Get Your T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900 Today?!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Jan 2009 12:57 am EST
 BlackBerry Curve 8900

Our BlackBerry Curve 8900 forums have been a buzz this week as some crafty CrackBerry Addicts and easily influencable T-Mobile reps have allowed for a few of our members to be among the first to take delivery of this next generation Curve. More pics of digital75's two 8900s after the jump. Could be we'll see this launch on all channels from T-Mobile sooner than previously rumored. What a refreshing change that would be for a BlackBerry roll out!

You'll want to start at the beginning and read through the whole thread. Congrats go to member clintonroche for winning the race! :-)

BlackBerry Curve 8900

BlackBerry Curve 8900

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Get Your T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900 Today?!!


I placed my order 10 mins after reading the thread a couple of days ago.. I cant wait to receive mines! Btw, thanks to slls and everybody who posted info!

Does anybody know how much this phone will b? I mean it doesn't matter I still want this phone bad lol. But on t-mobile site it just say coming soon. I'm curious lol. But yeah I've been waiting for a phone and this is the one I want 4real.

using the Jedi mind trick on the CSRs while playing CSR Roulette trying to find one to assist you in ordering! :-)

I could puke. I am 1 year into my 2 year contract, so I think I'd probably have to pay full price for one. BLAAAAAH!!!


If you sign-up to restart your 2 year time period, you should get about $70 off the price. Not a lot, but a decent discount from the full $500 retail price. I was eight months into my contract. I got the discount by extending to 2 years.

i just ordered my phone. paid 199.99+tax. they even waived express shipping. but here is the good news. NO EXTENSION. i am still going to keep my line without any restrictions or them telling me i have that long till i can leave the service. which i dont have problem with. T-MOBILE ROCKS. anyways. i m getting mine soon and going to love it like the older curve. i had it for about 2 weeks before i stopped using it. i just got out bored out of it. happens to me a lot. lets see how long i use this one. i feel like saying "HAPPY 8900".

Ok, I am dying for this phone. I have been checking the Tmobile website everyday to see if it has been released. Well I was reading all of your posts here and I decided to give it a try. I called and spoke with Cynthia from CS and she placed the order for the titanium 8900. I am so so excited. And I don't have a gov't or corporate account and NO discounts! Being Polite is the key!


Would you happen to have an extension to these nice CSR?? I really want this phone :)


What is the trick, I keep trying to order but TMO CS will not let me. Any suggestions on what to do, I qualify for the full discount too.

Congrats to Clint! I got mine a few days ago, and boy is she beautiful. I think I'll name this one HalleBerry lol :)

saw this article and got on the phone that day. Ordered it without a problem and it should be arriving today or tomorrow!!!

I was having issues with my old curve and was troubleshooting on the phone. I told the tech I was afraid to buy a new battery without knowing it would really fix the issue. I said I'd rather order a new phone if they would let me get the 8900. I am not a business customer although I am a "corporate" discount customer. They let me order it.
I paid $20 for next day shipping.
Had to pay $116 on my first bill. No credit card needed. Will see $75 on the next 3 bills. I will get $100 rebate when I get my forms processed. It is a sweet thing...........


Just ordered mine no problem. Took 4 different calls but finally got at CSR to place the order. They usually say "no" a nanosecond after you say "8900". Once she said she would look in the system I knew I was good to go.

I dont know how people scammed over CSR's to get the 8900. it officially releases for customer 2/11 and has been in our order system for like 2 weeks but we were told we are not allowed to order it only for business accts.. employees cant even order it