Get your BBM on in our revamped BlackBerry Messenger Forums!

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Get your BBM on in our revamped BlackBerry Messenger Forums!
By James Falconer on 8 Jul 2013 02:36 pm EDT

Late last week we put together a revamped BBM section within our forums… We're calling it BBM Central, and it's awesome.

Within the new BBM Central Forum, you'll find something for just about anyone with questions or concerns about BBM. There's a General BBM Chat forum for starters, where anything BBM is fair game. We also have a few forums to help you discover BBM Friends, BBM Groups, BBM Video and BBM Channels. On top of that, as BlackBerry preps to launch on other platforms, we've put together a BBM on Android and BBM on iOS forum. It's all good stuff.

Take a few moments to dive in. If you're a regular BBM user, have questions, or just want to jump into the conversation, this is the best place to do it!

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I so look forward to seeing BBM on other platforms.


Sounds pretty cool
Look forward to seeing how big BBM will get.....again.

BlackBerry for life. Kick'n it with my Z10.

Section ThirtyOne

Bet you they launch it for iOS and Android tomorrow at the AGM.

(likely not, but would give the stock a boost!)


We can only hope. :-)


Am I right that BBM channels is only for Beta testers available? If yes, do you have any news on when it will be available as an update?

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Dave Bourque

just sign up to the blackberrybeta zone and you will have access to bbm channels by installing it on your device from that site.


I wonder how many million BBM PIN share threads will get started...


Every time a male gets horny, he will start a "BBM Freaks & Hos" thread. But then when he realizes that only other straight men are sharing PINs, he'll just go "hands on" and get bored.

Winston Loh

As usual, Crackberry keeps moving... sweet.

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Noel Navarro

BBM is currently not compatible with the Q10, correct? I still have no clue how to use the damn thing as I've probably invited my entire facebook friends. New to BlackBerry and would love some feedback as I feel I'm losing out on this function from BlackBerry. Greatly appreciated!

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Yes BBM works on the Q10, comes with the device. It doesn't automatically invite your facebook friends or anything shady like that.


Uhh.. BBM came preloaded on your Q10. I can say with 100% certainty, it's entirely compatible with the BlackBerry Q10 and no, it does not invite all your facebook friends. :)

Noel Navarro

I'm aware it came preloaded and was able to invite people on my contact list which is the majority of my facebook friends. But, how do I utilize this feature? I don't even know where to begin with it. AM I suppos to have friends who use BBM? Or what?

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Yes! In order to Chat and or message, you need to know other people that have a BlackBerry. Then they add you or you add them my way of your BBM pin. Go into BBM central, plenty of people willing to share their pins

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Noel Navarro

Thanks for the info.

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Type "mypin(space)" it'll come up with a bunch of numbers/letters (8 I think)

If you know any of your friends with a blackberry type "mypin(space)" they click on your pin and there is an option to invite.

Right now it is just on blackberry's but in August it will be on iOS and Android the majority of your friends will be able to use BBM. It is a better version of Whatsapp

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Yes, it has its own contacts for people with bbm.
Go to contacts, menu (pull the screen to the right), bbm, and then change the tab to suggested to see who else you know has bbm.
Click on someone and hit invite.

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Noel Navarro

I appreciate the assistance. Thanks!

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Something tells me the CB Team knows something about the BBM cross-platform launch... ;)

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Problem is once it does get announced there will be thousands of threads again of people posting their channel pins.

One downside to the BBM Channels. Spam spam spam and more spam.

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Does that mean CB will be launching an iOS and Droid App as well?!?

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There is an iOS CB app, at least for the iPad, where I installed it. But I like the one for BB10 a lot better.

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Agh, thanks for the feedback. Prolly shows my ignorance and loyalty. Both of which or chosen.

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Yep, and there's an Android CB app too.

This is how you CB10, son!


BBM / BBM Channel cross platform will be the best Social e-Commerce Brand Enterprise Messenger and most shared standard along with Facebook Twitter LinkedIn period !

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Well I see the reason why people complain about the BBM Pin spam . I guess it's just people reaching out to others to make friends.

This problem can be resolved by the suggested friends function in the BBM for BlackBerry 10. Hope this function will be extended to the earlier versions of BBM soon.

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BBM + Crackberry = meat market

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+1 = every other IM forum in the history of the internet


Bbm is great. You can give away ur pin# without giving away ur phone number. Great for hollywood actors like me. Hehehehhe

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At the start I hated the idea of bbm on iPhone and Android but now I can't wait. Hope BlackBerry gets access to more apps from Google for bbm.


Smart move!

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When BBM cross platform I will go to ios apple device. I own z10 and I hate it because heating so quickly and lack of performance and more. Why people buy blackberry device? Just for BBM? For me yes.

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omega supreme

to this day i don't quite understand the appeal of giving your pin # to i missing something with this messenger thing? it's like posting your phone number in public...why would i want total strangers hitting me up on my blackberry at random times of the day....god forbid i should update my status while at some concert and get 20 people asking me "how is it"?.... as it stands i have 2 people on my bbm (others have jumped ship over the years) at maximum i had 8 and they were people i actually know personally....i'm just dumbfounded how people are quick to post their pins in threads without a care in the world, like they are desperate to talk to someone or something...i just don't get it.