Get Tetherberry for 50% Off - Today Only!

By Adam Zeis on 30 Oct 2009 01:46 pm EDT


Today the CrackBerry Deal of the Day is a great application at a great discount. Tetherberry made its name offering an easy and affordable way to tether without the need for extra services or carrier fees. The application usually sells for $49.95 which is a turn off to some users, but today only you can get Tetherberry for only $24.97 - thats 50% off! This is a great discount if you've been contemplating pick it up but just haven't pulled the trigger. I've been using it on my netbook since release, and I must say there is no easier way to tether. Just install the app on your device and PC or Mac and you're set. Head over to the CrackBerry App Store to check it out.

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Get Tetherberry for 50% Off - Today Only!


I installed TetherBerry to see if the connection speed was better than my T-mobile Dial-up network , well it seems that tetherberry installs it own custom network driver and dup's a dialup connection , this really screwed things up because after checking the speed (that was really slow 103 bps) I went back to my T-Mo network (115.2 Kbs) I was getting "error 692 Hardware failure in the modem or connecting devise" I had to uninstall the two dialup network connections and the Desktop manager , reinstall the DM and recreate the T-mo dialup connection ,what a pain in the you know what. After is all said and done I am back online So I would recommend that TetherBerry be tested on all servise providers before it claims to have speeds up to 1800 Kbs (yeah right) and to advise it users of the changes it makes in your network settings (maybe I missed that part) before being updated and released again .

Well thats my rant Please correct me if I'm wrong

This is a great way to connect to my laptop and works very well. The sale price offered here is a unbelieveable deal. What sucks is I purchased my Tetherberry app a few weeks ago and had topay full price. If I would have known this was coming, I would have waited like I'm sure some others would have also.

I logged in, and decided to take advantage of the half off deal. I clicked the Paypal option, and it offered me a $25 credit if I used Bill Me Later (in conjunction with Paypal). This is a super deal, effectively making the purchase free! I'm not sure if everyone is offered this via Paypal/Bill Me Later, but if it is, this is a SUPER deal!

Bill Me Later is a credit account that you can use to make purchases. CIT Bank will review and consider your credit report and other credit related information prior to approval. Credit worthiness is determined by CIT Bank.

19.99% APR

so does it take place of the carrier software. as it would seem that tethering has been discontinued unless tethering is subscribed too.

I would love this product but has anyone used it with Verizon? Will Verizon charge you their fee as well? will this product just bypass Verizon and allow me to use the service even though Verizon locks it and you have to pay to have it unlocked to use it through VZW??? Please if you are to comment on this, please have experience with VZW and not just guessing or surmising please.


But you are basicly breaking the contract you have with verizon.. somewhere in the fine print is say that you will not use there internet to run any said app that would abuse there network.. etc..etc.. They want you to use there paid services... Tetherberry will work though around there tethering nextwork.. The data that is used comes out of your unlimited data service.. the only way that they would know if you were tethering or not is if you abused the power and started downloading movies and lots of music.. I have had tetherberry for sometime... works very well... with 5.0 internet improvements.. tethering is sometimes faster then my comcast.. there is an issue with DM for mac and tetherberry not wanting to work together.. but works just fine on a PC.. So as long as you keep your usage low..(you can tell... there is a window that lets you know Bytes sent and recived.) and dont go asking verizon if it is cool if you steal from them with tetherberry instead of buying there 5gb capped tethering service.. verizon will be non the wiser... But Tetherberry is worth the 50 is normally sells for.. so half off is a steal.. especially if that paypal credit is liget.. I think it ment that you were getting charged the 50 right off.. then you will be credited the 25 bucks, making it half off.. hope i helped...

I just bought my first blackberry (storm 2) on verizon 2 days ago... I have an Apple MacBook Pro running Leopard.. will this work? I'm running the os 5.0 on BB and i have the desktop manager installed on my mac. I would love to buy this if it gets around extra charges from my carrier... but will it work!?

