Get your geek on with Binary Clock X

By DJ Reyes on 13 Apr 2013 03:49 pm EDT

If you're a bit geeky, like myself, you may want to check out Binary Clock X in BlackBerry World. There are a few binary clock apps to be found but I quite like the way that Binary Clock X looks. One thing about it though is that it also includes an actual digital clock which is a bit of a let down but I guess it caters to all by doing this.

The app has an explanation of how to read the binary clock, again showing signs of catering to all users rather than hardcore geeks. You also have the option to set an alarm through the app though I haven't made use of this myself. If you like variety, then you can also change the colour of the LED of the binary clock.

What I would like to see is the ability to turn off the fact that it shows the time in digital form too. There are other app that show just the binary clock but I prefer the way this one looks visually. Binary Clock X is available from BlackBerry World and it is free. If it appeals to you go check it out now.

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Get your geek on with Binary Clock X


Hi, I wrote this app and interesting in what is the meaning of dual alarm, could you please tell me more about this. Thank you :)

By the way, some more of my apps from BB World are worth to check:

Or you can grab some beta versions of some of my apps in the forum, please try and discuss about them. Most of my apps end with the X. Thank you.

I believe he means setting multiple alarms, such as one alarm for 7AM, then maybe another for 7:15AM, then another for 7:30AM etc.

It's possible, however, i guess i better create a separate application just to do so. I prefer simple app which only does what it's supposed to do best. Thank you lambique :)

It would be much better if it runs in the background and not on a active frame, and also if you could set it to the lockscreen, cool app tho !

Now that we have this gorgeous screen someone should do a remix of Nixie Clock! Had to lose it on the Storm due to....c' know it....Not Enough Ram. :)

I like the idea, but it isn't true binary. The first 4 bits can count to 15 not 9. Yes that makes it more complicated and I know what you are trying to do with it (each column represents a digit place in the 6 digit time, plus the leading 2 for AM and PM, I would assume) but it would be truer to being binary.