Get Your Love On With the Amour Theme From Elecite!

Amour Elecite Theme!
By Bla1ze on 5 Feb 2009 12:07 am EST

Got a sweetheart that happens to be a BlackBerry user as well? Happen to remember Valentine's day is just around that corner and unlike last year, ya don't wanna look like the chump who forgot all about it? Then Elecite has just the thing to save your sorry butt lol! They have launched a new theme called Amour, which should keep you out of the dog house if you play it just right. I'm gonna steal a quote from Elecite's own description on the proper usage of the theme to score maximum brownie points!

Best of all, the theme looks bomb with almost any wallpaper meaning you can change the wallpaper to say a gorgeous portrait of YOURSELF (lol) while he/she is sleeping for the perfect Valentine's surprise! The hearts will continue pulsate around any wallpaper (your face).

Now that's how you do it! This is a special Valentine's day theme and as such Elecite has priced it nicely as well. You can grab this theme for only $2.99, be sure to grab this one up quick as it's a limited time deal. And if you don't pick it up, no blaming CrackBerry if you're sleeping on the couch because your sweet heart saw this post and you never gave it to her! Supports 81XX, 83XX, 88XX AND 90XX Series devices!

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Get Your Love On With the Amour Theme From Elecite!


is this theme suitable for curve 8900? anyway, any idea when the curve will be available globally (ie official launch)??

No it appears as though it's only 4.5 and up. Might wanna look at the upgrade options available to you, I'm sure their are no carriers "stuck" on 4.3 remaining, at least not "unofficially" pending on what device you have their should be a 4.5 out there for you to get a hold of.

No themes are available for the 8900 or the Storm, the theme maker tools do not exist yet to make themes for said devices.
Not sure what you mean about a "Global Launch" US, Canada, Italy, Norway, Indonesia plus many other places have launched the 8900, How global were you looking to get?

@fan of fanboys
Refer to previous mentions of the tools not being available for theme makers to even make themes for the storm and 8900 devices, head to for more info.

My girlfriend changes stuff on my blackberry while I'm sleeping, and there's gonna be trouble...:)