I already tried setting up tethering through Bluetooth and USB, but couldn't figure either one out. Any advice?


I just downloaded the Free Trial and it all works perfectly, all you do is install on Mac & Blackberry, open the application in your Mac, connect, and internet is up and running. I'm buying this right now! The speed is not bad at all either

Looks like I got it free too when I used PayPal & Bill Me Later... $25 dollar credit from Bill Me Later... Awesome... used this on trial basis when I was outta town... saved me a heck of a lot on hotel wifi charges... woo hoo... great app... and I work on a MAC... I will uninstall Desktop Manager if I have to so I can use this when I'm outta town... Love it!!! Thanks Tetherberry!!!

Verizon cannot block access to a specific application unless they want to get the net neutrality folks coming down on them.

Verizon blocks dial-up networking. This just uses your phone's existing connection and runs an app on your phone that funnels the data to your computer. As far as your carrier is concerned it looks like you are just browsing the web on your phone.

Once again, this is NOT the same as setting up a connection manually on your computer.

I've gotten close to 1Mbps but nothing really over that. Still great for on the road. I streamed Hulu for 7 hours on a road trip with no problem.

I don't see it either.

Are you using Crackberry to purcahse it? And how to you use paypal(bill me later) to checkout??

I clicked the link through the CB site, and when it brought me to the payment options, I selected Paypal. After logging in through Paypal (yes I have a verified account with them) a pop up showed the offer.

I'm guessing if you already recently took advantage of this of this offer, it won't be offered again--but I don't know this for sure.

**I don't know how they are deciding who to give this offer to.

I just bought it a week ago, for full price... I love it, but wish I had waited...

Who knew... Oh well, still worth the price.


It is pretty easy with this app, but Windows 7 makes it really easy to tether without 3rd party app. Most can figure it out in XP or even on a Linux distribution. PM me and I can help.

Windows 7 + Bluetooth = Tether free in about 90 seconds. This doesn't even support Bluetooth.

P.S. I actually bought Tetherberry for $49.95 a few months ago, used it, and it works as advertised. However, once I found out that Windows 7 can do the same, over Bluetooth (all for free!), with about 4 clicks to setup everything up, I uninstalled Tetherberry.

tethering does not work for sprint anymore as they cut off the users using DUN connection recently

Tetherberry uses the phone's data plan instead of calling outbound

So they have blocked the APN you were using. Change the APN to what they are now using in the modem string.

has anyone tried using the bb desktop software also. version 5.01 has the capability. but it don't list sprint or vz. someone needs to list the protocols to put in. if anyone has it.

i'm guessing this software goes around the carrier. since one of them USED to include in the plan but not it's been discontinued and i actually have to pay for service if i still want it.

According to their forums you can't have the new Mac Blackberry Desktop Manager installed because it causes a "failed to load" interface issue when trying to run the desktop application.

I ran into this problem with the free 7 day trial.
I'm pretty sure they will be able to work out this bug eventually though.

If I install on my Storm and later buy the Storm2, will I need to purchase again for my new phone? Thanks in advance for any help on this.

You get a Tetherberry account when you purchase/register. You can just change your PIN by logging in.

I have been using Tetherberry for 6 months now with no problems, I have a Tour with Verizon. I was using it when I had my pearl and no problems there either. As long as you DO NOT DOWNLOAD MUSIC AND MOVIES or other large files you will be ok. I use about 2GB a month and have not heard a peep from Verizon.

This is a great deal - got mine for half off when I didn't win one of the 1,000 giveaway a few weeks ago and emailed a special deal. Worth every penny!

...Desktop Manager 5.0.1 with built-in and free tethering is easiest, fastest, and freest. ;) No interest here.

They obviously realise their days are numbered now BB Desktop Manager has this functionality built in for free. Paying $25 for this now is just not worth it - I think they will be struggling to get people paying $2.99 for this now.

