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Get ready for the NFL season with these great BlackBerry 10 apps

The NFL season is almost here! Time to get your game on!

By Adam Zeis on 30 Aug 2013 03:30 pm EDT

The countdown is on until the 2013 NFL season kicks off and what better way to stay in the loop than right from your BlackBerry? Thankfully there are a bunch of great apps that can keep you in the know all season long no matter what team you support. From live scores to highlight videos to instant alerts - you'll be covered from all angles.

Check out our list of the top NFL apps for your BlackBerry 10 device.

NFL Mobile

NFL Mobile is the official end all, be all app for football fans. This one packs in breaking news, highlights, scores standings and much more. If you're a Verizon customer you can upgrade to get access to premium RedZone features as well. NFL Mobile even has news alerts so you can stay informed no matter what you're doing. Best of all? Totally free.

More information/Download NFL Mobile


While theScore is one of our favorite all-around sports apps, it comes in handy during the NFL season as well. We love the customizable push alerts for games and teams that alert for news, scores, touchdowns, game start and much more. You can add your favorite teams to keep tabs on all the happenings and check out standings, scores, player reports and much more.

More information/Download theScore

CBS Sports

This is another go-to sports app for BlackBerry. With legendary CBS coverage you can follow your team all the way through the season. CBS Sports brings news, standings, scores and game recaps all in one place. The app has a great design and runs buttery smooth so you can find what you need in an instant.

More information/Download CBS Sports

mySchedule NFL 2013

While this one won't give you scores or stats, it does ensure you never miss a game. You can view your teams full schedule for the 2013 season and even export it to your calendar. The truly hardcore will want to take advantage of the ability to set reminders for games to never miss a beat. 

More information/Download mySchedule NFL 2013

ESPN ScoreCenter

The ESPN ScoreCenter app isn't the most feature-packed of all the sports apps, but it still gets the job done. ESPN is known for their sports coverage and the app has plenty of it. You can follow your favorite teams and get personalized scores, video highlights, breaking news and even follow live games. Parts of the app are a bit rough around the edges but it's free, so if you're an ESPN fan this one does a decent job.

More information/Download ESPN ScoreCenter



You forgot Bleachers Report Adam

CB10 on Verizon Z10


don't forget Fantasy Football News 2013!


Hey Adam, do you get ESPN Score Center to work on your Q10? All i get since day 1 has been the dreaded blue circle. By the looks of the reviews on BB World most people get the same. Maybe because I’m on 10.1??


Where is the ESPN fantasy Football app blackberry? It's only rated the number one FF app, just another great app we don't have!

Posted via CB10

Danny Ocean

Yep. 100% agree.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10


This is the first time I have gotten an unavailable for this device message. Hmm z10 stl-3

Oil sands Fueled

Rowan M

Team Stream for NFL news.

Posted via CB10


Can we please get a good all around sports app? I don't think it's too much to ask. NFL Mobile and MLB at bat are legit though.


Are there any apps to watch live nfl games on BlackBerry 10?

Posted via CB10


You can watch night games on Nfl mobile (for $5 per month)

Posted via CB10


Nice overview. Thx for list up. Cool stuff.

Posted via CB10


Dallas Cowboys Fan Club

BBM Channel PIN - C000C3998



via CB10 on my AT&T Z10


Hate to go off topic but i just opened my BBM to join your Cowboys channel and i dont even have a channels option on my Q10, been scouring Crackberry and I dont know if it’s because I’m not on 10.2? anyone else her on a TMobile Q10 that gets a channels option in BBM?


ScoreCenter might be the most useless app in BlackBerry World.

Posted via CB10


It's a pathetic excuse for an app. Not even one update was issued for it. Might be time to get one out...

Posted via CB10




I second that

Posted via CB10


I third this statement right here.


I'll ad a fourth fifth and sixth to that.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10!


And sixth and seventh that as well. Wtf what are we on a No NFL fly list ??

Posted via CB10


Why the Canada exclusion.

Posted via CB10


Nfl Mobile. Increase market share 10%. Expand to Canada.

Posted via CB10

Unbiased Tech

You put Espn Score Center over Team Stream? What?

Posted via CB10


Hey Adam any word on when NFL Mobile is coming to Canada


The Blackhawk logo was painted on center ice at the United Center yesterday.


The Score app is a hunk of shit. Multiple problems such as lag and crashing.

There's a reason why it barely has 3 stars in BlackBerry World


Score and SN both suck.

Posted via CB10



Posted via CB10 on my Z10!


where is the ESPN Fantasy Football app??


Yeah patriots baby

Sent from BBQ 10 / HTC One


Scorecenter doesn't even work... but those other apps work well!


How the hell can you forget Bleacher Report?! ESPN app is complete shit by the way.

BlackBerry Z10, CB10.


Go Texans!!! The NFL app and the CBS sports app are awesome!

Posted via CB10


NFL Mobile & Team Stream are the best sports app so far on BB10

CB10 on Verizon Z10


It sucks that NFL Mobile is not available for my Z10.

Posted via CB10


NFL Mobile on Bell Q10 not available?

Posted via CB10


Check the sideloading forum. There are posts there for the ESPN 2013 FFL mobile app. I posted one also.

Posted via CB10


Got the NFL app sideloaded also. You guys have to learn to sideload apps!! You'd have the best phone and all the necessary apps! Just do a little reading on the Crackberry sideloading forums!

Posted via CB10


Booooo! NFL Mobile not available in Canada, but hey, will try to side load it


The ESPN Score Center app is beyond useless and frankly I'm disgusted that it would even be mentioned! However, the sideloaded Android app is pretty good.

The NFL Mobile app is hands down the best though, although recently mine has permanently had the "Spark" icon on it but there are no unread notifications :s.

Posted via CB10


Not an nfl fan. Running the ball up the gut three times then punting isn't entertainment to me. But if I had to choose it would be Chicago Bears.

Sent from The Legendary Zed10


Natcho I love your Blackhawk Logo. Awesome Design!

Jay Riser

Any fantasy football apps? Yahoo?

Posted via CB10


I find most of these apps aren't very good. Love the info and scores in the NFL app, but it constantly has an asterisk saying there is updated info when there isn't. The Score doesn't load up half of the time and gets authentication errors as well as some of the tabs not loading anything. The ESPN app is terrible and has issues loading. CBS Sports isn't bad.

Posted via CB10


I forgot to mention (couldn't edit my post on CB app when commenting on a posted story) that they should all look at the NHL, MLB, and PGA apps if they want to see great apps that actually work well. Going to have to keep up on scores through ESPN on my browser--still works the best.

Posted via CB10


I also don't think Verizon supports Red Zone for BB10. My NFL app is connected to my Verizon account, and I don't see it. Also, I just saw a Verizon Red Zone commercial, and it only showed availability for Android and Apple.

Posted via CB10


All I'm looking for is when this NFL app is going to be available in Canada. I have Fantasy team through the NFL site and just want to keep track of it on my phone.

Fly Eagles Fly

Posted via CB10


I can't download NFL Mobile in CANADA !
The score freezes my z10 locks it right up I deleted it. Bleacher Report is a decent app for your list.

Mmickel Abraham

Awesome just In time for the NFL season got NFL Mobile,Go Panthers "

Posted via CB10


No ESPN fantasy app and a Score Center app that doesn't work. Yet another reason why BlackBerry is being left in the dust.

Posted via CB10


Nfl mobile please

Posted via CB10


Nfl mobile please where us it also state farm

Posted via CB10