Get Your Valentine's Day Groove On with Slacker Radio Love Stations - 10 Subscriptions Up for Grabs!

By Adam Zeis on 11 Feb 2010 03:17 pm EST
Slacker Love Songs 

Nothing says "I love you" like a good love song. To help get you in the Valentine's Day spirit, Slacker Radio has some great stations for you to get into your love groove. In addition to creating your own romantic mega-mix, you can check out some of Slacker's stations featuring Love Songs, Rock Ballads and even Broken Hearts. You can stream music right from your device and help make your Valentine's Day events that much sweeter. Slacker is available as a free download, but if you want to kick it up you can enter to win 1 of 10 free subscriptions and get the benefits of ad-free listening, unlimited skips, full song lyrics and more. We have 3 one-year subscriptions and 7 three-month subscriptions to give away. To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling us how Slacker would sweeten your Valentine's Day. Please only leave one comment - contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.

Listen to Slacker Love Song Stations:

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Reader comments

Get Your Valentine's Day Groove On with Slacker Radio Love Stations - 10 Subscriptions Up for Grabs!



I'm a Pandora user, but have been hearing great things about Slacker. Would love to get a free subscription.

I am constantly draining my battery playing slacker cruzin around, and being a hopeless romantic I could listen to all those love songs! :-)

My fiance and I will probably be staying in and cooking - one of our favourite things to do together. Would be so great to have a subscription so I can play all these great love songs!

i already use it and the interruption of "your listening to slacker radio!" is not fun :(

I would love to have would make it so much easier to carry commercial free music on my that sounded too much like a commercial...maybe I am in...

This would totally sweeten my V-Day. My Sirius radio died on me recently and I have a long drive to go skiing for the weekend with my babe. (thanks Sirius for not making a BB app) She cant't live without music. Help me Slacker!

I'll be away and won't be with my wife on V day, so I will be using Slacker to listen to a custom station I made using our song.

I would really enjoy a 1 year subscription ! Music all day and love songs playing while making love! Couldn't ask for more!

Is there a station for those of us that find themselves without a lady this year? Or maybe a station to help us get one

no more crapy clock radio to set the mood. Slacker Radio to the rescue! and of course my beloved bb, by my side. The wife will now really see the benefits of having a bb.
Please consider me.

I love Slacker Radio. Not certain why I haven't subscribed to it yet, but it sure would be nice to get a free subscription ;-) shouldn't end by stopping what your doing to find the right mood music. Subscription please.

Visiting my Mothers house for the week with my wife so we are gonna such a "sweet"Valentines day please help!!!

itd be kool to get a free subscription, cuz i prefer slacker radio to pandora. and when i run out of skips it annoys me but the ads dnt for some reason lol. i would like to see the lyrics thought that would b awesome, and the Love songs i wanna find some cuz its almost Vday and its been 10mnths my gf and i been going out :D thanx!

My wife and I are both rockin' BB Storms (first version). We love listening to Slacker while we're sitting around the pool, or when we're just hanging out around the house on the weekend.
We've been doing it without a subscription so this would be a sweet upgrade for us.

Slacker would sweeten my valentines quite a bit, I would probably forward a win to my husband who really enjoys his streaming music. He loves Slacker but has been holding off on subscribing. A gift subscription would be just the ticket to feed his music obsession while he's out on the go. :)

sade is in my tape deck and i'm moving in slow motion

I let slacker roll all day long for my dog until my wife and I got home and switched over to chill music followed by unlimited skipping until we hit it off.

I definently like the free version but having the ability to skip unlimited songs would make my wife happy which in turn would make my valentines even better

Because my husband and I love to listen to music and it's great to be able to listen even when we can't pick up a regular radio station.

I use slacker at home, on the road, even at my desk. I was considering getting a year subscription, but i'll see if this pans out first.

How much better would a romantic night in the back seat of a car be with some rock ballads and not having to leave the car on. What better way to go green and spend valentines day!

Winning would not only sweeten my honey's V-Day but her days in general, she gets very edgy when she uses all her skips and a crappy song comes and she's stuck with it. Save us both! :)

I would love to win a subscription for my boyfriend and I. We listen to Slacker all the time in the car and at home. This would be a great present for him, an early birthday gift perhaps?

Thanks Crackberry!