I connected my BB to BB DT, selected my carrier and hit the connect button - cost $0. Simpler than downloading and installing Tetherberry and faster too.

i was able to purchase this on my phones browser and it only charged me 12.49 instead of 24.97. odd but a great deal!

i just went to on my blackberry browser. I dont know what happened but i even clicked empty cart to see what was goin on and readded it and it still showed it for 12.49 so i purchased it.

Well hot damn! It's doing it for me too! I didn't want to get it at first, but for 12.49, you simply can't pass it up. Thanks for the find!

The reason this is half price is because it's pointless. You have ALWAYS been able to tether your BB for internet access over your carrier APN. A simple AT command string in windows device manager is all it need - this is all the app does, but with a 'let the idiot set it up' GUI.
Desktop Manager now offers the 'let the idiot set it up' feature too (another reason why this app is half price). Wait another month or two and the price will half again, because it is redundant.
This has always been waaay over priced for what the app actually does behind the scenes. Apart from the GUI, there can't be more than 50 lines of code behind this. It's just plain idiocy that some of you were willing to pay $50 for something that takes 2 minutes to setup for free.
CB would have a simple guide to the manual way of setting this up....if they weren't making commission off this 'exclusive to retards with too much money' app.

It isn't pointless to the people whose carriers block all ability to tether other than this way. Case in point, Verizon: It is literally impossible to tether without them knowing because you need a username and password (from what I have read).

Dude, this app isnt doing any crazy or secret hack. I am not with Verizon, but if they use a username/password, then the app knows what they are because they are in the public domain. If the app can use them successfully, so can anyone else regardless of the how they decide to set up the connection.

The username and password are customer specific, meaning they can track all usage, which would mean you might as well pay for the tether package ahead of time so you don't get charged like hell.

This app doesnt crack any passwords. It sets up a simple connection that can be done manually. There's no 'behind the carriers back' connection going on here.

For some carriers, it is behind their backs. With Spring and VZW they both block any ability to tether unless you use their software and pay for the plan. What this software does is ports the BB internet connection through to your computer, and disguises it as internal traffic, not external which any other form of tethering is classified as.

I really hope this isn't true. I just spent a week using the free trial of TB and part of that time I was downloading the new DM and OS 5.0, which equates to hundreds of mb. If I get nailed i'll be so pissed.

Actually it does. This does not use a dial-up connection. It cannot be setup up manually. All your carrier sees is that data is being sent to your Blackberry. When you use the DUN connection you cannot hide what you're doing.

Do a little research on how it works and you will see that this connection is very different than creating a manual DUN connection.

This does not use the APN. It requires your carrier apn BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT IT USES.

2 reasons:
1. Tetherberry support have told me if I cannot connect it is probably because my carrier APN details are incorrect.
2. The PDP context with my carrier APN is initiate during the connection establishment.

Please enlighten me as to how you believe this is using the APN, and where you have found proof.

Do a little research clexman, and explain your "connection is very different" statement.

I have had Tetherberry for a few moths now and I must say that it works really well on Bell! Speed is really fast, surfing is no problem! At $50 it is a great program considering Bell & Rogers charge $30/mo for a stick; Tetherberry at half price is a must have application! Free surfing on your laptop at great speeds! Very cool indeed.

Went to buy it only to find out it's not on sale... Still well before Saturday on the west coast.


Same here, planned on purchasing this when I got home from work when I logged in to make the purchase it was no longer available at the sale price on the west coast Thursday evening. Very disappointed...

Why do I need Tetherberry when I can easily tether a Blackberry using the Blackberry Desktop Manager?

