Get Ready for a Wicked Week of Coverage - CrackBerry Goes to BlackBerry DevCon 2011!

By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Oct 2011 08:20 pm EDT

CrackBerry Coverage goes to San Francisco this week for BlackBerry DevCon 2011!

This is it folks... the CrackBerry team is live on location in San Francisco this week for BlackBerry DevCon 2011. We'll be blogging hard bringing you back all of the coverage, so be sure to keep it locked to this week. Things kick off tomorrow (Tuesday) morning with the general assembly keynote, and we've got a lot of high hopes coming into this one. We already have a pretty good idea of what RIM is working toward these days (QNX phones, Tablet 2.0), so tomorrow we'll hopefully get some good insight into just how far along they are. I'm hoping for some surprises too.

What We'd LOVE to See Tomorrow: QNX Developer Phones we can play with, Tablet OS 2.0 (or BBX 1.0) ready for download on our consumer PlayBooks (w/ Android App Player and native email), the BBX NDK available to devs and I'd kill to see the white Bold 9930/9900 get unveiled. I've already seen a couple here floating around with RIM people... NEEDZ to have one.

What We Expect to See Tomorrow: My gut says we might see a QNX phone make an appearance on stage, but I'm doubting we'll get any hands-on time with one. I don't get the impression that Tablet OS 2.0 will get pushed out to consumers tomorrow. But knowing that attendees at the conference are getting PlayBooks, and that it's a Dev conference, I'm thinking maybe those conference PlayBooks will have 2.0 "beta" on them for devs to work with and put to use. As for the white 9900, I'll do my best to try and steal one.

TALK OF THE SHOW: Guaranteed it'll be the BlackBerry PlayBook I'm rocking on a gold chain. Check out the welcome video above to get the deets on that one. We'll follow up later this week with a do it yourself video :)

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Get Ready for a Wicked Week of Coverage - CrackBerry Goes to BlackBerry DevCon 2011!


Do you think that RIM will not announce the PlayBook OS 2.0? It's because of the Innovation Foorum seminars? RIM needs to launch that soon before it's too late I think...

If they have a beta software available, they might as well release it. It isnt like they have millions of Playbooks out there. The longer they wait, the less people are interested in anything the company pushes that is incremental. They have to realize they are competing with the ice cream sandwich announcement.

THEME BUILDER 7??????????????????? WHERE IS THEME BUILDER 7????????????????????????????????

I WANT THEME BUILDER 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You go boyeeeee.

Aside from the awesome reporting for us poor souls that won't be there, your Mission Impossible (cue theme music) is to make sure they release OS 2.0 before you leave. Make it happen!!!!

Can't wait to see the new qnx future phones ....they need to show us that bb still got it ...woopp woop can't wait for the blogs tomm :)

im pretty sure the playbook chain is the guy from the fanboy (contest video1# Go hard for the brand)'s idea .. seriously Kevin you should give him props.

total props go to marco for inspiring this one.. effen brilliant! he's out here this week, we're gonna do a dedicated video to it.

kevin, that pb on the chain is hilarious! i think you've inspired my halloween costume this year.

a modern take on the teletubby? lol