Free App: Get BlackBerry 6 Universal Search results for the CrackBerry blogs and forums courtesy of ShaoSoft!

By Kevin Michaluk on 8 Nov 2010 06:29 pm EST
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Undoubtedly, Universal Search is one of the best and most useful features of BlackBerry 6. A lot of developers have taken advantage of this feature and integrated it with their products. ShaoSoft has done the same, but for searching the CrackBerry forums and blogs. No need to go to your browser and search, just simply type your BlackBerry related query from the homescreen and select either "Search Blogs" or "Search Forums" from the Universal Search hits. The app is only 19kb and best of all its free!! So if you have a device running BlackBerry 6, head on over to the CrackBerry App Store and download it today. Thanks ShaoSoft!



Shao FTW! lol Love it


I like it and it doesn't take any really any space at all for us space minded 9700 os6 users.


Hey do you know if I can run 0S6 on my 9700 and when it'll be available?


it's already been leaked and many people are using it. it's available to the public as long as you don't mind using a leaked OS...


Hey did you notice that when you search 9700 in blogs you get a partially blank screen. I think the search link isn't working right. The forums search though works like a dream.

EDIT: Oh the blog search searches google in a frame like interface. Is that the best search crackberry blog has? I can do that using the google button from the universal search screen...


This is the most usefull thing to come out of Crackberry in ages! Wonderful!


So full of win.
Cheers dude


shao's beeen making some really good stuff lately....add this to the shelf bro.......great work


Another well thought out and useful app from Shao :)


WOW! I thought BB6 was just okay but now I really want it just cuz of this app!

Emu the Foo

that pic is classic. makes me laugh with that is being searched. need an official release now for att


Way to go Shao - very impressive app! I love it, thanks!


Just realized that if you click directly on the icon, it doubles as a Crackberry launcher.


I like it but would love two dif options to search the forums - one to "search forum post" and one for "search forum titles" (I almost always use the title search personally)...


Little there any way this could be adapted as a mini-app that would work under OS5.....Almost like using QL web search function, except it just goes and searches blogs/forums?


Thanks to everyone for your comments, glad you all find it usefull.


...I was hoping that it would show the count of the results as you type as most of the rest of the Universal Searches work. All-in-all, it's definitely a nice app, but I wish it had just a bit more. Wonder if it's a limitation of the feature? :-/