Get Ready... CrackBerry is home from BlackBerry HQ and we have LOTS to talk about!

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Stay Tuned... Lots to come!
By Kevin Michaluk on 12 Jul 2012 11:44 am EDT

I have sooo many articles to get written for CrackBerry right now I don't even know where to begin.

My second annual trip to Waterloo, Ontario -- the birthplace and hometown of BlackBerry -- was a whirlwind. From the time arrived to the time I left I was busy, Busy, BUSY. This is literally the first moment I've had to sit down and type something (other than during the AGM live blog of course).

Tuesday morning was Research In Motion's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. There are still a few things for us to talk about here, not the least of which is a story coming in the next couple of days about a certain attention whoring individual that I was able to observe in action for the first time (let's just say it took every bit of my will power to keep my fists in my pocket). The backstory on this guy needs to be told properly... and it will be.

That afternoon I finally had a chance to spend some quality time getting to know the new BlackBerry 10 touchscreen keyboard on a Dev Alpha device. At BlackBerry World I *saw* it, but this was the first time I really got intimate with it. As a self-proclaimed aficionado of keyboards, this was time well spent and I even learned a few things. You'll want to stay tuned for my thoughts and to learn what's new here.

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to sit down in person with RIM's new Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Boulben. He's only four weeks into the new role, but I peppered him with questions and he handled them extremely well. Marketing is one of those areas where CrackBerry readers have often been critical of BlackBerry over the years, and I think Frank said a lot of things that are going to make us fans very happy. I'll be bringing the Q&A to the blogs just as fast as I can. 

Not on the schedule, I then received an awesome surprise. As I was finishing up my last question with Frank, RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins walked into the boardroom. He skipped lunch so he could say hello to CrackBerry. We talked about the AGM and BlackBerry 10 and its upcoming launch. I asked for clarification on the Q1 2013 launch time frame and... with both Thorsten and Frank in the room, gained some new insight into the BlackBerry 10 go to market plan.

Oh hey, I think I just figured out what my next story is going to be... Stay tuned!

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Get Ready... CrackBerry is home from BlackBerry HQ and we have LOTS to talk about!


My thought exactly!
Every time someone says he's waiting with "baited breath" I want to buy him some mouthwash.

Hey Kevin!

Can you explain that picture choice? It looks like you are having an angry constipation attack, and choosing to do so on the Authorized Personnel Only BB Mystical Door.

I thought it was you getting DENIED at the door... because the card reader is red and all... Funny pic, though.

I think if Samsung every buys RIM, they will keep BB10 as they don't have and won't have a better Mobile OS to call their own ever :)

Don't pay attention to Perjade. The child trolls CB all the time. He's jobless and has no ambition so now his favourite thing to do is put down BB. Since no one wants to hire him I guess he has to hang out somewhere. Somewhere there's a village missing an idiot and Perjade doesn't realize he's lost.

Um... He uses multiple devices to keep up with what's going on with the competition. Good to see you're dealing with your mental defect decently. That rubber helmet should be coming off soon, huh.

Is there a way to get an email when a new thread is posted by you or another one of the higher ups on crackberry??

Was Jean-Claude Gassée there? I remember a cockroach of that name hanging around Apple looking for crumbs when AAPL was on the ropes.

I also wonder if a certain Bumbling Goofy Reporter (BGR) was there?

Nothing like to perceived smell of rot to bring out the bottom fishers.

A.k.a. "Four Cent Alboini."
The guy owns two companies, both at 4 cents a share, and he's the expert the world runs to for advice on RIM. I think Thorsten should start showing up at the AGMs for Jaguar and Northern, demanding a shake-up of top management.


Although I'm sure your have already been commended, I watched your BNN interview live from Mexico and I was very impressed. Too bad you didn't have a longer time to talk.

If the attention whore is that douche from Jaguar Financial......Both barrels on rapid fire please.

Incredible that this insignificant punk has duped the main steam media into believing that he has something credible and substantial to offer to the debate. He is doing nothing but providing ill-informed negative comment, and then, using the attention that he's receiving from a media obsessed with negative RIM stories to further publicize his pathetic excuse for a company.

His company, from which the CFO just resigned in disgust, is trading at $0.035, a drop of over 80% in the past three years, and has a market cap of an astounding $3.8 Million Dollars.....or about what RIM pays in gas for one of their corporate jets in a year. Jaguar has been struggling to maintain a listing on the TSE since 2008 when they were almost given the boot. He is desparate for anyone to give him relevency. The guy is a cockroach, and the main stream media should be ashamed for giving this guy a free platform.

Man I cannot wait. That dick makes way too many headlines here in Waterloo.

The general news I read before/after/during the AGM was 'Vic Alboini is outside yelling about change being needed!' 'During the meeting, Vic Alboini was silent.' 'The day after the AGM, Vic Alboini is yelling about change being needed!'

'Activist shareholder' my ass.

The crazy part of the Jaguar story is that the negativity he's generated has actually damaged his own balance sheet.

If he wanted to make a point about splitting off assets his questions and suggestions should have been directed quietly off the record to RIM investor relations.

There are a number of investors that have lost millions on RIM, but you don't see them whining to the press and hurting themselves even more.

omg, thanks for the story Kevin. Can't wait for further details. What with the face? You look like you just walked out of a prison shower. Keep us updated with the story, good work Kev!

