Get ready to fire up those little grey cells with Who Got Brains!

Who Got Brains
By Kerri Neill on 31 Aug 2012 11:00 am EDT

My favorite detective in Agatha Christie novels always talks about his "little grey cells" and what he must do to keep them sharp or from "growing the rust". Well Mr. Poirot, Xlabz Technologies may have just the game for you! Who Got Brains is among one of Xlabz many games/apps that are currently available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Xlabz has already brought us some great games and apps like The Logo GameUber Iris and Sketch W Friends. Who Got Brains, despite the vernacular name, is quite an interesting game.

Who Got Brains is designed to test the 4 key areas of your brain: Analytical, Memory, Math and Visual. While racing against the clock, quickly work your way through several mini-games to keep your "little grey cells" happy!

Main features of the game include:
  • A series of rapid-fire games that test your cognitive abilities. 
  • Challenge and stimulate your brain with a variety of brain teasers in 4 key categories: Analytical, Memory, Math & Visual. 
  • The scores from each category are summed up to give you an overall rating- your Brain Power! 
  • Login with Facebook to see your rank on the local and global Leaderboards. Compare your Brain Power with friends and see where you stand amongst them. 
  • Invite your Facebook friends to play and challenge them to beat your score! Share your best achievements on Facebook & Twitter. 

Low scores? Not a problem, just keep playing. The more you play, the higher your scores get. Are you ready to find out who amongst you and your friends has the biggest brain power? Jump over to the CrackBerry forum for Who Got Brains and see who amongst your CB friends has already tried the game or leave feedback of your own! Who Got Brains is available in BlackBerry App World and you can download your copy for only $1.99.

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Reader comments

Get ready to fire up those little grey cells with Who Got Brains!


I agree, videos of the games are the best. I will try to go home tonight and record one and add it at least to our YouTube channel.

Interesting. A game to test your brain power but they couldn't use good english and name it correctly Whose Got Brains.

1. The correct English syntax is "Who's."
2. You can't make that correction here; the term "vernacular" was used in the article specifically to except the intended error. (Possibly due to my making the same snarky correction in a previous post about the game on this site.)
3. "Good" is perfectly correct in this usage; "proper" is by more means the only acceptable adjective.

It doesn't help that "who's" can stand for who is or who has. No wonder english is such a difficult language, even for natives.

Another lame Simon knock off app, just what all of us have been waiting all these years for! Really? :eye roll: And to the lamers that will defend and try to water down my comment by saying silly things like: "its not like Simon, its got math on it" Shut UP!Its still a blinking light sequence pad that you have to remember and mimic the light sequence! Period! Like 100 apps like it out there, come up with a real app, not a try to get rich quick schemey app! Maybe the app creater needs to use their brain and come up with a more worthy app?