Get Your Hockey Updates Quickly with Hockey Scores

By Bla1ze on 20 Nov 2009 10:23 am EST
Hockey Scores!
*UPDATE* - Appears only devices 4.6 OS and up are supported, sorry folks! - Read more

This one is for the Hockey fans out there that just want quick update access to all the NHL hockey scores. Hockey Scores is a small app that does just that and nothing more. In your hand and up to the minute scores from the NHL every time you open that app. Lightweight and fast, Hockey Scores is currently available for all devices and can be picked up in BlackBerry App World. If you are looking for a more feature rich application, you may wish to have a look at The Hockey News Mobile or Scoremobile

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Get Your Hockey Updates Quickly with Hockey Scores


The review says it's available for all devices. I went to appworld and it's not available for the 8330? *sigh* I really wanted this application. I use Viigo but it's too slow.

I just want a hockey app that will give me some decent fantasy numbers. This app would be perfect if it was also able to pull out some stats from whatever website it gets the scores from.

Hockey News has a memory leak and at least in the past was always behind on the scores.

Score Mobile is laggy and sometimes gets stuck on "loading data" forever.

an all hockey app, is great! hopefully in the future the can expand on this and add stats standings and such for just hockey, i don't like hockey news it seems behind and has a memory leak

Doesn't allow the 8330, but then I was thinking why do I need this app, when ESPN is fine or the hockey news or any site, plues you can actually get more info like goals, and pims.

I asked the maker if he could send me a link to d/l it somewhere else as it wont install for me. Dude wont do it so its for me!