Get your BlackBerry's music pumping with the Loewe Speaker 2 go

Loewe Speaker 2 go
By Richard Devine on 13 Aug 2013 02:39 pm EDT

If you're serious about your music and looking for something to use with your BlackBerry, then the new Loewe Speaker 2 go is well worth a look. I first learned about this at a press event in Italy back in April, and now it's gone on sale here in the UK I've had the pleasure of spending a little time with one. The full review is over on iMore, so I'm not going to duplicate it all here, but it's worth highlighting a few things.

Because the Speaker 2 go has NFC support built in, pairing your BlackBerry 10 device is pretty straight forward. It uses Bluetooth to stream the music, so you can also pair it the old fashioned way if you need to. This isn't an impulse purchase item either. It costs £269, which is a lot, but it also delivers a pretty stunning sound. You can also charge your BlackBerry battery right from the USB port on the back, and use it as a speakerphone when you're on a call, though that experience is less impressive.

The full review has a more detailed look, but I've been using this quite a lot during the past couple of weeks with Easytune on my BlackBerry Z10 and the experience has been faultless. It's a lot of money to spend on a speaker, but I know I want one.

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That makes me sad. Try harder like this:


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Nice, the Bose Bluetooth sound dock is another great unit pricy as well @ CAN$359, fantastic room filling sound though

From the Zed of Rockivy


I can vouch for the Bose sound quality. Pretty sweet range of sound reproduction inside or outside. Lowes I haven't heard of before.

From my sweet BB10 Neutrino powered Z10 :D


I'd rather a beats pill than any of these as it cheaper and more mobile than any of these...

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I've got the pill and the sound is amazing for such a small and unassuming object. I believe this Loewe device is probably more like the Beats by Dr BeatBox which retails for $399 usd and the sound is unlike anything I have ever heard before in that type of package.

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For my ears I ran the pill and the Bose side by side with my selection of music and found the pill tinny, and the bass weak, the Bose was clearly the better unit, as for the comment on size this is a new Bose design and is much more compact than previous soundocks, even has a built in travel cover stand that when you close it it shuts the unit down much like a BlackBerry

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You understand that $40 panasonic htf-600 sounds better than beats by dre?

Bose is also a ripoff go on or other audiophile sites and see what they have to say...


"2 Go" maybe a Bose, but doesn't look very portable, a little big to carry around.

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CB needs a comparison review of these portable speakers, I'm currently in the market for one of these. I love the sound quality and suze of the bose but not the $350 price tag!

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For the price your getting some pretty high quality sound and a very well made unit, that includes the battery that lasts for over 6 hours

My choice hands down I've listened to quite a few and this is a great sounding unit

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I use the Jlab Crasher, it's really nice sound, very portable, bluetooth streaming for music and calls and can charge your device. Also comes with dual 3.5mm headphone jack if you don't have bluetooth. I think it's $100 but I got it for $45 on Groupon! Sweet deal! Also has a carrying bag and charger same as BlackBerry phones. Also is "indestructable", you can run over it with a car although I haven't tried that haha. They have video on their website.

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Also battery lasts 12 hours, I've never had it run out of juice on me and I used it for a few days without charging

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Just this weekend I purchased the Sony SRSBTX500 which is also an NFC/Bluetooth speaker with USB charging for phone, speakerphone. It also has bass boost and surround sound modes. Sound quality is great. NFC pairing was a breeze, and it also has a bluetooth standby mode, so you can use the phone to turn it on by simply selecting "Share On" and selecting the Sony speaker. The Lithium Ion battery took about 2 hours to charge and is supposed to give about 6 hours play time. I got it at Costco US for $179, which looks to be a steal, as it is on sale at Best Buy for $249, regular $299.


Well since second is taken ill claim first :D. Interesting. But I like the portable JBL version that has blue tooth as well. And actually pumps nice bass. Crisp clear and its circular tubed. So looks cool. But I suppose it's a space consumer so this may be ideal. Sigh if i could hook it up to my Klipsch or PSB speakers without going thru my preamp and amp I'd be in heaven. Oh well

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There are definitely lots of options for portable speakers at different price points. I have the Bose Soundlink and it is awesome. Pricey, yes, but the sound quality and battery life are both excellent.

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I like to have speakers like this However, the design is fugly. If they can make it look more elegant I would buy one. I like the portability idea of it.

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Is that a reverse oreo z10 by the way? :)

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Richard Devine

It could be ;-) if that's how you want to describe it! 


Many years ago I used to work as an engineer in the now long gone Thorn EMI group. Loewe products came our way now and then and were always summed up very stylish on the outside but poor quality electronics inside. Considering the asking price for this little speaker, I hope that's changed. There are numerous alternatives for less, I like some of the Creative speakers


Yeah. I had some Creative speakers in the past and they were good. I replaced them after 10 years of use but not sure now if it was necessary.

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Save your money and get either the jbl flip or jbl charge.


Here is a vote for the tiny logitech mobile ue. Quite amazing sound for such a small, portable unit. $59 on ebay.

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I personally have a Braven 625S paired (bluetooth) with my Z10. Great sound, charges your phone, and battery lasts 16 hrs (real world use). I use it at work and charge it about once every two days. $150 sonnnn!

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You guys should check out jambox. It's also really good with a Z10.

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Like the white back on the black phone, I wish there was more options than just white or black

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I have been using an old iPod mini (yeah, the small green metallic device with mono screen and white circular dial at front) with a B&W Zeppelin speakers for a few years now.

Recently purchased a BlackBerry Music Gateway and stream music away from my Z10 too. Isn't life wonderful?

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Chapis Walong

Mehhnn de blackberry Z10 is de coolest ever........can't beliv wat am seeing

J Johnstone

Bose sound link 2 is also amazing - got mine at a Portland bose outlet store for $215 (no tax in Portland) worth ever penny.

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There are so many options of BT speakers lately, it's hard to choose one. I've been in the market for one and always had my eyes on the Jambox but from research, I've read reviews of other BT speakers sounding better with a much lower price. I've read good things about the JBL Flip, may give that a try!

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Will this be available in the Philippines?

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:( Seeing the words BlackBerry and Music together in any sentence makes me sad. I miss that app.


Anyone mention the BlackBerry Mini Stereo?! It's a pretty good addition to my accessory collection...prerry good sound quality for my music and phone calls...unfortunately it doesn't pair with my PlayBook unless I'm doing something wrong

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Thie rry

Hi everybody !

Last week I bought my speaker2go ; sounds good. The pairing by bluetooth work perfectly but I can't read and activate the pairing by NFC; I must make it by blue tooth...

It's look like the nfc tag has no information or existence, because I try my Z10 with my work entry pass card, the phone responding quickly to say me that card is impossible to read or unless nfc information.

Some body can help me about this ?
Best regards.

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femi prince

Very good

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