Kevin, why don't you rent a place near their headquarter so you can spy on them. We needed positive news feed from RIM everyday until its release BB10.

Is it too late to nickname you "CrackNinja Kevin"?

Seriously great work Kevin, looking forward to your future posts.

Can't wait to read the dirt on the dirt bag from Jaguar...don't even want to say his name cause it make me sick! Oh, and all the other good stuff too!!! I'm already rooting for BB so that's just nice stuff to hear...the stuff on this other jacka$$ has me excited. I've been waiting for someone to finally write an article about this douche bag.

You folk and Thorsten "there's nothing wrong with RIM" should look up the definitions of denial and delusional in the dictionary.

Oh hi, nice of you to join the party. Are you an 'Apple will always be the best' fan? Because pot, meet kettle.

Actually, I've been a loyal BlackBerry user and fan for years, despite the mindless insults of users of other devices (similar to one thrown by you, who obviously believes RIM will always be the best despite the reality of the past few years). And that's what gives me the right to opine. RIM has long since lost credibility in the markets and loyalty from its users. To each his own.

Amazing that you were able to discern my "obvious" opinion of RIM/BlackBerry from a post where none was expressed. What I was actually indicating is that as some people believe RIM will have a resurgence to relevancy, still others who are waving the Apple flag will be sorely disappointed when their tech inevitably falls from grace at some point in the future.

Also interesting is your definition of 'insult', as I merely replied to your generalized comment that actually had no real bearing on ANY of the discussions taking place in this comment space.

You have every right to 'opine' (as you did here) that RIM is no longer relevant - that doesn't give you the right to state that everyone here is delusional for not sharing that opinion.

I guess the negative peanut gallery had to sound off some time. Thanks for bringing reality to us delusional folk. We appreciate it. Now go opine on non BB fan sites and leave us alone to be stupid and blind. Bye now.

Still here huh. Hate BB's so much you keep coming back to CB. You and the other crackHead enjoy your view from the peanut gallery and stop interfering in grown folk business.

" It takes a thief to catch a thief " meaning " no one is better at finding a wrongdoer than another wrongdoer ." :)

You make no f_cking sense moron.....on the other hand, my posts make perfect I'm not sure how your "pot calling the kettle black" really applies here.

??? WTF are you reading the comments Kevin ??? ;-)
(and someone please give me a Kleenex, I'm slaving for the JagStard story ...) :D

Don't make any negative comments about Geller out here.....he'll go whining and crying to Bla1ze and Adam....and he'll probably end up throwing a big tantrum like when he didn't get a dev alpha device.

Didn't realize you could sniff crack but you just proved it is possible. Sit in the peanut gallery and be quiet. Grownups are having a discussion.

Well done Kevin! That's the way to represent the crackberry nation !

Hopefully RIM will make us as proud someday soon, too !


Hahahaha Did anyone read the tweets from Geller to Crackberry and B1aze and Adam practically ignored them? LOL Apparently someone said something about Geller is going to die or be killed...

Geller is such a tool!

These articles from Kevin should be great

I made earlier in the week about RIM needing to shut Geller up.. well, some dude made a comment about putting a bullet in Gellers head. While I think Geller is a douche, I'm wasn't thinking that extreme.. just maybe shutting down his sh_tty site.

Kevin asked Heins if BB10 will be released in January 2013 and Heins relied waiting to be surprised. Kevin asked again surprise in the bad way or the good way and Heins said the latter.

Damn Kevin, you're on a roll. Great work man, cant wait to read what you've got.

As for Thor skipping lunch to meet with you. All i can say is WOW. For the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company to take time out of his busy day to address the concerns of a fansite, it really shows that his focus is on getting the product right and winning back the BB faithful.

I absolutely love the fact that he cares enough to come see you and make sure that his customer base know's that the plans are and that they haven't been forgotten.

My friends and I had a long talk about RIM's marketing as we all are business students at Schulich, York University. What we came up with is that in order for RIM to make a successful comeback they can't target everyone but have one clear message. For doers and movers is a decent message but its not that great.

What they need to recognize is that the richest and most powerful people in the world aka the 1% use blackberry. They need to market the blackberry brand as a sign of prestige and success. They need to have a commercial showing blackberry users from CEO's of the top companies in the world to Presidents and Prime Ministers. Then they tagline at the end should be someone famous, rich, and successful saying. "Blackberry phones aren't like the others, they weren't meant for everyone, they were built for those special few who aspire to take over the free world"
"Join the blackberry club and get one step closer to joining the billionaires club"
Commercial tagline Blackberry, the Billionaires toy.

Sorry man. You need to pay more attention in class. That's a disasterous idea. Exclusivity won't appeal to the masses, which is who Apple and Samsung has in their palms right now.

no, its not about exclusivity. It's about targeting one group. Its a clever marketing trick called showboating where you portray your users as a group and everyone else wants to be that group. So indirectly you are actually targeting the masses who want to be the group you are targeting. Many people have said when they are in a city and they see a guy with a blackberry they know he/she must be working for a big company or is a lawyer, they want to be that guy. As do I lol.

Did you ask where is the Playbook Mini Keyboard? Need to get one before all the nexus 7 kids buy them all up!!!! Infact is the delay to make a new revision that supports the Playbook 4G?