Get Your Valentine's Day Groove On with Slacker Radio Love Stations - 10 Subscriptions Up for Grabs!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Feb 2010 03:17 pm EST
Slacker Love Songs 

Nothing says "I love you" like a good love song. To help get you in the Valentine's Day spirit, Slacker Radio has some great stations for you to get into your love groove. In addition to creating your own romantic mega-mix, you can check out some of Slacker's stations featuring Love Songs, Rock Ballads and even Broken Hearts. You can stream music right from your device and help make your Valentine's Day events that much sweeter. Slacker is available as a free download, but if you want to kick it up you can enter to win 1 of 10 free subscriptions and get the benefits of ad-free listening, unlimited skips, full song lyrics and more. We have 3 one-year subscriptions and 7 three-month subscriptions to give away. To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling us how Slacker would sweeten your Valentine's Day. Please only leave one comment - contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.

Listen to Slacker Love Song Stations:

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Reader comments

Get Your Valentine's Day Groove On with Slacker Radio Love Stations - 10 Subscriptions Up for Grabs!



use slacker radios old school R&B and R&B stations for some nice baby makin music....commercial FREE!

I love Slacker radio...would love to play commercial free music when getting together with friends!

Put me down for a chance of winning a sub for Slacker, that would be SWEET for my SWEETHEART.

Getting my wife a new blackberry for valentines day. Slacker to go on it would be icing on the cake!

I use slacker radio EVERY single day. And since I use it often I run out of skips frequently. I would love to be able to have the full version but I have no extra money as I am saving up for college

I have been rocking this app since i could get it in canada on my bold. I would absolutly love to have this!!!!

Crackberry 4 Life!!!

I just love Slacker!!!! Will be listening on the way to BKK tomorrow.
Slacker helped my wife to fall in love with *my* BlackBerry all over again...and those who Berry together stay together.

I've used the free Slacker app, and a subscription would sweeten my Valentines Day by allowing me to check out the advanced features of the sub. version.

Thanks for the chance to win!

If you choose me... I will no longer have to put "chick songs" on my Blackberry anymore, haha!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

I would love this for my sweetheart,i got her a Jabra for X-mas this would be awesome for her to stream music thru her car stereo.

Great app, always plays whatever music I'm interested in hearing, and will do great playing some love music this valentine's day

A no AD Version would be the bee's knees on valentines day!! Uninterrupted make out music!! bow chicka bow bow. Thanks crackberry and Slacker

Slackers UNITE for Valentines DAY! Let her know that it's OK to be a slacker; She can 'slack too' or you can tell you can 'pick up the slack' for her if she's slackin' on her slacking.

Slacker would sweeten my Valentine's Day because I would have continuous music with no interruptions and I wouldn't even have to change the CD! :)

I need this so I can let Slacker be my DJ of love songs so it doesn't have to disturb my "other" prerogatives. ;)

Love slacker already but a subscription would make my valentine day even sweeter so I could listen to more of their great music with unlimited skips and no ads :)

Would improve my Valentine's Day by providing me some music that would take my mind off the fact that I have nobody to spend the day with this year. No worries though. :)

Please pick this Canadian who just cancelled his XM Radio for Slacker and now has to buy a year of time from Slacker. Thank you in advance.

i can use the subscription to play some boot-knocking music like i used to with a cd in school...except now i can play it anywhere i would need it

This would definately spruce up my valentines day, while me and my lady would dance the night away while listing to slacker radio.

With slacker, I can keep the sweet tunes rollin' without having to stop what I'm doing with my hands to pick a new track, whether that's driving, or, today...;)

I would love to have a subscription to Slacker! I use the free version of slacker to get me through my day and even sometimes to get me to sleep. Pick me please! Thanks

Pick me! I love Slacker, and would love it even more if I were a premium subscriber. Too broke to do it myself, but I think once I become one I will be a member for life!


I could plug my BB in the stereo light some candles for my lady, open slacker, type in Marvin Gaye and let the good times roll :) lol

i literally listen to 8+ hours of slacker a day when studying. Not getting interrupted every couple songs with a annoying add that breaks my concentration would be AWESOME. the way it would make my valentines day better? I would do better in grad school causing me to get a better job in the future and be able to support my fiancee and me even better which as you can guess, makes things a LOT smoother. so you see crackberry, you hold the power to not only make me happy, but my loves too (both my fiancee and blackberry that is). You can improve my future, all ya gotta do is let me win a pretty little subscription =)