Get your Chi on with ToFu for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By Kerri Neill on 20 Oct 2011 11:15 am EDT

Growing up in my household, loving everything martial arts was a must! Having a father who studied the art and is a black belt meant I cut my teeth on Bruce Lee movies and the Kung Fu series (Deepest sympathies to my classmate Kansas, RIP Carradine). When I was browsing through App World last week, I ran across a game for the BlackBerry PlayBook called ToFu by HotGen Limited. While the name threw me off, the icon caught my attention. Was that really a piece of ToFu wearing a karate headband?!

To-Fu is the world's stretchiest martial artist. You join our young hero on his journey in the "Trials of Chi". The concept of the game is to stretch, ping, stick & rebound To-Fu off different walls and objects through 140 levels of  traps and machinery as you collect the gems and reach the "Fortune Kitty".


  • Unique Stretch Control: Stretch and ping To-Fu using nothing but your finger.
  • Controls that are designed exclusively for touch-screen. No buttons required!
  • Substantial Challenge: 140 unique trials for To-Fu to master and perfect. Hours of gameplay and replay value.
  • Booby-Traps: A plethora of obstacles to overcome: including 5 different surface types alongside an abundance of taxing traps.
  • Truly Universal Experience: A game for everyone: from seasoned gamers to complete newcomers.(Seriously, my 4 year old loves this game and actually does better on some levels than me)

ToFu is a highly entertaining game. I love the graphics and how smoothly the game runs on the PlayBook. ToFu is currently available for $1.99 and is definitely well worth the money!

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Get your Chi on with ToFu for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I havent checked the app out yet, but two things...I spy OS 2.0 on your PB and also...awesome desktop image of the Android panic attack....nice!

i was going to pick this up. Now I'm definitely going to get it. Awesome review and the gameplay looks not only unique but very smooth and full of colors; perfect for when I do my PlayBook demos :D

Awesome walkthrough Kerri. !!! i should buy this for she will love it!
Something off topic, do you have a pierce in your tongue ?? (im asking cause my GF she has one too and she has that sss on her voice what is funny)

Thanks for the walkthrough.

Lol no, my tongue is not pierced, I actually have a slight lisp that I can usually hide better.  I have this awful cold at the moment which is why it's so noticeable.

Awww that's all good, at one point in time we all get a cold, and i was so hoping you heave a pierce cause by the accent you have, I muSst admit iS ssssSweet! :D.

Hope you get reed of the cold soon.(last wee i just give mine to someone else, i had it for to long!)

Take Care!

ok.....that was monumentally stupid to ask then. That'll teach me to actually watch the video preview before asking, lol.

Thanks for pointing that out

We all have those moments trust me. I have noticed a glitch here and there opening apps on the beta. Sometimes I have to do a restart and then the app will open.