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BlackBerry Battery Door Replacements
By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Apr 2008 10:32 am EDT

If you're like me and you don't use a skin on your BlackBerry or protective films like BodyGuardz or InvisibleSHIELDs, the odds are after a few months of Use & Abuse your BlackBerry's battery door cover will start to lose its shine (the way I hold my device my index finger scuffs the paint off in no time... assuming I don't walk into pillars and just destroy the cover altogether).

In case this fits your description, the good news is we're now carrying a pretty large assortment of replacement battery covers in stock . We're still waiting on a few colors here and there, but have the majority of doors covered!  

Reader comments

Get Your Replacement Battery Covers Here!


On the Seidio rubberized battery cover, is the Seidio logo printed in white? The picture on your site doesn't show one but Seidio's site does.

Just checked with our store department. First shipment received (when the original photo was done) did not have the white Seidio logo.

Newer batches, as you pointed out, do have the logo. They're updating the store picture shortly to reflect this. Good catch. Thanks!

Any sign of a Crimson battery door for my 8310? I can only find them in a set of full housing, but my scratch is on the battery door.

Talked to our purchasing department. The Crimson 8310 doors are being tracked down..hopefully have them in stock soon.

That's one of the "missing colors" I mentioned.

Stay tuned! Thanks for the patience.