Get ready for BlackBerry Jam Americas with some new wallpapers from Pootermobile!

BlackBerry Jam Americas
By Bla1ze on 17 Sep 2012 01:05 am EDT

As we mentioned earlier, a lot of us here at CrackBerry are spending the weekend sorting things out for the upcoming BlackBerry Jam Americas happening in San Jose, California on Sept. 25-27th. That involves a lot of packing, planning and generally annoying things but it also includes ensuring that our devices, extra batteries, chargers are ready as well.

Luckily, Pootermobile has done up some awesome wallpapers for everyone attending the event or just wanting to celebrate the occassion that will have your device looking great. Coming in versions for most devices, you can now head on over to his site and grab them.

Be sure to drop a thanks as well for Pooter or pick up one of his always great BlackBerry themes from BlackBerry App World.

Download the BlackBerry Jam Wallpapers

Reader comments

Get ready for BlackBerry Jam Americas with some new wallpapers from Pootermobile!


How many wallpapers/themes does one need? RIM should sunset theme and wallpaper development on BB10.

Yes, blocking wallpapers and such is a great idea. I'm sure RIM would really win over the masses with that one. Genius... pure Wile. E. Coyote.. Genius!

well its like bla1ze said, people love customizing their phones and you want them to sunset the ability to do that? sounds a little, um, stone age-ish . . . of course you have a right to your opinion but to post something so backward as eliminating wallpaper and not expecting some feedback . . .
btw apple just introduced a phone where you can't change the wallpaper if that suits your needs better.

Love it and thanks! Next presentation I make (next two days at a professional conference) people are going to know exactly what device is doing all those fantastical things. And it will get even better with BB10. Go RIM!

DAMN!!! I'm going to download those tomorrow or the next time I get the chance. My blackberry is going to be SHOWING THEM OFF!!!