Get Viigo - Edition!!!

By Kevin Michaluk on 28 Feb 2008 12:40 pm EST

Get Viigo - Edition!!! WooHoo! Yet another present to the die-hard community. I'm happy to announce you can now download Viigo - Edition!!!

If you're not familiar with Viigo, it's basically the best way to view mobile content on your BlackBerry, allowing you to add and view RSS feeds from all your favorite sites.

This edition of Viigo features sweet branding and the default feeds for new users include the Blogs, Forums and Best Sellers from our store. If you're an existing Viigo user and want to download this latest version 2.2.86 of Viigo - Edition (show off your CB pride!), you can easily add in the new CrackBerry feeds to your existing account (we only had blogs in there before - forums and best sellers feeds are new).

The latest version of Viigo has a host of great new features, including the ability to add feeds from other RSS Aggregators (i.e. Google Reader) and the ability to search Craigslist! You'll always be able to update to the latest version of Viigo - CrackBerry Edition as new updates become available - and you'll want to be doing that in a few months time... Viigo's "Project Tango" appears to have some big things in store (can you HEAR what I'm saying?!). More screenshots after the jump, so take a look and download Viigo - Edition today!


Screenshots/Features Blogs
Viigo Does a Great Job of Displaying Blog Content
Viigo CrackBerry Forums
The New BB Forums @ Feed Provides a Quick Way to read Posts.
If you want reply/create new forum threads, you'll still want to use our mobile site.
It's located at
Download our BlackBerry Homescreen Shortcut and you can get
there in one click.
Viigo Features
This latest version of Viigo allows you to add feeds from RSS readers and
to search CraigsList!!! More sweet features on the way - keep your eyes posted on Project Tango.

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Get Viigo - Edition!!!


Viigo interface is nice, probably the best out there. However, the application sucks or the servers dont update their feeds fast enough.

agreed. definitely the best rss reader out there. I just hit Update Channel whenever I go back in and want to read a particular feed. I have a lot of feeds in mine so i would rathr just do that then have it always be connecting and redownloading. I just need the feed updated when i go to read it.

and the crackberry diggs look good on it!

We are aware of the issues users have been having with timely feed updates in Viigo. Our user base has grown exponentially in the last few months, and our servers have not been able to cope with the demand.

This weekend (March 1st) we are upgrading our servers, essentially doubling our server capacity and moving to a new facility with a fully load balanced configuration. During this upgrade, which will take place Saturday the 1st, between 7:00am and 4:00pm, Viigo article updates will not occur.

Once we have completed the upgrade, you should expect the performance issues to abate, and everything from feed collection times to distribution to improve.

Thanks for all your patience.

Mark Ruddock

Thanks Mark,

I just installed Viigo again and it is running great. The feeds are all current and reading the articles is a joy.

now all i need is the ability to find the .jad file so i can use it with my $15 email/pin plan and use the desktop OTA downloader :) anyone?