Get these Ximad titles FREE for a limited time

Ximad Promo
By Adam Zeis on 19 Jul 2012 10:40 am EDT

Ximad is currently running a sweet promo on 10 of their top titles for BlackBerry. Now through July 28th you can get all of them totally free! The promo includes best-sellers like Aqua Lines, Bubble Birds and Brain Cube, so you certainly don't want to miss out. The full list includes:

Check out all the Ximad games in BlackBerry App World

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Get these Ximad titles FREE for a limited time


Most Ximad apps/games have two versions for BP, free version and premium, what you listed are the free versions, it's been always free and will be always free (not for a limited time).

This is correct, these games are littered with ads and would be free anyways.

The BlackJack one, which is the most appealing for an OS6 or earlier device (Bold 9780) has so many ads, you can't even get through 5 hands without it popping up, it's so non intuitive and has no hotkey shortcuts.

Unless you're dying to try these demos, I suggest users avoid these games, don't waste your time. This is not what I'd call a "promotion."

Why am I getting an error on every game, saying "This item is not supported by your current device profile"? Aren't these Playbook games?

My mistake, looks like "Brain Cube" is the only game that is compatible with the Playbook. The rest of the games are for the phone.

I think they aren't for sale in Canada..when I looked at RISK (for the EA sale) I couldn't even find the game in appworld.

Try updating your version of AppWorld because I'm having no issues whatsoever finding these titles on my Torch9800.