Get'em While They're Young - LeapFrog Launches Baby BlackBerry for Kids!

Baby BlackBerry!
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jan 2009 12:49 am EST

Seriously. Who's NOT going to buy of these for the little one(s) in the family?! The geniuses at LeapFrog, makers of all things educational for kids, are poised to launch this ultra cool baby smartphone. From Pocket-Lint:

Dubbed "Baby BlackBerry" by us, a spokesperson for the company told us that the new gadget for kids gives your little ones the feel of the email gadget without the worry of them sending a random email to your boss.

"We would love to talk to BlackBerry about a tie-up", a spokesperson for the company told Pocket-lint.

Full qwerty keyboard, large LCD screen and the ability to send theoretical text messages to LeapFrog's cute puppy character, won't get pass the fact that you unfortunately can't connect to the Internet to check your twitter feed. On the educational front there is a calendar to learn dates, phonics for the keypad and the odd game.

NICE. The "Baby BlackBerry" will be available in August for £19.99. That's assuming RIM's legal team doesn't get to LeapFrog first - I'm pretty sure RIM holds some FULL-QWERTY smartphone keyboard patents that they'll want some licensing revenue for :-)

Ok, so I have two nieces, two nephews, no kids (that I know of anyway).... I'll take FOUR please and thank you! Check out more images here >>

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Get'em While They're Young - LeapFrog Launches Baby BlackBerry for Kids!


Kinda bulky, does it have 3G or WiFi?

My son won't accept anything unless it has 3g or WiFi, I taught him well. lmao!! do realize Leapfrog leads the pack in educational toys right?

Be good to read up on such things before making such blatant, outrageous comments.

It's a toy, what child hasn't grabbed a cell phone and played with it before, they like them, it appeals to them. Pack an educational product into something that appeals to them and watch them learn, or maybe your just ticked your parents never got you the fisher price phone when you were a child.

Not a cell phone. It is a device that may teach your kid to read or spell. Maybe people should stop blaming toys, gadgets, media and society for their failures in parenting.

This mentality sickens me.
A videogame is supposedly responsible for some kid drag-racing his Mercedes down the street and killing some poor cabbie. No one questions why the parents of a 17 year old would buy that kid a $100,000 car that tops out at 240Km/hr

Blame the car, the videogame, everything but the parents for not smacking some sense into the kid...wait I said smacking...I meant giving a time out, because that works so well...hahaha!

Sorry to ruin what was otherwise a great crackberry post. My Apologies Kevin.

unfortunately i dont even think that will keep my lil guy from trying to snatch my BOLD every time I turn my head

mine either...he wants the real thing. I gave him my 8800 and he didn't care for it since he could not call anyone.

Ill take 1 for my son. He just turned 1 but there is nothing wrong with them started to learn early. He already thinks my curve is a chew-toy, and he like pushing the button's. I got him the little fisher price phone and it just didnt do the trick.. maybe this well work...

My precocious 2 yo daughter keeps grabbing for my BB, my Dash, my wife's dash, or anything she thinks *looks* like a cell phone.

The taller she gets, the harder it is to hide the darn things. And she is tall for her age with a good wingspan too. We're hoping for a basketball scholarship to pay for college.....But I digress.

Grandmother gave her grammy's old Razr phone as a stand in and that worked for a little while but she seems to favor PDA's, go figure.

Yeah, sign me up for one of these.

My 7 yr old grew up on LeapFrog products and is now advanced in reading and spelling, well ahead of her classmates, she also has a Samsung Rant and believe it or not it is helping her strengthen her spelling and reading, she loves to text family and friends with it, and yes we as parents have the phone restricted as to who is in the address book. Now the 3 yr old is envious, I think this LeapFrog product will be a nice learning tool for her when it comes out.

I know what I'm getting my brother's 5 year old for christmas next year, if it comes to the states. ;)

That is IF my brother doesn't already get him an actual blackberry by then. He already has and knows how to use a laptop. ;)

I would so buy one! LeapFrog has sure made some great toys in the past. (wait does LeapFrog and BlackBerry look the same to you guys?) Yes CrackBerry for kids should be a new motto for the site. My youngest brother who is only 4 has now learned that BlackBerry also means phone. So when he hears "blackberry" he would go "Martin phone!!!" haha

My kids loved the Leapfrog products. Leapfrog has great products. Too bad my kids are too old for this I know they would have loved it. :)

With my wife in labor and delivery as we speak i will be getting one of these as soon as it's avail so when he is old enough to play with he can!!!!!!!!

Perhaps LeapFrog shouldn't wait - it couldn't damage RIM's reputation to put a BB logo on the back or something.

To heck with the kids - I want one! Seriously though, £20 for this looks quite reasonable.

My kid loves my blackberry. I'm hard of hearing so he uses it when his friends call or he wants to call anyone. I better not tell him about this new one by LEAPFROG. wink wink

Seriously? WHY would anybody ever buy this for their kids? I mean, okay, if it could call back to mommy or daddy or had GPS in it or do something useful.. It just simulates a BlackBerry.. and the BlackBerry experience...

What's next - toy crackpipes?