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By DJ Reyes on 6 Feb 2012 12:44 pm EST

The time of year has come where I am once again commuting regularly. So with hour long journeys I need to find something to do during that time. There's a whole of list of things I could do - read a book, watch a show/movie on my BlackBerry, listening to music, sleep ... I could go on but I shant instead I'll tell you what I do first, I check out the news. Instead of picking up the free papers from the station and get my hands stained with ink, I take out my BlackBerry and open up the Sky News app. It's a great way to catch up with the news throughout the day too. What I love about the app is that there is video footage too. If I'm not too bothered to read through all the articles I can watch a wrap up video of the top stories of the day. Something I normally do at the end of the day (though there are individual videos for some stories). If I have a little more time, like I do on my hour long train journeys then I'll go through the different stories. There are tabs up the top to filter the news by ranging from world news to business to entertainment, even to strange news, some of which can be quite amusing. As well as that I can get a quick weather update too.

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Other features include the ability to share your favourite stories via Social Networking or BBM, though this is only through the Facebook for BlackBerry and Twitter for BlackBerry apps. I would like it to include third party apps as I don't use T4BB. You can also set your BlackBerry to alert you when Breaking News stories are published, for those who really want news stories immediately. If you want to share a story yourself, there is also the option to do so, for the times you find yourself in the midst of something interesting and news worthy. 

So if you're looking to get your daily news fix on the go, the Sky News app is certainly one I'd recommend. Plus it's free! It is compatible with most of the BlackBerry devices currently out there with OS 4.6 and higher and is available in the UK and Ireland.

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Reader comments

Get your daily news fix with the Sky News app


I picked it up when I was in the UK over Christmas, and it is a great little app, I'd been dieing to get my hands on it for months.

Shame that Sky haven't put the same effort into developing a Playbook app like they have with 'another' famous pad, it is an outstanding app too.


This is a great app for us BlackBerry smartphone users in the UK. I agree with the comment about a tablet app though; would be good to see a Sky News PlayBook app and to have SkyGo work on the PlayBook.

Don't touch this app with a ten foot poll unless you want a hackberry ! Thank you Rupert and James Murdoch ! The Murdochs did not take over Sky but still own a substantial portion, anything the Murdochs have a hand in is corrupt !

Just as a clarification, internal and recent police investigations at Sky News have proved, beyond any doubt, that Sky had and has nothing to do with hacking.

But way to go to try and spread rumours ^^

Could you please list all of the hundreds of companies worldwide which (in your opinion) we should avoid, thanks.


I wish a public company like CBC would make an app like this for Blackberry since RIM is a Canadian company and CBC IT guys are paid by the government at the first place.