword into your phone to start your search with Getfugu. GetFugu uses voice recognition technology to search for brand names and other key words, then delivers cool content to your phone such as exclusive promotions, videos, trailers, coupons and more.
Get it.
  • Get it uses your location to point you to products and services that are close to you. Take advantage of sales, find great dining or get tickets for a play right around the corner

The GetFugu application is currently availlable for the 8900, Bold 9000 but other devices do work such as the Bold 9700. Support for the BlackBerry Storm series shows as coming soon on the site, so downloading it at this time may not work for you. Check it out, let us know if ya like it or not. I have used GetFugu for the past day or so and can't really say I'll use it often enough to give up the 3Mb of space it takes but that's just me.

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GetFugu, Inc. Launches “See It, Say It, Get It” Application For BlackBerry Smartphones


What?... large apps for Blackberry? Nonesense says RIM... all you need it 256MB or less of app memory. That's enough to run the world. :rolleyes:

Bet they're eating their hats about now.

Played with it on my 9000, sluggish at times, didn't tag any product i tried (and mostly generic products). Already uninstalled.... 3.5 Megs is not worth it

my belief is this was released to compete with Google's new technology where you take a picture of a log and a Google search is initiated. all in all waiting for storm to test it out for my self.

Its a rip off of the new Google app called Goggles. Google released it yesterday for Android, and works great of course, it is Google after all. They did state however they will be bringing it to other smartphone markets soon. So Im gonna wait....

I worked for them, I they failed to pay anyone for months on end. There is a pending class action lawsuit from former NYC and ATL office employees. One of the execs is Carl Freer, linked to Gizmondo.

I keep pressing buttons like 'use' in the app, and nothing happens not even a loading sign, I've left it for ages

Shame, would have been good