Get a pre-owned 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for just $89.99

16GB PlayBook
By Adam Zeis on 26 Dec 2012 10:03 am EST

If you're in the market for an after Christmas deal today we have just the thing. CowBoom is offering up a pre-owned 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for just $89.99 + $5 shipping. Similar refurbished units sell for upwards of $139 on other sites, so this is a pretty good deal if you're in the market for a PlayBook. The 16GB wifi-only model comes with just the PlayBook and charger - no neoprene sleeve, USB cable or getting started materials included (but who needs them anyway). Head over to the link below for more info and to purchase.

Get a pre-owned PlayBook for $89.99 today only 

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Get a pre-owned 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for just $89.99


Heh, the charger that comes with your newer blackberry is sufficient enough to charge the playbook, just a tad bit slower, but it does the job well. Always have used mine when I have an unattended upload or the fast charger that came with it to speed charge it when I need to be on the go with it and can't bring the tablet pc.

Most of us have a blackberry, so we can just utilize any accessories we already have. 7 inch tablet sleeves fit nicely, regardless if they're for the playbook or not. Just cram it in'.

DO NOT PASS THIS UP IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY BOUGHT ONE! This gets blackberry 10 like all of the playbooks currently in use by anyone! :D

Man I thought I was doing good when I bought mine from Best Buy for $140 for a 16GB. Argh!!! this site has a 64GB used for $149. Would almost be worth getting a second one, especially since my wife wants to use ours for her business and I will be losing my toy once that happens. And I use the Playbook more often than I use our iPad 3.

I am heading out right now to buy a PB and... I am considering this option but knowing that I can buy the same PB new for 35$ more I am not really that tight with the money. I don't think the price is low enouph to be a worthy alternative.

When these get BB10 they will be amazing.

For $90, its a steal of a deal. Just snared one for the son to hack on.

Damn it! Been looking everywhere for a Playbook in the US and I wake up to this and it's sold out -_-

Um... I was just able to add one to the cart. It took a couple of adds, but I did add one. Got to checkout too. It is essentially just the PlayBook without anything else, including the blade charger.

Only thing holding me back from purchasing a PB is I'm thinking the next iteration of the PB is going to be quite different - that may be why the tablets have been priced down so much (to get rid of current inventory).

Damn. First sold out, then when I tried to buy the desktop charger (steal of a deal for $7 + $3 shipping), I found that they do not support sales to Canada, correction, outside the US.

For those in Canada, Staples has the 16GB with case for $149, In stock and with Staples you will get free next day delivery. It is more money but at least you know it's new.

Just picked up a 64Gb PB at Walmart boxing day sale for $168...already had a 32Gb one.
Patiently waiting for BB10 upgrade..but it's awesome as is, especially with the side loading