Get ready for it... the CrackBerry Live Show will be coming to you from BlackBerry Live!

If you can attend BlackBerry Live this year, definitely attend BlackBerry Live. If you can't make it, you'll want to do the next best thing and tune into the CrackBerry Live Show!

BlackBerry Live 2013!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 May 2013 12:28 pm EDT

BlackBerry's biggest show of the year -- BlackBerry Live -- is coming up fast, and as always the CrackBerry team will be on location to report back all the news. With BlackBerry 10 phones now here and the BlackBerry Jam Americas developer conference happening as part of BlackBerry Live, we're expecting it be an awesome week in Orlando the week of May 13th to 16th.

This year we're taking our CrackBerry Coverage to a whole new level, with the introduction of the CrackBerry Live Show! We will have dedicated space within the conference center, right in the middle of the buzz. In addition to making it our home base while we blog away all week (you'll always know where you can find us), we will also be streaming a three hour live show each day. That's right, you will be able to watch us live! And if you miss the show, we will be cutting the show down into segments and you'll be able to watch them later on youtube.

Tentative CrackBerry Live Show Broadcast Schedule

The following times are subject to change, but here's the plan as of now:

  • Monday, May 13th: 6pm to 8:30pm EDT (during the Opening Reception)
  • Tuesday, May 14th: 2pm to 5pm EDT
  • Wednesday, May 15th: 2pm to 5pm EDT
  • Thursday, May 16th: 9am to 12 noon EDT

Monday evening's live show will be nice and casual as we get things up and running. The Opening Reception will be taking place during the same time slot, so if you're in attendance at the Opening Reception be sure to come by for a visit and say hi. We'll stick to the CrackBerry microphone for that show so visitors can easily come and go.

For Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday's shows we'll be running things with a tighter format. Each day's show will start off with 6 back to back scheduled interviews (approximately 15 minutes per guest). From there, we'll take a short break and the final hour of the day will be a live CrackBerry podcast. It's going to be awesome!

Want to be a guest on CrackBerry Live?

We have 18 interview slots in total that we're currently in the process of booking up. If you're a developer, sponsor or member of the BlackBerry community and have a great story you want to share with the CrackBerry audience, let us know! We'd love to have you on the show. We'll even be setup to stream out via the HDMI on BlackBerry 10 phones, so if you have a hot app to show off to the CrackBerry audience this will be the place to do it. If you're interested in being interviewed on the CrackBerry Live Show, send us an email to Be sure to let us know what day works best with you, and give us some background info and we will get back to you from there.

We hope to see you there! But if not, we'll see you here!

If you're attending BlackBerry Live and see any members of the CrackBerry team, be sure to say hi! Don't be shy. And definitely drop by while we're broadcasting - live shows are always better when there are lots of people around. And if you're not at BlackBerry Live, don't worry - just remember to tune in here! We'll have the live chat going as we're streaming - this is CrackBerry coverage you won't want to miss!

Reader comments

Get ready for it... the CrackBerry Live Show will be coming to you from BlackBerry Live!


This is what is so great about CrackBerry you guys just keep improving and surprising us. Hopefully there will be A LOT to talk about at BlackBerry Live as well, Thorsten sure seems to think so.

Also CrackBerry ... more interviews of other top level staff please and not just hanging with Thorstein.

If you DO interview Thorstein please see my PM Kevin regarding "Themed BB Devices" for a cause and ask about that please! (even if off camera if you could politely reply) Also ask Thorstein what prompted him for that personal leaflet to BlackBerry employees on their Z10's just yesterday! That was pure class!

That sounds awsome! Can't wait to see all the coverage :) CBTeam FTW! Also good work getting a dedicated place on the floor! You guys are always pushing the limits!

Posted via CB10

Damn, why is everything in Florida. I live near Seattle and nobody wants to do a show like this up here. I hate you all! Just kidding of course. I hope the servers can handle the traffic. I'll be watching!!

Sounds awesome... wish this was earlier since I live an hour away from Orlando in the winter. Back in Canada now :(

Posted via CB10

Oh yeah ... THIS is what I've been waiting for!

Wait ... contest results for those able to attend BlackBerry Live? (or was that offered by BlackBerry themselves only, cannot recall).

Get your fingers ready for touch typing ... I don't want delays man, no delays!!

That's a great idea. Should be lots of fun for all. Keep it up guys. You keep getting better all the time..... just like BlackBerry 10.

Posted via CB10

Sounds fantastic!

Talk about a different company! The new BlackBerry is so engaging and open. Kudos to BlackBerry for letting you guys do this.

Should be a great show and hope to see the R10 in it's final form announced at the show!

I suspect that when BB10 is available for the playbook you will have a choice to install it or stick with the original software. People that don't upgrade will benefit from continued updates.


Any chance of a solid interview with THE MAN with THE PLAN = Dan Dodge?! I think it's high time the #TeamCB or the CrackBerry nation get more acquainted with this visionary! After all everything we're enjoying now with the PlayBook, Z10 and the Q10 we OWE to this man and his partners and team at QNX!

Your previous interview here (dated January 10th, 2013 before official BB10 launch) ...
gave me three things I've noticed 4:29 Z10 was shown (un-officially lol), 8:39 (what's up with his pinky finger - maybe he's not comfortable talking openly about it), and 8:49 Nike Fuel Band ... does he have his own personal BB10 application that can interface with this?! Hmmm.

Dan is a genius ... on an equal level with Lazaridis if not more and I'm VERY curious how their friendship began and continues.

Shameless plug: Regarding that video's specifics ... I have an upcoming blog entry in the next 3hrs I'm hoping to complete; something to inspire for conversation with Dan Dodge at BlackBerry Live or another time.

This is gonna be totally awesome! I regularly browse other Blackberry forums daily, but none are as exciting or knowledgeable as CrackBerry. Keep up the great work and thanks to everyone (staff and members) for making CB my favorite site!


Yes for the true BlackBerry supporter/fan, this would be really exciting to attend. I definitely will plan to go one of these years. Even for us that can't go it is still exciting because we are all waiting for any news about future devices and plans that BlackBerry has planned. For those of you that are going, have a great time and keep us all posted on all BlackBerry news.

BlackBerry Z10 and 32gb PlayBook

Glad to see that QNX will be present as its own entity at BlackBerry Live 2013.
May 14-16, 2013 "Exhibiting / Speaking" BlackBerry Live Americas 2013

Looking forward to seeing Adam, Kevin, and Bla1ze again and meeting the other CB team members. See you in a couple of weeks.

I so wish I could of went to this. I've gone to two of the BlackBerry Experience Forums, Halifax and then the big one in Toronto the day before launch, and had a great time checking it all out.

One year I will go. Maybe next year lol. They always happen around my birthday so it would be a good present for myself

Posted via CB10

If you want to draw some serious attention, make sure Ashley Esqueda is featured on the live show!

I have a pass up for grabs to BBJam/Live Americas 2013, all you'd have to do is ship me the Z10 you receive in exchange. Just hit me up if you're interested!

I have so much catching up to do. :P
If I miss any live broadcasts, I'll be happy to watch 'em when archived. GO C/BLACKBERRY!!