Get your race on with Ragged Edge 3D for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Ragged Edge 3D
By Adam Zeis on 19 Jan 2013 08:29 am EST

It's rare that I come across a BlackBerry PlayBook game that sucks me in as much as Ragged Edge 3D. I first saw it pop up yesterday but didn't get a chance to check it out until last night -- and I'm glad I did. The obvious comparison will be made to the old classic Wipeout, but Ragged Edge 3D steps things up and gives you an awesome race experience on the PlayBook. It brings things into the future and with the great graphics and sound, Ragged Edge 3D will keep you going for hours.

My first try I didn't handle too well - clanging my way around the edges of the track. Once I got the hang of it, things picked up and I managed to scrape out a few silver medals. After my first few races I hooked my PlayBook up to the TV in my living room and the experience was awesome. The sound quality on this game is second to none and I love it. I found myself lost playing for nearly two hours and I can't wait to get back at it later today. It's simple and addictive, and if you're at all a fan of racing games you need to give this one a go. You can grab it now for $3.99.

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I will give it a try! Looks nice, thanks Adam


Looks like WipeOut for the PSP, nice game


I may give it a try, also is there a reason why the comments are aligned to the right?


That first sentence made me laugh... At first glance I had to read it as: "its rare that I come across a blackberry playbook game that sucks."

Anyways... It reminds me of a wipeout xl on the pc from the 90's. I loved that game.


I refuse to get this game on principle. $3.99 it may be ok over there, but to charge £4.00 in the UK is a disgrace.


I agree, although it's not the developer fault it's RIM having a $=£ exchange rate that causes the problem.


Don't blame RIM. The developer set the price, which is obviously going to be the same across ALL known currencies. Nothing can be done about it.


Then the developer needs to be complaining to RIM. They've lost a sale here.


Why not? Supporting the developer will allow them to make great apps and games. Think about it.


Check the exchange rates and you'll see why. I resent being taken advantage of.


Perhaps additional taxes or service fees? It's hard to tell why there is a discrepancy but in the end, you decide what you're willing to pay. I do know everything in the UK is more expensive: food, general goods, electronics. Why, I don't know.


Its a great game but wish Sector Strike would come back so more people can try it.


Tell the developer! :)


Yes Sector Strike is awesome (not to be missed), but this game is nice too with interesting fast paced futuristic racing fun.


Is it in 3D as the title suggests? I doubt it and therefore, pass.


Holy crap people, DO NOT pass this up!!! SUPPORT THE DEVELOPER!!!


Thanks Adam Zeis for the nice review. I'm christophe Kohler, the author of "Ragged Edge".
Thanks all for your commente. Be sure they are useful for developpers and I'm reading everything.
About the price, I totally agree with you. The initial price was 3 Eur. I set it this way. RIM did changed it to upper price. I do not know why. I'm quite new on the BB scene so I do not have answer to this yet.
"Ragged edge" was initially done for Samsung wave (for a contest) and I'm now proposing it it on BB (for the 10K challenge). I hope people will support it, so that I'll be able to update the game. Time and money have just prevent me of adding some features like alternative control and online score sharing. Working on it at the moment.
Glad to know there is another 3D space racer coming. I like them :)