Get the Transformers: Age of Extinction game on your BlackBerry 10 device now

By James Richardson on 10 Jul 2014 12:36 pm EDT

While hanging around in the Amazon AppStore this week I came across Transformers Age of Extinction and was rather excited. Growing up with Transformers toys it only seems natural to be excited by this one. However, as with all Android apps that I download for my BlackBerry 10 device I didn't get too pumped up until it was loaded and working.

It needed a reboot and then I was stoked as the game really is a beauty - and free to download! You take on the role as a Transformer in the 3D combat runner style game. - killing and dodging the bad guys that are out to get you.

You will get a choice of character to play with however you will need to unlock these as you progress. When it comes to the game play this thing rocks. You have four main control tabs on screen. Over on the left is your jump and transform one. The latter allows you to transform into a vehicle, therefore letting you to speed past the enemy and to them - clever stuff.

Over on the right are your combat tabs - one to shoot rockets and the other will swipe your sword from side to side. Moving left and right is achieved by using tilt controls and this suits me just fine.

If you like action packed games this one is going to be super exciting for you - trust me. It's fast, great on the eye and all round carnage - one for the boys I would imagine.

Give it a try and see what you think? I used the game on my BlackBerry Z3 only. I'm pretty sure this one won't run on Q Series devices but if you try it and it works please sound off in the comments.

Autobots - Roll out!

Key features include:

  • Experience the First Combat Runner– Take down DECEPTICON enemies as you run and gun in robot mode or drive and dash in vehicle mode.

  • Gear Up and Roll Out! –Build a force to be reckoned with by upgrading your team of TRANSFORMERS characters to level up weapons, tech and abilities.

  • Wreak Havoc with GRIMLOCK! – Destroy everything in your path with GRIMLOCK as you charge through obstacles and enemies alike.

  • Jump Into a Hollywood Blockbuster– Experience suspense-filled Hollywood action with fast paced missions, destructive environments, and epic 3D effects.

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Get the Transformers: Age of Extinction game on your BlackBerry 10 device now


Yes, until you decided to be annoying and take 1st, 2nd and 3rd w/o adding any comments. Don't be annoying. :P

You shoe-ldn't do that!
I don't have any gaming expectations from the Q10, but loaded just to see if the OS loaded it ok. And seems that Android integration in OS10 has truly come a long way.

Frosty white Q10/

Glad to see you back to your game reviews. It feels like it's been a short while since you've done a few.
Keep them coming!

Okay sorry for that :(( I thought you guys aren't responsive that you won't answer my question of what kind of nike shoes was that...

Posted via CB10

Berryreview reported a few days ago that BlackBerry won't accept any more game submissions after a certain date they posted.
This is the future of games on BlackBerry, just hope the game controller support works well on Android games as well.

Frosty white Q10/

They reported that Scoreloop would be shutting down December 1, not that BlackBerry won't be accepting any more game submissions. There is still a future for gaming with BlackBerry. I think they are doing right to focus on their priorities and strengths to become profitable first. They can put more focus on consumer friendly stiff later. This android support will fill the void in the meantime.

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Nice. I'll download this one. I have downloaded a few games using snap and all of them usually work on my Z30 except for FIFA.

I was trying to download FIFA 14 on my Z30 using Snap.. didn't succeed. Tried 3-4 times but it would only download around 14mb out 1.2gb.

Did anyone else try downloading FIFA?

Posted via CB10 on my Z30

The movie already took a bunch of money from me in the theatre, horrible. Franchise destroyed my youth! Oh well. Hope game is better.

Posted via CB10

"Afroilliac, it's like a rap sack back pack, wick wick wack, give me some slack jack..." - Maestro Fresh Wes 1989

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Worked on Q5. Even though I grew up with transformers and really a fan of transformers, I got bored after a few rounds of the game. :s

Posted via CB10

It worked on my Q10 but not a small screen game need the bigger z screens to play better

Posted via CB10