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Get these games free from Gameloft for a limited time

By Adam Zeis on 10 Oct 2012 01:37 pm EDT

Forums member ryshhh spotted this sweet deal going on right now. It looks like a bunch of Gameloft games are being offered up free in BlackBerry App World. We're not totally sure why or for how long, so if you have any interest in all you should get on it. Now. 

The games include Uno, Sonic Advance, Asphalt 6 and more. You can hit up the link below to check out the full list. Be sure to check out the forums for more discussion.

Check out Gameloft in BlackBerry App World
Discuss more in the forums 

Reader comments

Get these games free from Gameloft for a limited time


Seems like the countries that have it available for free are the ones affected by the EMEA blackout. No Sonic for Rogers in Canada :(

edit: after checking the other games, its definitely only the Sonic one that we don't get :(

Im a Newfy and its in the store for me, but alas these are all for phones not the playbook :/ says that my phone is listed but not my country. what a rip.

Compatible devices shows 9930, but when scaning the barcode, it shows as "unavailable for this device", anyone else seeing this? Verizon USA

Nothing on Telus Canada either...
Says unavailable for my Bold 9900 if I scan the bar codes for Asphalt or Sonic.

App World link says several are free on the desktop version of the website, when you go to your Blackberry phone or PlayBook to App World they almost all cost, I know this isn't CB's fault but what a crock....this post should be taken off the Blog...false advertising at it's finest here for sure.

There is nothing free in Canada when you search "gameloft" through the App World via the PlayBook. Everything costs.

More checking needs to be done by before publishing article. If indeed these are free, then we need more proof.

Not compatible with any blackberry anywhere by the looks of it. Guess they are not free either! Waste of time...Perhaps you can test first before publishing this type of thing in the future

The message is a little misleading when you scan the App barcode in App World. It says my device is not supported even though it is - the real reason is my country is not supported. Eg. these apps are not supported in North America as far as I can tell.

how can you put out games for a phone that is made in Canada but yet exclude us from getting the games. I check the country compatibility list and literally everywhere else on earth is available except Canada. seriously, do you not want to make any money or get your name as a quality game maker out there. sheesh. this is whats wrong. guess its time again to look up a proxy server and get it that way.

'The Item is not available for your Device Model, Device OS, Carrier and Country combination.'

Yeah? So why does the game (Asphalt 6) show in App World for £3 on my phone and free on the screen before App World?

Boo to Gameloft - what a crock. Obviously not available in the UK, or most of the world, so why list them as free?

List of supported countries from the AppWorld listing of Asphalt6 :

Algeria Australia
Bahrain Bangladesh
Botswana Brunei
Cambodia Central African Republic
Chad Congo
Congo (DRC) Egypt
Fiji Islands French Guiana
Gabon Ghana
Guinea Guinea-Bissau
Hong Kong SAR India
Indonesia Israel
Jordan Kenya
Kuwait Lebanon
Lesotho Macao SAR
Madagascar Malawi
Malaysia Mali
Mauritania Mauritius
Mongolia Morocco
Namibia New Zealand
Niger Nigeria
Pakistan Papua New Guinea
Philippines Qatar
Rwanda Samoa
Saudi Arabia Senegal
Singapore South Africa
Sri Lanka Swaziland
Taiwan Thailand
Togo Tonga
Turkey United Arab Emirates
Vanuatu Vietnam

They should clearly state if these offers are for the smartphones or the tablet and not just say for the Blackberry. That's misleading and lazy.

Where are productivity applications to make the BlackBerry PlayBook the "world's first professional-grade tablet?" If I wanted a portable gaming console I would have bought a portable gaming console. Hey with the breast photograph on the front page of this website can we expect more "adult" entertainment?

So why does Sonic show compatible with the 9850 online but when I scan it with my phone App World says "unavalable for this device"? Additionally, why do some apps list the 9860 and not the 9850??? Totaly not feeling the love with my torch, should have gotten the 9900...