Get Two Free SmrtApps When You Get A SmrtGuard Yearly Subscription

By Bla1ze on 10 Dec 2009 05:11 pm EST
Get Two Free SmrtApps When You Get A SmrtGuard Yearly Subscription

SmrtGuard has just announced a great deal they have going on for their SmrtGuard application. Today and tomorrow when you purchase a SmrtGuard yearly subscription you get two of the recently annouced SmrtApps for free (SmrtAlerts and SmrtPhotos). Normally the apps would sell for $9.99 but now you can get all 3 apps in one bundle. The deal will not last long, so act fast on this one folks. Also, keep your eye's peeled for more specials from SmrtGuard. This is one of many planned for the month of December.



I used to use this back when they FIRST came out just about a year ago, but uninstalled it as it lagged a bit back then. Now I realize that the lag would have been worth the weight over losing a blackberry. My Work blackberry went missing yesterday and I didnt have an app installed like this. Now I get to be in big doo doo with my District Manager. Take it from me, GET THIS APP! If you dont loose it in the year subscription then awesome, but if you do, this app will really pay off. I am purchasing it now for my Personal blackberry to save me from being totally without.

So if you have a Corporate Blackberry (ESPECIALLY IF IT'S WORK OWNED O.o) it is well worth getting this!!!!!

linkkoriri, thanks for the recommendation! Hopefully you won't be getting the doo doo from the DM with SmrtGuard!


I liked smrtguard. I used the beta. However, I'm sorry, but the subscription is a killer for me. I only like the apps that have a one-time payment.

Roblock does the same thing as smrtguard, but it's not subscription.


I ordered the 1yr subscription, but the other two apps were not added to my acct? Was I suppose to add those myself? :S And if so how do I add them now?

linkkoriri, if you already ordered, we will send the codes to you. Use this link for the bundle:



Absolutely love the idea of SmrtGuard (after hearing of many of my customers losing their own BBs to theft or drunken nights at the bar) and would hate to share a similar fate. So, this is definitely on the Christmas wishlist, but I was just wondering if there was any way we could find out about the other December deals going on. Seeing as how today is the last day for this particular bundle, I didn't know if I needed to light a fire under someone to go ahead and get this today, or whether it'd be safe to wait it out.

Thanks a ton,
Future SmrtGuard subscriber


Thanks for the comments!

Yes, we are rolling out bundles of our SmrtApps -

As well as couple of other smaller bundles with the Semi-Annual bundle.

2 more weeks until X-Mas and 3 weeks until New Year. You bet we will be rolling out a few a week!

To get the bundle for the Yearly Bundle, use this link:


I have an 8330 with OS I got the SmrtGuard as I've used the trial and really liked it. I also downloaded the SmrtAlerts and it really seems to have made my Curve really slow to navigate around in. I uninstalled it and it seems to be running better. Maybe it's just my particular BB/OS combo.


If you are already a subscriber, are you eligible for this promo?