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Get Tiltris Game, Free For BlackBerry Storm!

By Bla1ze on 14 Jan 2009 12:44 pm EST

Time to show all you Storm owners out there some love of course! BBWorld.info found this interesting game floating around on GetJar. As seen in the video it's basically Tetris with a twist, quite literally. Tiltris makes use of the Storm's built in accelerometer and looks like it will have you twisting, turning and ...umm... in my case, cussing in no time.

You can grab the download from GetJar's mobile site, using the access code 40256 for absolutely no charge. Let us know in the comments what you think about it!



Awesome. Will play with it tonight.


I have been playing around with this and it's a lot of fun. The tilt is very sensitive and shows how much resolution of movement you can get with the accelerometer. It's defiantly worth the download to have some fun before EA kills it for being a Tetris clone.


OTA install- wap.getjar.com & search for tiltris


I downloaded it and played with is some this morning, it really demonstrates how sensitive the accelerometer is. Surprised RIM didnt include something like that on the device. App works well!


This game really helps showcase the accelerometer. I like.


Just downloaded and I like it a lot.

The only thing is how do you close it properly (not the end key way)?

David Pollitt

Click the "Quick Download" and enter in code 40256 to download this to your phone OTA.


I like this game! It's pretty fun, plus it's free. It's quick and easy to adjust how your used to playing tetris. It's weird how it immediately starts when you open the program, but thats easily overlooked when you see that it's free.


Yea, that threw me off too but like you said it's free so hey!

David Pollitt

Click the "Quick Download" and enter in code 40256 to download this to your phone OTA.


I can't get my brower to download wap.getjar.com.

Please help? What I am doing wrong?



How does one get wap.gatjar to downlaod?


How does one get "wap.getjar.com" to download on a Strom?


For those who have successfully downloaded this game, we you prompted to enter the access code? I did not come across an option to enter the number. Will I get charged if I don't?


Yea, I would also like to know this since I didn't need to enter the code either...


@CBA_Bruin There are no charges to download this


i'm happy to see a game that makes use of the accelerometer, but this game kinda stinks. the pieces don't flip and spin as easily as they should, and it's a pretty inexact science to get them to land where you want, even though they have a grid set up to help the player direct the falling pieces.

still, it's a good start!


I dig it but I don't want it running 24/7. How the hell do I kill it? haha.. all I see is the option to "pause".


just lose the game by letting the pieces go through the roof. It goes back to the download folder when you lose. Not a very elegant way to end the game but it works.


hitting the red "call end" button will leave the game running. hitting the "back" button seems to close it down.


what a great game. thanks for posting, very fun to play!



Wow, look at that, its not 9.95. But I guess its no solitaire!


I went to the site and downloded it free without any code and wasnt asked for any charge info. The game is definitly a cool game and I love that it uses the accelerometer. Fun fun.


while the game is a little flawed, it is a free game, and a nice little timekiller. Its great to see some games actually using the freakin' accelerometer.


I believe... although I could be wrong... But is the left / right tilt backwards??

Edit: ok... restarted the game.. everything is fine. sorry


I like the free part, thank you. Just downloaded it and it looks fun.


I find it harder than the original ('cause rotating the pieces is not as responsive as a physical button)... but I am excited to see the use of the accelerometer, expecially -- as pointed out -- for free


the game is cool
but the address is wrong or crashed

i found it at http://wap.getjar.com


Not bad. A real nice Tetris like game for the Storm


love it.. but there's no sound like in the video.. and yes, my sounds are on!


the sound in the video is just a song added to the video from the original tetris game. Tiltris doesn't have sound.


This is a great demo of the sensitivity of the accelerometer. I hope this is just the beginning of games involving the accelerometer.


Got it. Thanks!! It's harder than I thought it would be. I love the challenge.


thanks good people of this awesome site for finding this great little free app for the best touch screen phone on the market today.


Seems to work well on the Storm, time will tell!


how do u even load this game its got a .jad extension??


I even did a search for it after looking at all the 9530 listed games & no go. I had to logon here to get the link that Swamp Water posted, copied & pasted into my Storm's browser & there it is.

Thanks for the direct link Swamp!



Level 7 after a few tries. Changing the rotation isnt as effective as with a button but def. a nice (free) time killer. Come on App Center


Don't think I'd be happy if I'd paid for it, since it lacks the speed of control offered by Tetris, but as a little mess around app showing off the accelerometer and touchscreen, hell yeah.

I would like to see developers make more of touchscreens in general though - there's the NES emulator for the iPhone that chucks a NES controller on the screen - lovely touch that.


I'd have to say I'm not very good at this game. The accelerometer is way too sensitive. Thanks for the link SW!


What a great program. It's a blast with the new twist of utilizing the accelerometer and free to boot. What a great way to show off the fun aspects of the Storm. Love the phone and love this site.


i rocked at tetris.. this is hard.. made it to level 7 after a few tries though.. glad it was free..


Sorry but i cant flip the drops around. Should the tap be set to specifics?


i actually liked the game, its not bad and it certainly takes a few minutes to get used to it but for a free game its really good.

so it works good but i do wish it would come with like a menu and more of a format instead of just jumping you straight into the game


Up until today, I was unhappy with what I thought was a slow to respond acclerometer. After spending almost an hour playing this game, Im very excited to see what other devlopers will come out with. It's VERY addicting.


and i love it, its better then nothing...i usually turn it off by pressing back button....any other interesting downloads for these storms? post em up thanks1


I updgraded to 103 and lost this. Tried to dl again and getting 40256 cannot be found... Any idea where I can get it again?


i cant open the site anymore... how come? :(


I tried all links, and finally tried the desktop download link from getjar.com (http://download12.getjar.com/downloads/wap/pub--1/40256/Tiltris_pc.jad). The application is "undergoing maintainance". Too bad! Maybe it's going to be a "premium" application we can enjoy and swear at for $9.99. :)


im so confused. i go to download it and it isnt working/ it says to either find or save the program and i tried both and neither are working for me =/


Im trying to get this game and I can not egt this game on my storm can some please send instructions. please.