I am a college student and I love using slacker on my blackberry. I use it walking to class, while I'm studying or hanging out, and when I'm running or working out at the gym. I use the free version right now and I always run out of skips. Getting a subscription would be awesome for the unlimited skips, song requests, and lyrics! It would make my day to win

The opportunity to always have the right radio station at the right time would be the most spectacular gift on the planet! I'd even be able to excuse my husband for his lack of enthusiasm for the Valentine Holiday :-)

Having Slacker for Valentine's Day would be the greatest. What better way to have your cake and eat it. First, you have your BlackBerry and then all of your favorite love songs right at your fingertips. Just being able to make your own music mix and share it with the one you love. I love Slacker radio it's the best!

Less time making playlists; more time concentrating on lovin'!

I could really use the subscription...and the time for practice! ;)

i will be delivering chinese and japanese food on valentines day in a car without a radio, cd player, or anything (just a huge hole in the dash). currently slacker on my crackberry is the only thing that keeps me sane while i'm out on deliveries (it drowns out the mysterious rattles from the beat-up old company car). full slacker services on my crackberry would be the best thing to happen this year.

also, i love you. please pick me.

Slacker would be great to drown out all the crappy music people around me are going to be listening to on Valentine's Day...

Love Slacker radio! First thing I always tell my customers to download when they get their smartphone!!! Would love to have a subscription to show them the benefits of the subscription :) so not limited on skips!

Slacker radio is the best, i use it everywhere! even in the car! i would love to get the full version for free! lol

Fireplace, Candlelight, my beautiful wife,the sweet sounds of slacker radio in the background: What more could a man ask for on v-day

Definitely love to win a copy for my wife for valentines. She uses her BB all the time while working out and working outside. Slacker looks like a fantastic way to go and subscription all the way for unlimited skips etc. :)

I love slacker radio ever since they are available in Canada, its search engine always finds the songs I like and more. Highly recommended. I would kill to win one of the one-year subscriptions, so I can always skip, read the lyrics and no ads.

This would be a great Valentine's present for me and my Storm 9550. Sure, my wife is #1, but to have all of the Slacker benefits being whispered into my ear by my Storm 2 without ads, our relationship would grow even stonger. :-)

no easier way to play barry white and marvin gaye on valentine's day ... than with slacker radio

Slacker is the only streaming app I use... F pandora... Instead of Valentines Day we, single people, will be celebrating a mini St Patty's day... And I'll be streaming my phone though the speakers. So a subscription would be rockin' for the party.

Getting the occasional ad while listening to the free Slacker radio isn't ideal for the Valentine's Day mood. My wife enjoys love songs so I'd play a Valentine-themed station on Slacker Plus to help make Valentine's an even happier day for her! :)

Thanks, CrackBerry!

Take one part Blackberry mix with one part Slacker radio bake for 30 minutes and then and then enjoy that fresh taste of music.

I plan on playing some songs for my highschool sweetheart and now wife using slacker through our home stereo, a subscription would make It THAT much more sweet for us

Valentine's Day isn't the same without Slacker tunes! My wife and I would love a subscription! Stream to Blackberry, laptop and home stereo. Wherever we go it's Slacker Radio!

Anyone who knows me knows that the only thing I love more than my blackberry is music.
It's everything to me.

And since I don't have a Valentine this year, all I'll have to keep me company are my blackberry and my music.

This is one of the few apps i couldn't do without. the fact that you can cache your favs really makes this app rock.

im going to be alone stuck in snow on v-day so the power will go out and it will at least give me something to listen to!

i just installed slacker two weeks ago and I'M LOVIN IT! the song collection is awesomeee. i love their 2000's hit and today's hit channels. im goin to Monterey Bay with my wife for valentines day. slacker's valentines channels will make the drive more romantic and pleasant. thanks slacker and CB =)

Currently thinking about starting a Blackberry subscription with Sirius/XM, but I will wait... to see if Slacker can woo me for Valentine's.

Dinner had to be cancelled due to babysitter issues, then breakfast as well due to unforseen reasons. To top it off, my wife just told me she is BORED with her Blackberry Flip!!! I think Slacker could relight the flame between her and her Blackberry which in turn will surely make me love her more!!! :)

this is a very good thing to have on vday because when your setting the mood right with your girl and temperatures are rising, the only thing that kills the moment is when your radio player goes from some smooth Trey Songz RnB to an annoying voice promotin Slacker Premium lol

I would love to get a free subscription for my girlfriend. She plays music on her BlackBerry in a room. Quite often other nurses will drop in to get a ear full while they prepare items for patients. This would be ideal for her to help sooth over her day. Nurse Appreation for Valentines.
Thanks guys.

I would be sending it bluetooth to my home theater and probably play lots of kiddie music for my daughter who's my valentine : )

Slacker helped my husband to fall in love with *my* BlackBerry all over again...and those who Berry together stay together.

