Get your cowboy boots and hats ready for the gunslinging RPG Six Guns

By DJ Reyes on 5 May 2013 02:11 pm EDT

We recently saw the popular western RPG, Six Guns land on BlackBerry 10 and it wouldn't be CrackBerry if we didn't bring you a video demo of the game play. I don't often play RPG games but the free game from Gameloft was too awesome to pass up.

There are many missions to keep you busy, ranging in difficulty and occasionally encounter some supernatural enemies. You collect coins and stars after each completed mission that you can use to buy more gear to equip yourself and your horse. You can even get XP points and healing elixirs. 

There are 40 missions to discover, you can roam the wild west to find them. The missions range from stopping robbers, defending sacred lands and forts, and as stated, there will be the occasional supernatural baddies to tend to.

The gameplay is smooth, it's awesome and truly is the bomb duffa. What's more is the game is available to download for free. So there is no excuse no to load this up onto your BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. You can check out the video above for a quick demo.

Download Six Guns for BlackBerry 10

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Get your cowboy boots and hats ready for the gunslinging RPG Six Guns


I have this game. It is too much. Game loft out did them selves again 5star.

Posted via white blackBerry z10 without a case to show off the BlackBerry logo!

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If you want a case AND want to see the BB logo, check the CB store selection in the Skins category of Z10 cases for the iSkins Vibe case or Mobi Products S-Line or Soft Shell cases.

This is how you CB10, son!

I tried it, ummm I like the concept I guess I'm just not much of a gamer as I cant seem to control the horse?

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Awesome game, glad is available for BB10.

Btw DJ, do people ask you if that's a red iphone? Lol somebody asked me that today at the supermarket, I gave them a dagger looks.

Posted via CB10

Lol, no. I haven't personally but I know someone who has been asked that. She just laughed at them...politely :D

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First time I have watched a video of an action game on BlackBerry 10 and wow. I wonder how it would look output to a HDTV? Anybody got vids of that?

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Bobert, who's trying to prevent you from checking it out?

Sometimes spell check just makes things more confusing. Definitely vs. defiantly.

I did this with my Z10!

Love the game and it works great on my Z10 but I'm a little disappointed gameloft didn't make a multiplayer for us BlackBerry users like they did for other operating systems but it's free (as it was on other operating systems) so overall good game it reminds me of Red Dead Redemption, and im patiently waiting for Iron Man 3 and hopefully it's free for BlackBerry to

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

It's red dead redemption. And I've to be honest. Tried batman on the phone as well as NOVA but for me those games are too much control wise. Still looking pretty good for people who can handle this sort of game.

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Her review made me not want to try this game out, she should pull the video and work on making a new review! It was terrible. But the game looks good reminds me of red dead.

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More San Andreas and less Skyrim. A good game if the controls isn't so clunky. Vpad could use more work

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2 minutes 55 of talking crap about the shop oh my god!! typical woman that has shopping as highest priority shut up and do a review

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Downloaded yesterday. Played for a couple hours, battery felt quite warm. Played until low battery =). Today played again, but the game got repetitive. I didn't want to spend money, so couldn't buy cool upgrades.

The controls are also little wonky. Controlling the horse was very difficult

Oh well. I really wanted to like this game, but I fear I have to delete it.

Is it only me, when I play this game which is by the way really good, my Z10 gets uncomfortably hot, even the screen, the battery life also drops dramatically. For the battery part I can understand that the graphics are quite battery demanding but the heating is quite worrying. I have the same problem with the soccer game of Gameloft, I hope some updates could fix this overheating.
Otherwise this game is quite fun and I enjoy really the gameplay, it's a bit tricky to manoeuvre the horse and the cowboy around but I got used to it and I can now move the horse with one finger ^^

The sadness is that to play it on the go it's a bit hard because of its battery drain.

To conclude it's a great game, great graphics for a smartphone game, a manoeuvrability that needs to be mastered (tricky because of the "Quite small screen") but to play at home or not far away of the plug.