Get yourself out of a jam with Plumber for BlackBerry smartphones

Plumber game for BlackBerry
By Zach Gilbert on 13 May 2012 05:34 pm EDT
The gaming market is exploding on the BlackBerry PlayBook as games like Angry Birds Space and Lara Croft make their way onto the tablet. At the same time we also can't forget about BlackBerry smartphones. During my daily stroll through App World I noticed that RIM had a new game featured in the carousel called Plumber, so I decided to give it a try. The concept of the game is relatively straightforward: you're a plumber and you want to ensure that all the pipes are connected. Just make sure you don't get in over your head with flooding water.
As a newly made plumber, your mission is to connect pieces of the pipe, so that the water can flow from one side of the screen to another. As soon as a player manages to do that and turns on the water, a new puzzle with new pieces of the pipe will appear on the screen. Please, keep in mind, that your time is limited and that your score depends on the number of the pipes (puzzles) you will manage to do!

Plumber features almost endless gameplay, with the ability to change the difficulty as you become a master plumber. One thing that I wished this game had was online leader boards and/or BBM integration. Something I've found is once a developer puts either leaderboards or BBM into their game the chance of it going viral increases tenfold. If you have ever played Pipe Dream on the PC (a windows 98 game mind you) then you should feel right at home racing against time in Plumber for BlackBerry smartphones. Plumber is available for most BlackBerry smartphones running OS 4.5 and higher and can be found for free in BlackBerry App World.

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Reader comments

Get yourself out of a jam with Plumber for BlackBerry smartphones


This is a great game. Well as great as it gets for a plumbing game. Better than any others on BlackBerry and most out there. I've had it for a few days and I play it for a while. Its fun and whenever you lose and start over the first level is regenerated and so there's no memory or anything of the sort like on other similar types of games

hmm reminds me of a game I use to have on my Comadore 64. You had to lay pipe faster then the water filled it....& as my monitor only showed green & black, ithe liquid looked radioactive ..I spent hours on that game:)

I love this game!! when you lose if you go back to the main menu instead of starting a new game it takes you to the last level you were at. I am on level 125!!

I'm just curious. When you guys download an app that costs money, do you come out of your pocket for this, or does CB either pay for it or reimburse you? I'm just checking to see how much skin you have in this game.