Get your gamer fix with iRPG from KD Themes - 25 copies up for grabs!

By Michael Hepples on 18 Aug 2010 09:02 am EDT

I'm an avid gamer, have been since I was very young. I've always been a huge fan of RPG games, wasting days on games like Final Fantasy, Zelda, and anything else I could get my hands on. This new theme, the latest from KD, brings back some fond memories of those days spent cooped up in my basement, Nintendo humming away contentedly in front of me. Modelled after the layouts seen in RPG games, the meters are on the bottom of the screen and duplicate the HP and MP bars commonly seen.  Highlighting the"Today Area"space will how the hidden today, and the icons have been placed in a top dock similar to the "action bars" in our beloved games. Clicking the "Menu" area launches a dedicated menu containing user-defined apps, and hidden hotspots for Clock and Manage Connections round out the homescreen function. Even if you aren't a fan of the classic RPG games, you'll still want to take a gander at this one, as it's a very clean, sleek theme suitable for any user. Currently on sale in the CB store for $3.99, as an added bonus KD has bundled this theme with his last two releases, allowing you to pick up two themes for the price of one. I've included links below directly to the bundles as well, should you be so inclined.

Contest: We have 25 copies of iRPG to give away! Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries won't count.

Reader comments

Get your gamer fix with iRPG from KD Themes - 25 copies up for grabs!



I so love RPG games! iRPG is outstanding! My friends have nothing but great things to say about iRPG :)

I so love RPG games! iRPG is outstanding! My friends have nothing but great things to say about iRPG :)

This is my favourite KD theme till date.I would love to add it to my theme pick me!!

Oh the good old days when nothing mattered in life but how far on final fantasy I was getting :) would love a copy

I made a couple of retro mario themes I can remember sitting in my room for hours on the legend of zelda. Older nintendo fan will remember blowing into the cartridge to get to work and put two games in the system just to play. Oh the memories

Recently acquired boxBerry and AeroCenter for my BB 8530.. Like your work and wouldn't mind get my hands on this one to complete the trilogy..

Awesome themes well done Crackberry for launching another great competition. Can I have one please?

not a theme person, but this one piqued my interest. never ran a theme on my 9700 before, so this could be my first :)

I'm not usually big on themes, but considering I'm playing Dragon Quest 9 as we speak, this is a must have.

Now if only someone would update the awesome PipBoy3K theme I used to have on my 8330 for my 9650. :(

looks nice I would love a chance to try it out so give me shot at it thanks CB for all great contest.
yall rock

Wow, I would of never guessed that when I played Secret of Mana many moons ago I'd be able to play an RPG on a phone.

I'm usually not one to notice themes, but this one caught my eye. I'd love to have a hitpoint/mana bar on my phone, haha!

I am the Theme King. People always comment on my BB cause I keep the coolest themes. This is the most rad theme to come out in a loooong time. The RPG layout looks well thought out and crisp- easy on the eyes. I am hopeful I receive a free copy so I can Spread The Word!!

As soon as the theme kit for OS6 is released, I will be attempting to port all of my themes to that new OS, but as of now there is no developer support in terms of Themes for the 9800 or other OS6 devices yet.

Wish I had time for gaming like I used to...this would definitely be a nice reminder of what once was :) I would definitley rock this and enjoy the feel of some nostalgia everytime I look at my Berry!

Mmmm RPG + Theme = KickA$$!!
Turn my life into a fantasy relm with my own display! Woooo
Wishing for the best on this one!

This theme is amazing - I'd say it reminded me of my childhood, but I play RPGs to this day. I definitely want a copy!

Been a fan of the genre since i was young and this theme comes up with the interface of RPG's ive played. I would Love to win this theme!

I would love to try out your new theme. I am new to blackberry 8530i and your theme appears fun. I think it is great that developers offer giveaways for users to enjoy.
Thanks even if I am not to receive a copy