Get your synced RSS reading on the go with gNewsReader for BlackBerry 10

gNewsReader for BlackBerry 10
By Simon Sage on 18 Feb 2013 02:50 pm EST

Many of us have been chomping at the bit for a respectable Google Reader client on BlackBerry 10, and now we've got one. gNewsReader recently went live on BlackBerry World, offering Z10 owners quick and easy access to their RSS feeds.

Full read/unread synchronization, access to tags and individual feeds, starring stories, and swiping to next stories are all included, plus more advanced stuff like sharing to Instapaper, Pocket, and Readability. We'll see remote management of subcriptions in a later update. 

It's great to have something polished to access Google Reader with, though I'm curious to see which other competitors will make their way onto BlackBerry 10. In the meantime, gNewsReader is a no-brainer purchase at $0.99, especially for voracious readers.  

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Reader comments

Get your synced RSS reading on the go with gNewsReader for BlackBerry 10


Is this Built for BB or an Android Port. After seeing the Crackberry App, i prefer apps that are built for BB.

I've been a happy BeReader user on my Bold for quite some time, so I worried about not having a nice Reader client app on the Z10. In BeReaders's absence, gNewsReader hits the spot nicely. I would hope that a little more spacing is added in the list view, since it can be tricky to tap a specific item. I also appreciate having the built-in sharing options! I do seem to be missing the options for Instapaper and Readability.

If they're greyed out from the context menu, swipe down from the top and tap Accounts to log in to your various services. 

Ah, I missed that Accounts menu item. Duh! I've gotten in and set up my Instapaper and Readability accounts there. I should decide which I'm going to use and stick with it!

Now I just need an app for either and I'll be happy!

This is a great app, and the developer is very responsive so far. Pretty happy with this... I was also worried at first because I loved BeReader but I'm back to RSS'ing now!

I am the Author for the gNewsReader application and first of would like to thank the featuring it on the site and also to all the beta testers who made the app better with great feedback.

would like to clarify certain things
1. Current store version was first version of the port and lacks some features compared to beta (e.g. pocket/instapaper/readability sharing). the version is already in approval queue and as per other devs updates are getting approved in few days. so hopefully it should be out soon. the update will also have some important UI improvements as well as features like light theme and pull to refresh
2. The application is native application coded in Cascades framework. I am still learning the framework. the port was done very quickly so keep in mind that improvements are on the way. I still update the original Symbian/MeeGo application and I don't leave my app users.

Considering its early state, the app looks and works nicely! I would suggest some sort of progress indicator when an action is pending so the user knows something is happening.

Purcchased the app today but it will not set up. Hangs with a message waiting for google authorization. Any ideas.?

Thank you for the info and it is nice to see developers working on good quality applications for the BB10 .I purchased the application and looking forward for the updates.

At first I thought it said gNewSense (free software foundation GNU/Linux distribution), I had to read it again to ensure I didn't go nuts. :P