Get your Tumblr on with Trapeez for BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 12 Jan 2013 02:26 pm EST

As we get closer and closer to BlackBerry 10 I'm already on the lookout for some awesome apps. One of those is the newly released Trapeez - a Tumblr client. BlackBerry 7 left us in the dark when it came to Tumblr, but thanks to Trapeez that will soon be forgotten. Trapeez fills all your Tumblr needs by letting you view your feed, reblog, view followers, post photos & text and much more.

If you're a Tumblrholic and need to have your fix on the go, then you can't go wrong with this one. It's available now for BlackBerry 10 -- so that means if you have a Dev Alpha you can grab it today and if not it will be waiting for you when you get your hands on a new BlackBerry 10 device.

More information/Download Trapeez 

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Get your Tumblr on with Trapeez for BlackBerry 10


Wait... We're still not going to have the same apps as everyone else but the ugly siblings? Trapeez, Angry Farm, Blaq. What happens if I want to interact with a non bb device? I guess rim still wants to play alone...

Don't blame RIM because tumblr didn't want to make an application for everybody that uses their services and prefers to blog on their blackberry. IT'S NOT RIM'S FAULT!!

Exactly. Also, no one has yet said there won't be an official app. We'll have to wait and see.

If you really want the app, then instead of bitching on here, contact Tumblr!

Official app will be there. How else does this dev expect bb10 people to sign up? You can't sign up on a third party app. No tumble website. And they certainly don't expect everyone who uses this to have an account from an iPhone.

FYI, BB10 will have the native Twitter app. As for Angry Farm, I have 4 of the 5 Angry Birds on my PlayBook and I assume they will carry over to BB10. Relax, there are over 100,000 apps coming for BB10 and more will arrive after the launch.

Not trying to be rude but how do you know BlackBerry10 will have a native twitter app? I was told t4bb would not be there at launch.

Uhh when's the last time you saw previews of bb10? It's been shown on the dev builds of rim employees for months now and they announced it would be there

...I see them as much as I see the twitter icon on my know the mobile twitter launcher.

Yes as another poster already stated stop blaming RIM. At least we have developers in the BlackBerry community that still wants to create apps to try and fill those missing apps for BlackBerry 10 devices.

Shame to the few that BLAME RIM for Tumblr's choice not to make their application available for both BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry 7. RIM DOES NOT MAKE THE APPLICATIONS, It is the DEVELOPERS that make them.

It's a long time we hear about the great team of blackberry that is working 24/7 to make sure all the big name's apps are going to be there at launch of bb10.

I said it many times before, for most of people blackberry it's not a religion it's just a tool box. If the tool box is missing tools why should I (and other people) keep purchasing blackberries?

We've been promised that all the big names are gonna be there - we'll see in a couple of weeks if it's time to buy a new rim device of move on to greener pastures.

As you point out, it is a toolbox, so what matters is functionality. (Do you know what brand of hammer you swing?)If this app gives me the same functionality as what the company app itself would have then who cares?? I have a feeling that for the first little while some of the smaller devs who know BB10 inside out (Kisai labs does) will be able to actually bring more integration and functionality making use of all the api`s and invoke functions possibilities that have been baked into the OS, and thus provide a richer experience for the user than a half hearted effort that perhaps a larger company built app could provide.

That's right I couldnt care if it's an official app or it's made by third party developer but I want to make sure that it gives me a full functionality - we'll see in about two weeks what's there and whats missing.

I would love to know who promised you that all the big name apps will be there.. I know for a fact RIM has teams working with & getting in contact with all the big app developers but like sooooo many others have mentioned time & time again its up to the developers to develop. I can guarantee RIM/BlackBerry is doing all they can to get as many companies on board but at the end of the day they cant force them to do so.. We've already seen or heard of some that are or already have made BB10 apps & from the looks of things there will be alot more to follow.. BB10 definitely looks to me like its gonna be a success.. As I'm sure you read or maybe you havent almost all US carriers are excited & impressed by the new BB platform & whatever companies decide to not develop for BB10 will be losing out on revenue.. I personally expect to see a lot of people switching back, upgrading to & first time smartphone buyers investing in BlackBerry 10 & if I'm right that will be a lot of consumers ready to buy & download a ton of their favorite apps.. Originally companies might have had their doubts about the new BlackBerry platform but as the launch date gets closer & closer its looking more promising & obviously the more platforms you build for the more users you will have.. Personally if netflix is there cool.. If not oh well, but thats just me & I know there are a lot of people that do use it & want it.. I just personally hope they have a good cross platform video chat app & all the good apps they have on the Playbook

When did tumblr announce there not making an app for BB10 and does it really matter anyway. Most people end up downloading alternative 3rd party apps anyway. For example for twitter a lot of people use tweet bot on ios and the developer of Trapeez and Blaq is a great developer so we should be supporting him as he supported RIM and BlackBerry over the years.


Complain that there are no apps. Complain the apps aren't made by the right people. Complain complain complain. That's all people want to do. 

Thank you to all the developers, for making apps for us. We appreciate all of your efforts and committment. 

Agree..factoid for ya..."those that do the most complaining are the same ones that do the least amount of work".... it's simple,the "feel sorry for me" crowd should stay with other devices.

RIM/BlackBerry should hire @jcarty & Kisai labs to work for them directly.. Great quality apps & when i actually got a chance to meet him @ the BlackBerry 10 Jam NYC Event he was a l real cool down to earth kinda guy who I think could bring some good creativity to BlackBerry apps

I missed the memo when Tumblr said they was not making a BB10 app. This looks great btw i wish they didn't cancel plans for BB7

I've been testing this on the PlayBook and it's a very good Tumblr client. So I don't quite understand what the issue is.

I use the official android app on my Playbook every once in a while and it's ok but I think I'd be welcome to something a little less glitchy. Not to say a built for blackberry official app is not worth striving for though.

Aaaaah maaaaaan, even though I am on board for BB10 I assumed that they would have an app for the 9900 series as well. Looking at their page for the notification signup it appears to now only be geared towards the PB and Z10...I guess its not biggie, but still....I was hoping to have it for my 9930 really soon as it previously made it out to be.

Whatever....go TeamBB

FYI - If you downloaded all 700,000 of Apples apps, and spent 12 hours a day, non stop downloading them, it would take you 5.3 years to complete this task. And that doesn't even include the time to use it.

Who in the world has this much time on their hands. Does anyone really count how many there are?

Why doesn't RIM just say that there are approximately 300,000 apps to make everyone happy?

Apple does that.

Damn you all! These apps articles for BB10 are making me wish I was Rip Van Winkle and could sleep until jan 30th.

I am very familiar with the iPhone app store. While having a huge ecosystem is good, you get a lot of apps for specialty things like teleprompters and varied games. You also have tons of flashlights and iFart noisemakers making up that 700,000.

I'd rather have usefull apps than a ton of crap.

I purchased Trapeez. It is a bit slow and laggy on my Dev Alpha A. I hope the UI is fixed and reworked using Native Cascades.

Otherwise, seems to work.

^ on my Z10 i can't seem to get the picture upload to work!! REALLY sucks because I purchased this app for that very reason.