Get a refurbished BlackBerry PlayBook for $150 today only!

16GB PlayBook Deal
By Adam Zeis on 21 Jun 2012 12:08 pm EDT

If you're in the market for a BlackBerry PlayBook, you can grab a refurbished 16GB model today for just $149.99. is offering up the tablet as their One Day Deal today only. It's rumored that RIM will be discontinuing the 16GB PlayBook in the near future, so this is your chance to stock up. The PlayBook comes in a retail box with a 90 day warranty, so overall it's a pretty slammin' deal. Hit the link below to get one while the gettin' is good!

Grab a 16GB PlayBook for $150

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Get a refurbished BlackBerry PlayBook for $150 today only!


In US, shows $139.99 for refurbished 16GB PlayBook. The new PlayBook is $199.99. I just purchased the refurbished one from for $149.99 (free shipping) because they offer 90 warranty including technical support. I've never purchased a refurbished product so we'll see how this goes.

Great find, though I don't know what to say about the $30 difference in price between these refurbished units and the current price for the mini keyboard accessory.

Wow! And I see that the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard w/ Convertible Case for PlayBook which we couldn't buy yesterday for $109.95 is now not available at the new, higher price of $119.95. Soon, they'll not be available, at a price higher than the PlayBook itself.

How weird -- current products cannot be purchased, but discontinued products can. BlackBerry: Marching boldly into the past!


They need to make $1 billion by the end of 2013, looks like they are going about this any way they can. It's all starting to add up now, take it any way you want.

well, if they were to deliver a product they supposedly released *three months* ago, it would be a start. it's kind of tragically hilarious that yesterday they offered the case/keyboard for $109.95 -- but they didn't have any. today, the price to not get one is $119.95. if they don't have any to sell, doesn't matter what they're charging.

would be nice if crackberry were to cover the blackberry world instead of pretending that all is well when it is clearly not.


True word, it's called DRAGGING THEIR FEET, which has become their downfall, taking too damn long to do what they are doing and getting kicked right out of the race, we will see, still trying to hang in there, BUT.

Glad I saw this last night. I ordered one for my wife. I'm tired of watching her struggle to see her iPhone screen while surfing. And, it may keep me from upgrading her to the newest iPhone for a few more months.

I really wanted a 32 or 64gig but at that price I couldn't pass it up and had to jump on that deal. So I'll be joining the fellow crackberry playbook owners on here soon as it hits my doorstep!

Wish I had seen your post before today. Just bought a refurb 32GB for 159.99 from today. They come with a 90 day warranty.