I listen to the free version every day. I would really be feeling the "crackberry love" :) if I had a free subscription. It is the gift that keeps on giving ..............

Since I've been using Slacker, I've bought numberous CDs becuase of songs i've heard that didn't know exisited. And new artists. It's so awesome and people don't realize that sometimes letting you hear these songs is what drives sales!

Either way, I love the service, and love how they cater to holidays.

Hope I win.

Love Crackberry.


I like slacker, but hate the ads & limited skips.. like Pandora. Since the wife is "technically challenged" its always up to me to provide the tunes when we have friends over... Slacker would make that task so easy! No more "damn! cant skip any more songs....sorry gotta wait through it"


Slacker will be playing love music all day on Valentine's Day. I'll dance with my daughters, treat them like princesses, then turn my Slacker to a slightly more romantic station for my wife....

We have a 3 year old and no sitter, so some romantic music would be great to set the mood at home!

I would use the application to play Love songs while I present my wife with flowers and some dinner. Hope I can include the music. plz pick me. ;)

My husband and I both listen to Slacker throughout the day. We could listen while he makes me the romantic dinner he has planned!

Since I don't' have a Valentine's date, listening to music on Slacker and some inspirational songs might put me in a better mood to get out there and find someone :) ...

I am a big Slacker fan and would love to win the contest.

My Valentine's would be sweeter because I would use it to find just the right love song for me and my SO.

Is that a screenshot of Slacker 3.0? When is 3.0 that supposed to be released?


Great gift for my hubby for valentines. it will go real well with his new storm on top that he loves music...pick me please!!!

Its my Birthday and I love my Slacker, this was one thing I asked for as a gift for Christmas from family. Never got it. Love to get this for a Birthday gift.

Slacker is the best hands down!!!!

Witj one of these subscriptions we could have commercial free music all day. We plan to spend all day indoors, snuggled up, and know! LOL. What a wonderful plan for me and my honey.

There are 3 huge reasons I need/really want to win the contest for the 1 year free subscription to Slacker. Here is a little history to help you understand:
1) I just turned 30years old and I have 4 boys-a 12yr old, 9yr old, 5yr old & a 7month old baby.
With our sweet boys & being a Army Family-mine & my husbands time together is very limited, I help the boys with all homework, I'm cooking for all 6 of us. cleaning up their dishes, feeding the baby his bottle,changing his diaper with help from my husband of course(sometimes) getting all 4boys into bed & now here comes the part where I really need Slacker for a year, after the boys are to bed of course, it would be really nice to be able to get into bed with my hubby & have some alone time. I am exhausted at this point & need one less thing to get up & do (turning our cdplayer on for some romantic music to relax us both to get us in the mood for each other) then to find out as I jump back into bed (jack n jill) Nursery rhyme is playing...too many interuptions already & with the slacker we could just press Play & that's it(NO INTERUPTIONS) would make me so so happy. If this hasn't helped me win then maybe reason 2 can help.
2) With the fussy baby, I have noticed he likes music & I have played the kids station for him on Slacker during his colliciness, but the commercial advertising & skips are gone before no time, so fussy Again!! Not only would this subscription help my husband & I but it would help my sweet baby too!!!
3) I don't have the money to buy it or else I would have done so by now. , I would be so greatfull to win one of my Favorite Applications: SLACKER. ....I really just love this application! Really it is better then Pandora! No music application so far that beats Slacker, so please pick me..............this valentines night would be a HIT, & less stressfull.

Having 36 wonderful years with the same wonderful lady would be sweetened by this offer. A day together with awesome romantic music sounds like the perfect setting for a day for the two of us.

I would play the ultimate romantic R&B soul playlist:

Luther Vandross, Teddy Pendergrass, Al Green, Babyface, Sade, Alicia Keys, Musiq, Joe, Carl Thomas, Tamia, Aaliyah...I can hear it now. :) Please pick me!

I would not have to DJ romantic songs while putting the moves on my girlfriend. Slacker would do the dirty work for me :)

I wouldn't necessarily play love songs for my baby.. I'd let him listen to whatever he wanted to :)

Even if it's Sade - Soldier of Love!

This is the first Valentine's day in 6 years I've been single. Please let me win so I can listen to music all day instead of drowning my sorrows in booze.

honestly, if i gave my girlfriend slacker radio, she would listen to it at work, and not bug me, complaining about everything thats wrong with her job.


Well, my only sweetie in my life is my daughter but I don't have the other kind of sweetie in my life so, I could use something to filled that void and this app could do the job!!!