Exactly what does tetherberry do that can not be done with the 5.0.1 DM update? I'm just curious because I can not get my Sprint Tour to connect after downloading and installing the new update which is probably leaving tetherberry as my only option!?!

i think the people who purchased Tetherberry are just justifying the purchase regardless of the fact that what the app does can be dont manually and for free. No one wants to admit to being a fool/sucker. DM 5.0.1, Windows 7 Bluetooth, Windows XP, Vista manual DUN... save yourself 25-50$

This doesn't do a DUN connection. It also works while roaming internationally and while using various SIM cards. I used the DUN connection on windows for years until Sprint just blocked it. TetherBerry gets around this.

You will be the fool/sucker when you try to use windows for DUN on a Sprint phone or while roaming.

A lot of people are stating this can be done without tetherberry. Instead of repeating yourselves, can you please explain how? From my understanding DM 5.0.1, Windows 7 Bluetooth, Windows XP or Vista manual DUN will not hide tethered status. Please explain.

DM 5.0.1 = connect your phone to your laptop via usb cable load DM input you device pass if you have one then select IP Modem then select your provider from the list and the Connect.

Windows XP/Vista = connect your phone to your laptop via usb cable. Go to Control Panel - Network and Sharing - Setup a Network Connection - Connect to the Internet... follow the steps from there

Windows 7 = Similar to above but you'll have a bluetooth option "if" your computer has bluetooth

Please excuse my ignorance, but how do any of these methods prevent a carrier from knowing the data is tethered? I can not speak for DM, but using a USB cable or Bluetooth and connecting to the Internet will require me to input my account name ( and password. Based on this my carrier will know that I am tethered and charge me above my device only unlimited plan.

You should note that the above steps do not work with Verizion or most Sprint accounts. It used to, but those days are over.

TetherBerry is the way to go for Sprint & Verizion.

I simply tried everything.

1. Direct USB tether to PC (X)

ID = 'your 10 digit phone #'
PW = 'your 10 digit phone #'
Call = #777

Result = Tethering was successful, however it only connects me to the Verizon website and tell me to subscribe for the Mobile Broad Band Connect Plan.

2. Bluetooth tether to PC (X)

Result = Same as above.

3. Destop Manager 5.0.1 (X)

I have tried all kinds of DM 5.?.? (whatever) versions those are on the internet, however, as soon as I pluged my Verizon Tour, the 'IP Modem' option disappeared.

Result = IP Modem option is not compatible with Verizon Tour.

4. Window 7 (?)

I did not have a chance to test it; I assume it will give me the same result as number 1 or 2.

5. Tetherberry (O)

I just purchased yesterday, speed range is 256kb/sec.
Not bad; I mean, I am happy as long as it tethers.
I tried site; they charge the same.


That's it. I know all wireless companies other than Verizon can tether their PDAs to PC or Macs for free (Verizon works too, just they make you to sign up for the tethering feature which costs $15 or $30 per month).
If you have Tour with Verizon, trust me, you will need this program to tether for free.

I purchased tetherberry because we were going to be traveling and I didnt want to pay the 10 dollar per day fee at the hotel for internet connection. It works awesome! Connect the phone to the computer and you have internet access as long as your smartphone has bars with this simple program! Its a steal at half price. I also missed this posting, but sure it will be available for purchase again. Im going to gift it to my daughters next opportunity! GREAT PURCHASE!

I installed TetherBerry to see if the connection speed was better than my T-mobile Dial-up network , well it seems that tetherberry installs it own custom network driver and dup's a dialup connection , this really screwed things up because after checking the speed (that was really slow 103 bps) I went back to my T-Mo network (115.2 Kbs) I was getting "error 692 Hardware failure in the modem or connecting devise" I had to uninstall the two dialup network connections and the Desktop manager , reinstall the DM and recreate the T-mo dialup connection ,what a pain in the you know what. After is all said and done I am back online. So I would recommend that TetherBerry be tested on all servise providers before it claims to have speeds up to 1800 Kbs (yeah right) and to advise its users of the changes it makes in your network settings (maybe I missed that part) before being updated and released again .

Well thats my rant Please correct me if I'm wrong